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Lake Gibson----28

Game Story

Florida High School Football - Bartow topped by Lake Gibson

(October 21, 2011: Lakeland, FL 33809) The Bartow Yellow Jackets football team (Bartow, FL), was beaten 28-14 in Friday's league challenge with the host Lake Gibson Braves (Lakeland, FL)

The Braves (6-2) will now prepare for their challenge against Kathleen (Lakeland, FL). The Devils /Red come into the 6A District 10 challenge with a 5-2 record. In their last challenge, Kathleen achieved victory over Auburndale (Auburndale, FL), 30-14, in a non-league challenge.

The Yellow Jackets now sport a 2-5 record. They take the field next when they host Sebring for a 6A District 10 challenge on Friday, October 28. Bartow will meet a Blue Streaks team coming off a 45-7 league loss to Winter Haven (Winter Haven, FL). The Blue Streaks record now stands at 2-5.

Game Stats

Bartow has not entered any stats for this game.
Lake Gibson


#Athlete NameCompAttYdsC %AvgTDIntLngQB Rate
Team Totals919108.47412.000143
2Trey Congdon (So)919108.47412.000143
Lake Gibson


#Athlete NameCarYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals422054.882
2Trey Congdon (So)5173.401
33Tyler Brown (Jr)331855.611
5Anthony Grant (Sr)32.67
98Kennard Swanson (Jr)111.00
Lake Gibson


#Athlete NameRecYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals910812.00
10Sammie Jackson (Fr)166.00
20G. DiCristo (Sr)22110.50
33Tyler Brown (Jr)11414.00
8Eric Carter (Jr)56713.40
Lake Gibson

Off. Fum and Pnk Blks

#Athlete NameFumLostPnk Blk
Team Totals1
33Tyler Brown (Jr)1
Lake Gibson

All Purpose Yards

#Athlete NameRushRecKRPRIRTotal
Team Totals2051084643402
10Sammie Jackson (Fr)66
14Jordan Ensslin (So)51015
15Dwayne Smith (Jr)3333
2Trey Congdon (So)1717
20G. DiCristo (Sr)2121
33Tyler Brown (Jr)18514199
5Anthony Grant (Sr)22
8Eric Carter (Jr)6741108
98Kennard Swanson (Jr)11
Lake Gibson

Total Yards

#Athlete NamePassRushRecTotal
Team Totals108205108313
10Sammie Jackson (Fr)6
2Trey Congdon (So)10817125
20G. DiCristo (Sr)21
33Tyler Brown (Jr)18514185
5Anthony Grant (Sr)22
8Eric Carter (Jr)67
98Kennard Swanson (Jr)11
Lake Gibson


#Athlete NameSoloAsstTot TcklsTFL
Team Totals44317510.0
12Keith McCall (Sr)134
14Jordan Ensslin (So)5271.0
15Dwayne Smith (Jr)661.0
32Rafael Pressley (So)11
4D'Andre Lott (Jr)5271.0
40D. Brown (Fr)65111.0
44Reuben Jones (Fr)22
45Alex Potter (Sr)459
46Ray Lewis (Sr)134
50Trent Taylor (Sr)4153.0
7Kendall Gant (So)7310
72Jason Foster (Jr)1341.0
9E. Brackins (Jr)11
97Devante Terrell (Sr)442.0
Lake Gibson


#Athlete NameSacksYdlHurs
Team Totals4.0
50Trent Taylor (Sr)2.0
97Devante Terrell (Sr)2.0
Lake Gibson


#Athlete NameIntInt YdsAvgPD
Team Totals34314.335
12Keith McCall (Sr)1
14Jordan Ensslin (So)11010.001
15Dwayne Smith (Jr)13333.001
7Kendall Gant (So)2
98Kennard Swanson (Jr)1
Lake Gibson

Fumbles and Blocks

#Athlete NameFmb RecFR YdsCausBlk PntsBlk FGs
Team Totals11
46Ray Lewis (Sr)1
50Trent Taylor (Sr)1
Lake Gibson


#Athlete NameKOYdsLngTB
Team Totals62
27Cody Seeley (Sr)62
Lake Gibson


#Athlete NamePYdsAvgLngIn 20
Team Totals13434.0034
27Cody Seeley (Sr)13434.0034
Lake Gibson

Kickoff Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLng
Team Totals24623.0041
14Jordan Ensslin (So)155.005
8Eric Carter (Jr)14141.0041
Lake Gibson

Punt Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLngFCKR Yds
Team Totals46
14Jordan Ensslin (So)5
8Eric Carter (Jr)41
Lake Gibson


#Athlete NameTDConvSKick PtsTot Pts
Team Totals31028
2Trey Congdon (So)16
27Cody Seeley (Sr)1010
33Tyler Brown (Jr)16
46Ray Lewis (Sr)16
Lake Gibson

PATs and Field Goals

#Athlete NamePATAtt%FGAtt%LngTot
Team Totals12.50034.75010
27Cody Seeley (Sr)12.50034.75010
Lake Gibson


#Athlete NameTDRushTDRecTD Tot
Team Totals23
2Trey Congdon (So)11
33Tyler Brown (Jr)11
46Ray Lewis (Sr)1