Haines City (FL) vs. Broken Arrow (OK) Baseball Game on 3/14/2011

Mar 14 , 2011 @ 10:30 - Baseball Box Score
Mascot photo for Haines City high school.Haines City (12-15, 6-8 Away) 2 BBroken Arrow (36-2, 15-1 Home) 6Winner
3/14 @ 10:30a1234567RHE
Haines City00000022--
Broken Arrow00004206--
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    Oklahoma High School Baseball - Haines City loses to Broken Arrow

    (March 14, 2011: Broken Arrow, OK 74012) The Haines City Hornets baseball team (Haines City, FL), was overwhelmed 6-2 in Monday's non-league outing with the host Broken Arrow Tigers (Broken Arrow, OK)

    The Tigers now hold a 6-0 record. They put it on the line next when they travel to Lakeland for a non-league outing on Tuesday, March 15. Broken Arrow will confront a Dreadnaughts team coming off a 3-0 league win over Jenkins (Lakeland, FL). The Dreadnaughts record now stands at 8-1.

    Next, the Hornets confront the Fort Meade Miners (Fort Meade, FL) in a non-league outing, on Tuesday, March 15. Haines City will attempt to advance on its 7-5 season record. The Miners go into the outing with a 3-6 record after their 7-6 non-league loss to Auburndale (Auburndale, FL).

    Coaches Summary

    Game Summary

    Tyler Kruse K'd 12 in the Tiger victory to up his record to 2-0. Dylan Delso went 3-3 with a HR and Tyler Rolland also added 3 hits to fuel the Tigers.

  • Team Scoring Averages

    Season Averages12345678RHE
    Haines City1.
    Broken Arrow2.

    Team Stat Comparison

    Haines CityBroken ArrowNational Average
    -Batting Average.363.306
    -On Base Percentage.461.406
    -Slugging Percentage.580.421
    -Fielding Percentage.946.794
    -Win Loss Percentage.947.546

    Player Stat Comparison

    Haines CityBroken Arrow
    Batting Average1.000#11 Mason Hope
    On Base Percentage1.000#11 Mason Hope
    Slugging Percentage2.000#11 Mason Hope
    Fielding Percentage1.000#5 Mak Monckton
    Win Loss Percentage1.000#8 Nick Pettus
  • Haines City

    Win %District %RFRA

    Broken Arrow

    Win %District %RFRA

    Head to Head Schedule

    3/14/11Haines City Broken Arrow (W)2 - 6

    Record Breakdown

    Haines CityBroken Arrow
    0-1Head to Head1-0
    0-5Common Opponent1-1
    0-0Higher Ranked Opponent0-0
    0-0Lower Ranked Opponent0-0
    0-0Top 1000 Opponent0-0
    0-0Top 2500 Opponent0-0
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    Haines City has not had any videos uploaded to their team this year.

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