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Zane Trace0147627

Game Story

Ohio High School Football - Huntington tipped by Zane Trace

(October 7, 2011: Chillicothe, OH 45601) The Huntington Huntsmen football team (Chillicothe, OH), was tipped 27-20 in Friday's league challenge with the visiting Zane Trace Pioneers (Chillicothe, OH)

The Pioneers (3-4) will now prepare for their challenge against Westfall (Williamsport, OH). The Mustangs come into the Scioto Valley challenge with a 5-2 record. In their last challenge, Westfall nipped Southeastern (Chillicothe, OH), 49-17, in a league challenge.

The Huntsmen now sport a 0-7 record. They take the field next when they travel to Southeastern for a Scioto Valley challenge on Friday, October 14. Huntington will confront a Panthers team coming off a 49-17 league loss to Westfall (Williamsport, OH). The Panthers record now stands at 3-4.

Box Score Stats

Zane TraceHuntington
19First Downs10
65Penalty Yards27

Game Stats

Zane Trace


#Athlete NameCompAttYdsC %AvgTDIntLngQB Rate
Team Totals4869.50017.250227119
2Ian Carle (Sr)4869.50017.250227119
Zane Trace


#Athlete NameCarYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals522594.98262
11Brandon Cox (Sr)12514.2511
13C. Whitehouse (Sr)12626.0026
2Ian Carle (Sr)15644.27242
32Matt Marnell (Sr)16815.0613
46C. Swackhammer (So)6193.178
52Jerrod Collins (Sr)2189.0016
Zane Trace


#Athlete NameRecYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals46917.25272
13C. Whitehouse (Sr)34916.33272
21D. Hammond (Sr)12020.0020
Zane Trace

Off. Fum and Pnk Blks

#Athlete NameFumLostPnk Blk
Team Totals53
11Brandon Cox (Sr)1
2Ian Carle (Sr)1
32Matt Marnell (Sr)33
Zane Trace

All Purpose Yards

#Athlete NameRushRecKRPRIRTotal
Team Totals2596918420370
11Brandon Cox (Sr)51455
13C. Whitehouse (Sr)2649720102
2Ian Carle (Sr)6464
21D. Hammond (Sr)2020
32Matt Marnell (Sr)811192
46C. Swackhammer (So)1919
52Jerrod Collins (Sr)18018
Zane Trace

Total Yards

#Athlete NamePassRushRecTotal
Team Totals6925969328
11Brandon Cox (Sr)5151
13C. Whitehouse (Sr)264926
2Ian Carle (Sr)6964133
21D. Hammond (Sr)20
32Matt Marnell (Sr)8181
46C. Swackhammer (So)1919
52Jerrod Collins (Sr)1818
Zane Trace


#Athlete NameSoloAsstTot TcklsTFL
Team Totals264470
11Brandon Cox (Sr)33
12Mike Mccarty (Sr)22
13C. Whitehouse (Sr)347
14Q. Patterson (Jr)145
2Ian Carle (Sr)123
20Bobby Cowman (Sr)415
21D. Hammond (Sr)33
27Ryan Speakman (Sr)426
32Matt Marnell (Sr)123
34Jayden Everidge (Jr)11
42Nate Mettler (So)22
45Jacobe Graves (Sr)31013
52Jerrod Collins (Sr)268
72Justin Hudnell (Jr)459
Zane Trace


#Athlete NameSacksYdlHurs
Team Totals3.0
32Matt Marnell (Sr).5
45Jacobe Graves (Sr)1.0
72Justin Hudnell (Jr)1.5
Zane Trace


#Athlete NameIntInt YdsAvgPD
Team Totals12020.00
13C. Whitehouse (Sr)12020.00
Zane Trace


#Athlete NameKOYdsLngTB
Team Totals516645
69Jeff Mitten (Jr)516645
Zane Trace

Kickoff Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLng
Team Totals4184.5011
13C. Whitehouse (Sr)177.007
32Matt Marnell (Sr)11111.0011
34Jayden Everidge (Jr)10.000
52Jerrod Collins (Sr)10.000
Zane Trace

Punt Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLngFCKR Yds
Team Totals144.00422
11Brandon Cox (Sr)144.0044
13C. Whitehouse (Sr)7
32Matt Marnell (Sr)11
Zane Trace


#Athlete NameTDConvSKick PtsTot Pts
Team Totals4327
13C. Whitehouse (Sr)212
2Ian Carle (Sr)212
6Conner Smith (Jr)33
Zane Trace

PATs and Field Goals

#Athlete NamePATAtt%FGAtt%LngTot
Team Totals34.7503
6Conner Smith (Jr)34.7503
Zane Trace


#Athlete NameTDRushTDRecTD Tot
Team Totals224
13C. Whitehouse (Sr)22
2Ian Carle (Sr)22
Huntington has not entered any stats for this game.