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Sussex Tech2170028
St. Mark's14217749

Game Story

Delaware High School Football - St. Mark's defeats Sussex Tech

(October 22, 2011: Wilmington, DE 19808) In Saturday's non-league match, the host St. Mark's Spartans football squad scored a good 49-28 victory over the Sussex Tech Ravens.

In their next game, the Spartans clash with the Delaware Military Academy (Wilmington, DE) in a Freelance match, on Saturday, October 29. St. Mark's will attempt to move on its 4-3 season record. The enter the match with a 5-2 record after their 42-14 league win over St. Elizabeth (Wilmington, DE).

The Ravens (3-4) will now prepare for their match against Dover (Dover, DE). The Senators enter the Henlopen - Northern match with a 7-2 record. In their last match, Dover ran past Milford (Milford, DE), 38-14, in a league match.

Game Stats

Sussex Tech has not entered any stats for this game.
St. Mark's


#Athlete NameCompAttYdsC %AvgTDIntLngQB Rate
Team Totals1317208.76516.000246156
11Jeff Ziemba (Sr)1317208.76516.000246156
St. Mark's


#Athlete NameCarYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals422957.02565
11Jeff Ziemba (Sr)10141.40131
21Jabre Lolley (Sr)45413.5035
22T.j. Yeninas (Sr)14614.36161
31Tj Brown (So)913414.89563
7Edward Mendez (Jr)5326.4017
St. Mark's


#Athlete NameRecYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals1320816.00462
15N. Alessandrini (Jr)37123.6746
5Kyle Lynch (Sr)46817.00192
9Jake Schneider (Jr)66911.5018
St. Mark's

Off. Fum and Pnk Blks

#Athlete NameFumLostPnk Blk
Team Totals1
22T.j. Yeninas (Sr)1
St. Mark's

All Purpose Yards

#Athlete NameRushRecKRPRIRTotal
Team Totals295208124627
11Jeff Ziemba (Sr)1414
15N. Alessandrini (Jr)7171
21Jabre Lolley (Sr)542074
22T.j. Yeninas (Sr)6161
31Tj Brown (So)134134
5Kyle Lynch (Sr)6868
6Joey Cochran (Jr)104104
7Edward Mendez (Jr)3232
9Jake Schneider (Jr)6969
St. Mark's

Total Yards

#Athlete NamePassRushRecTotal
Team Totals208295208503
11Jeff Ziemba (Sr)20814222
15N. Alessandrini (Jr)71
21Jabre Lolley (Sr)5454
22T.j. Yeninas (Sr)6161
31Tj Brown (So)134134
5Kyle Lynch (Sr)68
7Edward Mendez (Jr)3232
9Jake Schneider (Jr)69
St. Mark's


#Athlete NameSoloAsstTot TcklsTFL
Team Totals16415710.0
1Anh Nguyen (Jr)11
10Deandre Davis (Jr)112
11Jeff Ziemba (Sr)11
14M. Williams (Jr)1231.0
15N. Alessandrini (Jr)2462.0
17Andrew Brown (Sr)11
22T.j. Yeninas (Sr)22
23Jarrell Young (Sr)224
24James French (Jr)112
43Nick Trimarco (Sr)1671.0
5Kyle Lynch (Sr)11
5M. Normand (Fr)11
6Joey Cochran (Jr)11
6Brendan Fogarty (So)11
7M. Catalano (So)1891.0
7Edward Mendez (Jr)331.0
77Lee Jones (Sr)222.0
89Tyler Psenicska (Jr)29112.0
St. Mark's


#Athlete NameSacksYdlHurs
Team Totals3.09
89Tyler Psenicska (Jr)3.09
St. Mark's


#Athlete NameIntInt YdsAvgPD
Team Totals12
23Jarrell Young (Sr)1
7M. Catalano (So)1
7Edward Mendez (Jr)1
St. Mark's

Fumbles and Blocks

#Athlete NameFmb RecFR YdsCausBlk PntsBlk FGs
Team Totals1
23Jarrell Young (Sr)1
St. Mark's


#Athlete NameKOYdsLngTB
Team Totals8465604
30Bryan Haldeman (Sr)8465604
St. Mark's


#Athlete NamePYdsAvgLngIn 20
Team Totals14444.00441
30Bryan Haldeman (Sr)14444.00441
St. Mark's

Kickoff Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLng
Team Totals512424.8044
21Jabre Lolley (Sr)12020.0020
6Joey Cochran (Jr)410426.0044
St. Mark's

Punt Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLngFCKR Yds
Team Totals124
21Jabre Lolley (Sr)20
6Joey Cochran (Jr)104
St. Mark's


#Athlete NameTDConvSKick PtsTot Pts
Team Totals7749
11Jeff Ziemba (Sr)16
22T.j. Yeninas (Sr)16
30Bryan Haldeman (Sr)77
31Tj Brown (So)318
5Kyle Lynch (Sr)212
St. Mark's

PATs and Field Goals

#Athlete NamePATAtt%FGAtt%LngTot
Team Totals771.0007
30Bryan Haldeman (Sr)771.0007
St. Mark's


#Athlete NameTDRushTDRecTD Tot
Team Totals527
11Jeff Ziemba (Sr)11
22T.j. Yeninas (Sr)11
31Tj Brown (So)33
5Kyle Lynch (Sr)22