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McCreary Central1022000596
South Laurel520022-11130

Game Story

Kentucky High School Baseball - McCreary Central loses to South Laurel

(April 5, 2012: London, KY 40744) In Thursday's non-league game, the host South Laurel Cardinals baseball team scored a tight 11-5 victory over the McCreary Central Raiders.

The Cardinals (8-4) will now prepare for their game against Knox Central (Barbourville, KY). The Panthers go into the non-league game with a 2-6 record.

The Raiders (2-7) will now prepare for their game against Oneida (Oneida, TN). The Indians go into the non-league game with a 2-4 record.

Game Stats

McCreary Central


#Athlete NameAvgPAABRHRBI
Team Totals.3103229593
5Storm Stevens44
6Dustin Losey.500321
9Bradly Strunk.333331
12Alex Barnett.6673312
14Andrew Wells321
17Dakota Wallen (Jr)431
21Arron Brown.75044232
22Tyler Strunk22
23Ronnie King.5002211
33Adam Simpson.250441
McCreary Central

#Athlete Name2B3BHRSFSH/BBB
Team Totals22
6Dustin Losey1
14Andrew Wells1
21Arron Brown2
McCreary Central

Team Totals41.375.379
6Dustin Losey.667.500
9Bradly Strunk1.333.333
12Alex Barnett.667.667
14Andrew Wells.333.000
17Dakota Wallen (Jr)21.250.000
21Arron Brown.7501.250
23Ronnie King.500.500
33Adam Simpson1.250.250
McCreary Central


Team Totals.714211056
6Dustin Losey.6673111
11Zack Taylor (Sr).00022
12Alex Barnett.8005311
14Andrew Wells1.000211
17Dakota Wallen (Jr)1.00011
21Arron Brown.8005221
22Tyler Strunk.500211
33Adam Simpson1.00011
McCreary Central


Team Totals10.50121
9Bradly Strunk14.001
14Andrew Wells9.80111
McCreary Central

#Athlete NameIPHRERBBK
Team Totals61311916
9Bradly Strunk132212
14Andrew Wells510974
McCreary Central

Team Totals14.000
9Bradly Strunk4.000
South Laurel has not entered any stats for this game.