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11/1 @ 7:30pQ1Q2Q3Q4Final
New Braunfels0001414
Smithson Valley142110752

Game Story

Texas High School Football - Smithson Valley smashes New Braunfels

(November 1, 2013: Spring Branch, TX 78070) The Smithson Valley Rangers (Spring Branch, TX) football routed the visiting New Braunfels Unicorns (New Braunfels, TX), 52-14 in Friday's league bout.

In their next game, the Rangers face the Wagner Thunderbirds (San Antonio, TX) in a 5A Region IV District 25 bout, on Friday, November 8. Smithson Valley will attempt to move on its 9-0 season record. The Thunderbirds enter the bout with a 0-9 record after their 33-22 league loss to San Marcos (San Marcos, TX).

The Unicorns (3-6) will now prepare for their bout against Judson (Converse, TX). The Rockets enter the 5A Region IV District 25 bout with a 7-2 record. In their last bout, Judson walloped Canyon (New Braunfels, TX), 38-10, in a league bout.

Players of the Game

  • Congratulations to #24 Austin Orgeron (offensive) and #76 Zach Wright (defensive) for being selected the New Braunfels Football Players of the Game.

  • Smithson Valley has not selected any Players of the Game.

Game Stats

New Braunfels


#Athlete NameCompAttYdsC %AvgTDIntLngQB Rate
Team Totals82089.40011.125213466
8Parker Bateman (So)82089.40011.125213466
New Braunfels


#Athlete NameCarYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals29571.9714
24Austin Orgeron (Jr)3-1-.332
25Marcus Odell (Jr)14483.438
26Art Frazier (So)331.003
8Parker Bateman (So)97.7814
New Braunfels


#Athlete NameRecYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals88911.13342
14John Tysdal (Sr)11414.001
24Austin Orgeron (Jr)45914.75342
25Marcus Odell (Jr)1-7-7.00-7
80Brock Becker (Jr)22311.5018
New Braunfels

Off. Fum and Pnk Blks

#Athlete NameFumLostPnk Blk
Team Totals228
26Art Frazier (So)11
52Kurt Parsons (Sr)1
57Garrett Lynch (Jr)1
58Jordan Martinez (Jr)3
70Jacob Stevens (Sr)1
71Tyler Unger (Sr)2
8Parker Bateman (So)11
New Braunfels

All Purpose Yards

#Athlete NameRushRecKRPRIRTotal
Team Totals5789650211
12Kelvin Hearn (Sr)28028
14John Tysdal (Sr)1414
24Austin Orgeron (Jr)-1593795
25Marcus Odell (Jr)48-741
26Art Frazier (So)33
8Parker Bateman (So)77
80Brock Becker (Jr)2323
New Braunfels

Total Yards

#Athlete NamePassRushRecTotal
Team Totals895789146
14John Tysdal (Sr)1414
24Austin Orgeron (Jr)-15958
25Marcus Odell (Jr)48-741
26Art Frazier (So)33
8Parker Bateman (So)89796
80Brock Becker (Jr)2323
New Braunfels


#Athlete NameSoloAsstTot TcklsTFL
Team Totals3918577.0
12Kelvin Hearn (Sr)718
15Drue Ewald (Sr)516
23Ashton Sanchez (Sr)134
3Greg Wassom (Sr)718
33Dane Leavitt (Sr)11
34Connor O'Toole (Jr)112
39Holtan Pierce (Jr)331.0
40Aaron Knudson (Sr)11
42E. Gonzales-Vera (Sr)224
45Mike Meyers (Sr)221.0
46Jack Martin (Jr)112
49Jake Waldrip (Sr)415
76Zach Wright (Sr)333.0
80Brock Becker (Jr)112
82Sean Lynch (Sr)11
88Patrick O'brien (Jr)11
95Steven Sanchez (So)331.0
98Ian Jones (So)111.0
New Braunfels


#Athlete NameSacksYdlHurs
Team Totals3.0173
45Mike Meyers (Sr)1.05
49Jake Waldrip (Sr)1
76Zach Wright (Sr)2.0122
New Braunfels


#Athlete NameIntInt YdsAvgPD
Team Totals1
15Drue Ewald (Sr)1
New Braunfels

Fumbles and Blocks

#Athlete NameFmb RecFR YdsCausBlk PntsBlk FGs
Team Totals151
25Marcus Odell (Jr)1
49Jake Waldrip (Sr)15
New Braunfels


#Athlete NameKOYdsLngTB
Team Totals3171620
88Patrick O'brien (Jr)3171620
New Braunfels


#Athlete NamePYdsAvgLngIn 20
Team Totals620834.67401
49Jake Waldrip (Sr)620834.67401
New Braunfels

Kickoff Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLng
Team Totals46516.2528
12Kelvin Hearn (Sr)12828.0028
24Austin Orgeron (Jr)33712.3313
New Braunfels

Punt Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLngFCKR Yds
Team Totals10.00065
12Kelvin Hearn (Sr)10.00028
24Austin Orgeron (Jr)37
New Braunfels


#Athlete NameTDConvSKick PtsTot Pts
Team Totals2214
24Austin Orgeron (Jr)212
88Patrick O'brien (Jr)22
New Braunfels

PATs and Field Goals

#Athlete NamePATAtt%FGAtt%LngTot
Team Totals221.0002
88Patrick O'brien (Jr)221.0002
New Braunfels


#Athlete NameTDRushTDRecTD Tot
Team Totals22
24Austin Orgeron (Jr)22
Smithson Valley has not entered any stats for this game.