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The Katy (TX) varsity football team lost Saturday's neutral playoff game against Lake Travis (Austin, TX) by a score of 28-14.

Game Details: Alamo Stadium

This game is a part of the "2017 Football State Championships - 2017 Football Conference 6A D1 " tournament.

Lake Travis----28
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Game Stats

Lake Travis


#Athlete NameCompAttYdsC %AvgTDIntLngQB Rate
Team Totals2332296.71912.93043131.8
1Hudson Card (So)1243.50043.01043135.4
5Garrett Wilson (Jr)11321.00032.01032177.1
12Matthew Baldwin (Sr)2129221.72410.51040105.7
Lake Travis


#Athlete NameCarYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals24883.7151
1Hudson Card (So)6213.580
5Garrett Wilson (Jr)122.021
6Kyle Wakefield (Sr)14584.1150
12Matthew Baldwin (Sr)372.370
Lake Travis


#Athlete NameRecYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals2329612.9433
1Hudson Card (So)99210.2321
4Alec Fuentes (Sr)5459.0240
5Garrett Wilson (Jr)711716.7431
6Kyle Wakefield (Sr)12626.0261
19Carson Cross (Sr)11616.0160
Lake Travis

All Purpose Yards

#Athlete NameRushRecKRPRIRTotal
Team Totals8829623407
1Hudson Card (So)2192113
4Alec Fuentes (Sr)4545
5Garrett Wilson (Jr)211723142
6Kyle Wakefield (Sr)582684
12Matthew Baldwin (Sr)77
19Carson Cross (Sr)1616
Lake Travis

Total Yards

#Athlete NamePassRushRecTotal
Team Totals29688296384
1Hudson Card (So)432192156
4Alec Fuentes (Sr)4545
5Garrett Wilson (Jr)322117151
6Kyle Wakefield (Sr)582684
12Matthew Baldwin (Sr)2217228
19Carson Cross (Sr)1616
Lake Travis


#Athlete NameSoloAsstTot TcklsTFL
Team Totals363672
2Kyle Eaves (So)22
3Ty Badciong (Sr)213
5Garrett Wilson (Jr)11
14Nathan Parodi (Sr)336
17Bryce Roeder (Sr)325
20Nick Villarreal (So)224
21C. Gothard (So)11
22Brayden Roeder (Sr)617
26Jacob Carter (Sr)11
30M. Trevino (So)314
33Kaleb Wenson (Jr)31013
34Reid Bacon (Sr)538
45Cade Bruck (Sr)11
47S. Monroe (Sr)246
49Cameron Dicker (Sr)11
99Kade Langston (Sr)279
Lake Travis


#Athlete NameIntInt YdsAvgPD
Team Totals1
3Ty Badciong (Sr)1
Lake Travis

Fumbles and Blocks

#Athlete NameFmb RecFR YdsCausBlk PntsBlk FGs
Team Totals2
33Kaleb Wenson (Jr)1
34Reid Bacon (Sr)1
Lake Travis


#Athlete NameKOYdsAvgLngTB
Team Totals530060.0652
49Cameron Dicker (Sr)530060.0652
Lake Travis


#Athlete NamePYdsAvgLngIn 20
Team Totals414736.844
49Cameron Dicker (Sr)414736.844
Lake Travis

Kickoff Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLng
Team Totals12323.0
5Garrett Wilson (Jr)12323.0
Lake Travis

Punt Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLngFCKR Yds
Team Totals23
5Garrett Wilson (Jr)23
Lake Travis


#Athlete NameTDTD PtsConvSKick PtsTot Pts
Team Totals4240428
1Hudson Card (So)1606
5Garrett Wilson (Jr)212012
6Kyle Wakefield (Sr)1606
49Cameron Dicker (Sr)44
Lake Travis

PATs and Field Goals

#Athlete NamePATAtt%FGAtt%LngTot
Team Totals441.04
49Cameron Dicker (Sr)441.04
Lake Travis


Team Totals134
1Hudson Card (So)011
5Garrett Wilson (Jr)112
6Kyle Wakefield (Sr)011
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Lake Travis' stats are presented by HudlHudl

Katy has not entered stats for this game.

Recap Video

Game Story

Texas High School Football - Katy topped by Lake Travis

December 16, 2017: Austin, TX 78738

The Katy Tigers football team (Katy, TX), was beaten 28-14 in Saturday's non-league challenge with the host Lake Travis Cavaliers (Austin, TX)

The Cavaliers (13-2) will now prepare for their challenge against Allen (Allen, TX). The Eagles come into the non-league challenge with a 15-0 record. In their last challenge, Allen achieved victory over Cedar Ridge (Round Rock, TX), 28-7, in a non-league challenge.

The Tigers now sport a 12-1 record.

Russell DowdenCavaliers Reporter
dewey BellowsTigers Reporter
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  1. Check In

    The scorer has checked in.
    Posted @ 2:06p
  2. 0 - 0

    Start of Game

    Katy1st Quarter
    Katy kicking off to Lake Travis.
    Posted @ 3:15p
  3. Scorer Dropped Out

    1st Quarter
    Posted @ 3:17p
  4. Check In

    1st Quarter
    0 - 0 The scorer has checked in. Lake Travis 0, Katy 0
    Posted @ 3:20p
  5. Scorer Dropped Out

    1st Quarter
    Posted @ 3:41p
  6. Check In

    1st Quarter
    0 - 0 The scorer has checked in. Lake Travis 0, Katy 0
    Posted @ 3:47p
  7. Scorer Dropped Out

    1st Quarter
    Posted @ 3:49p
  8. Check In

    1st Quarter
    0 - 0 The scorer has checked in. Lake Travis 0, Katy 0
    Posted @ 4:11p
  9. 0 - 6

    Passing Touchdown

    Katy1st Quarter ~10 minutes to go
    Katy - Pass completed for a TD. Lake Travis 0, Katy 6
    Posted @ 4:12p
  10. 0 - 8

    Two Point Pass Completed

    Katy1st Quarter ~10 minutes to go
    Katy - Pass completed for a 2Pt Conversion. Lake Travis 0, Katy 8
    Posted @ 4:12p
  11. Scorer Dropped Out

    1st Quarter
    Posted @ 4:35p
  12. Check In

    1st Quarter
    0 - 8 The scorer has checked in. Lake Travis 0, Katy 8
    Posted @ 4:44p
  13. Scorer Dropped Out

    1st Quarter
    Posted @ 5:07p
  14. Check In

    28 - 14 The scorer has checked in. Lake Travis 28, Katy 14
    Posted @ 5:35p
  15. 28 - 14

    End of Game

    Lake Travis 28, Katy 14
    Posted @ 5:35p

Highlight Videos

  1. e. fuller

    Come on Jesus, give us an update. Por favor
    Posted @ 1:15p
  2. F. LOPEZ

    Game finally started a little late...Wet and cold in SA.....Why not in the Alamodome, UIL??
    Posted @ 1:19p
  3. S. Boman

    Yes- come on and report please-
    Posted @ 1:19p
  4. G. Alvarado

    Thanks for checking back in, Mr. Espino..
    Posted @ 1:22p
  5. F. Morford

    how is the ball handling with the rain?
    Posted @ 1:22p
  6. e. fuller

    5+ mins into the game and no update? Come on, dude
    Posted @ 1:22p
  7. F. LOPEZ

    Play-by-play updates would be real nice......
    Posted @ 1:24p
  8. W. Bertsch

    Where's our commenter?
    Posted @ 1:25p
  9. J. Devore

    LT 7 Katy 0
    Posted @ 1:26p
  10. e. fuller

    That’s sad that a fan has to update the game.....thanks Devore
    Posted @ 1:28p
  11. E. Gonzalez

    The Game Is Getting Radio Streamed
    Posted @ 1:30p
  12. J. Devore

    Katy looks like they are waking up, on the LT 30 yard line
    Posted @ 1:33p
  13. F. LOPEZ

    Thanks, E Gonzalez!!...Getting the audio now!!
    Posted @ 1:34p
  14. J. Devore

    7 to 7
    Posted @ 1:37p
  15. F. Morford

    thanks for the leanplayer link!
    Posted @ 1:39p
  16. F. Morford

    Why isn't there an update on the score board on Max Preps??
    Posted @ 1:40p
  17. S. DeRoch

    What happened to having playoff games on tv to watch?!?!?
    Posted @ 1:42p
  18. J. Whitmarsh

    U can watch the game on KBVO
    Posted @ 1:43p
  19. D. Prickett

    What's the FM dial?
    Posted @ 1:45p
  20. F. Morford

    Katy on the LT 20, 3rd down
    Posted @ 1:46p
  21. S. DeRoch

    I'm at work and can't get that channel
    Posted @ 1:46p
  22. F. Morford

    Katy dropped the ball in the end zone, too bad
    Posted @ 1:47p
  23. F. Morford

    Field Goal missed!!
    Posted @ 1:47p
  24. J. Rice

    I thought the game was televised
    Posted @ 1:48p
  25. F. LOPEZ

    I can't get video at KBVO on the leanplayer is great....
    Posted @ 1:50p
  26. S. DeRoch

    J.'s streaming on Texan Live, but you have to pay for it.
    Posted @ 1:50p
  27. F. Morford

    touchdown cavaliers
    Posted @ 1:52p
  28. S. Ceres

    How much time left in quarter
    Posted @ 1:53p
  29. F. LOPEZ

    Little less than 2 mins in the half
    Posted @ 1:55p
  30. D. Dwyer

    Score please
    Posted @ 1:56p
  31. F. LOPEZ

    LT ahead 14-7 just recovered fumble in Katy territory
    Posted @ 1:57p
  32. D. Dwyer

    Posted @ 1:59p
  33. F. LOPEZ

    LT scores again....21-7...seconds to go in half
    Posted @ 2p
  34. J. Barragan

    LT 21 Katy 7 35 sec before half
    Posted @ 2:01p
  35. J. Swenson

    From a Sachse Mustangs: LET'S GO LT!!
    Posted @ 2:03p
  36. J. Barragan

    half time
    Posted @ 2:03p
  37. J. Morgan

    Posted @ 2:03p
  38. T. Perkins

    Let’s go Katy
    Posted @ 2:06p
  39. N. Cree

    Can someone tell me the score? Is it rain delayed??
    Posted @ 2:13p
  40. A. Langan

    What’s the score?
    Posted @ 2:13p
  41. D. Rodarte

    Update please
    Posted @ 2:14p
  42. M. Paul

    I hope there's no rain delay in the Alamo dome
    Posted @ 2:14p
  43. S. Rivas

    LT 21 - Katy 7 Half
    Posted @ 2:15p
  44. B. Poppy

    Lake Travis 21 / Katy 7
    Posted @ 2:16p
  45. A. Langan

    Ok thanks
    Posted @ 2:16p
  46. N. Cree

    Thank you B Rice.
    Posted @ 2:18p
  47. D. Rodarte

    Posted @ 2:19p
  48. R. Ewert

    They're playing in Alamo Stadium not the Alamodome. Cold and raining
    Posted @ 2:22p
  49. B. Brody

    Whys the score tracker always so bad
    Posted @ 2:25p
  50. R. Jones

    Anybody know the real score
    Posted @ 2:26p
  51. M. Kaufman

    it's 21-7 Lake Travis at start of the 3rd
    Posted @ 2:28p
  52. F. Morford

    21 LT Katy 7
    Posted @ 2:28p
  53. J. Richmond

    Real score: LT 21, Katy 7 at halftime
    Posted @ 2:28p
  54. S. Ali

    Lake Travis - 21 Katy - 7 3rd Q
    Posted @ 2:29p
  55. E. Gonzalez Here is live audio
    Posted @ 2:29p
  56. M. Kaufman accurate score but not updated often
    Posted @ 2:30p
  57. f. med

    Posted @ 2:31p
  58. T. White

    Winner faces Allen next week. Final 28-7 over Cedar Ridge.
    Posted @ 2:35p
  59. C. Almanzar

    I’ll provide the updates but does anyone know the score after the 1st quarter
    Posted @ 2:37p
  60. R. Jones

    Allen defense stepped up, dint give up a score until a 4th quarter bomb against the 3rd string. Go Lake Travis!
    Posted @ 2:38p
  61. M. Kaufman

    Lake Travis 27-7 in the 3rd. Wow, Katy goin down?
    Posted @ 2:41p
  62. S. Foust

    It's 27 LT to 7 Katy.
    Posted @ 2:42p
  63. A. Langan

    Where is Deondric Glass?
    Posted @ 2:43p
  64. A. Langan

    Or Mike Patuch
    Posted @ 2:43p
  65. M. Cerda

    Is the Katy and Lake Travis game still going? What is the score and what quarter/time is left?
    Posted @ 2:44p
  66. S. Ali

    Where are folks getting 27 to 7? Announcers say 21-7?
    Posted @ 2:45p
  67. J. Barragan

    5:45 to play in 3rd
    Posted @ 2:45p
  68. M. Kaufman
    Posted @ 2:46p
  69. D. Falkstein

    What is the actual score
    Posted @ 2:46p
  70. J. Barragan

    LT 21 Katy 7
    Posted @ 2:46p
  71. T. Mccarry

    What happened to Katy??
    Posted @ 2:47p
  72. S. Ali

    Scorestream score is inaccurate - current score is 21-7 Lake Travis per announcers.
    Posted @ 2:48p
  73. F. LOPEZ

    Katy on the move in LT territory 35 yard line
    Posted @ 2:48p
  74. S. Ali

    21-7 LT in 3rd Q with 2:00+ remaining
    Posted @ 2:51p
  75. F. LOPEZ

    Touchdown, Katy....
    Posted @ 2:53p
  76. S. Ali

    TD Katy! 21-14 LT winding down 3rd qtr 1:24 remaining
    Posted @ 2:53p
  77. F. LOPEZ

    PAT good....LT21- Katy14
    Posted @ 2:53p
  78. J. Richmond

    21 to 14, LT up with 1:24 left in 3rd
    Posted @ 2:54p
  79. S. Parish

    Great updates, cheers! ...
    Posted @ 2:57p
  80. S. Ali

    End of 3rd Qtr. 21-14 LT with LT driving
    Posted @ 2:58p
  81. b. hancock

    Two different people have reported 21 to 14 for each team, who is actually winning.
    Posted @ 2:58p
  82. S. Boman

    3rd Quarter- LT 21- KHS 14 LT driving with short passing game- Katy D needs a turnover like a dog needs a bone
    Posted @ 2:59p
  83. S. Ali

    All comments I see show Lake Travis leading 21-14
    Posted @ 2:59p
  84. A. Langan

    S. Boban Lol
    Posted @ 3p
  85. S. Boman

    LT from their own 35 goes nowhere- loss of 3
    Posted @ 3p
  86. S. Boman

    LT short pass for a few
    Posted @ 3:01p
  87. D. Black

    Lt 1st
    Posted @ 3:01p
  88. D. Menard

    Bro who's winning they keep saying different stuff
    Posted @ 3:02p
  89. A. Langan

    How much time
    Posted @ 3:02p
  90. S. Ali

    21-14 Lake Travis leads with 9:00+ remaining in 4th QT
    Posted @ 3:03p
  91. S. Boman

    LT to the 30- Baldwin their QB is hurt - while not wishing ill on anyone- that is good news for Katy
    Posted @ 3:03p
  92. S. Ali

    Lake Travis scores TD... updated score: LT - 28 Katy - 14
    Posted @ 3:04p
  93. D. Menard

    How much time left
    Posted @ 3:05p
  94. S. Boman

    New QB- TD LT on a trick play- old throw to the back who then throws TD to the receiver- XP good- 28-14 Lake Travis ahead- 3 and change left
    Posted @ 3:05p
  95. S. Boman

    Kickoff to Katy- LT 28. - Katy 14 Katy starts from the 29 - 4th Quarter 9 minutes left
    Posted @ 3:07p
  96. A. Franks

    Lt 28 - Katy 14
    Posted @ 3:08p
  97. S. Boman

    Katy keeps with the running game- 3rd and 1
    Posted @ 3:08p
  98. S. Boman

    Glass with 200 yards but no payoff
    Posted @ 3:08p
  99. S. Boman

    Big pass Katy to the LT 37
    Posted @ 3:09p
  100. H. Doerr

    It is bad
    Posted @ 3:10p
  101. B. Drieth

    How much time left
    Posted @ 3:10p
  102. S. Boman

    7 minutes- 2 TDS behind and now Katy fumbles the snap and LT takes over on their own 33
    Posted @ 3:10p
  103. S. Boman

    Katy good D but needs a turnover
    Posted @ 3:11p
  104. S. Boman

    LT burning clock 3rd and long
    Posted @ 3:12p
  105. S. Boman

    LT punting- 5:23 left Katy from the 32
    Posted @ 3:13p
  106. D. Emmons

    It's over great season boys come back stronger next year goo tigers!!!!!
    Posted @ 3:13p
  107. S. Boman

    Katy going too slow- clock down to 4:30 and now Katy almost loses the ball
    Posted @ 3:15p
  108. S. Boman

    3rd and 19 and Katy almost loses it again Punting from the end zone
    Posted @ 3:16p
  109. S. Boman

    54 yard punt And Katy is looking like it is over LT is playing the clock now
    Posted @ 3:17p
  110. S. Boman

    Katy playing like they are done 2 minutes left
    Posted @ 3:17p
  111. S. Boman

    Time out but too late now
    Posted @ 3:18p
  112. E. Faddis

    What's going on
    Posted @ 3:19p
  113. M. Merrick

    Thanks for the updates. Is the game over now?
    Posted @ 3:20p
  114. S. Boman

    Last Time out
    Posted @ 3:20p
  115. K. brown

    s.boman hush
    Posted @ 3:20p
  116. D. Schmitt

    What’s the score?
    Posted @ 3:20p
  117. S. Ghysels

    Where will they play the final against Allen?
    Posted @ 3:21p
  118. S. Rivas

    1 min 15 sec left victory formation LT
    Posted @ 3:21p
  119. K. brown

    at&t stadium
    Posted @ 3:21p
  120. C. Mason

    At&T Stadium
    Posted @ 3:22p
  121. S. DeRoch

    Don't know why Katy would change their plays on the week before the semi final game... S.T.U.P.I.D. S.T.U.P.I.D. S.T.U.P.I.D.
    Posted @ 3:23p
  122. I. Spencer

    Posted @ 3:23p
  123. R. Jones

    Jerry World Saturday night Go Allen!!
    Posted @ 3:23p
  124. M. P

    go ALLENNN
    Posted @ 3:24p
  125. S. Rivas

    Next game LT vs Allen in Arlington, Texas at 3:00 pm on Saturday Dec 23
    Posted @ 3:24p
  126. M. P

    Were gonna beat Lake Travis in jerrys world
    Posted @ 3:24p
  127. J. catalano

    Allen vs Lake Travis will be a Great game to watch in Jerry's World next week. Go Eagles
    Posted @ 3:26p
  128. J. Easterling

    My boys and I will be there. Go Allen!!!
    Posted @ 3:26p
  129. R. Jones

    16-0 and beating defending champs, what a story it will be! Go Eagles!!!
    Posted @ 3:28p
  130. E. Heliste

    Posted @ 3:28p
  131. C. Ammons

    Dayton Broncos says GO KATY
    Posted @ 3:29p
  132. C. McAninch

    Is the game over? I am keeping my dad posted who is at my high school's game. Go Longview Lobos.
    Posted @ 3:29p
  133. J. Miller

    LOL - two teams that recruit players from other school districts are playing each other and they are happy about it ! Too funny
    Posted @ 3:31p
  134. L. Priputen

    Does anyone know the final score? Has the game ended?
    Posted @ 3:32p
  135. M. P

    Miller, I think youre just upset that your team not in the champisonship game
    Posted @ 3:32p
  136. R. Whitehead

    Allen vs Lake Travis at ATT Stadium!!!
    Posted @ 3:33p
  137. M. P

    Allen going to nationals! Be Aware
    Posted @ 3:34p
  138. M. P

    BTW, the game is officially over. LT-28 beats Katy-14
    Posted @ 3:36p
  139. R. Whitehead

    I heard about the national tournament
    Posted @ 3:38p
  140. R. Whitehead

    Miller.... Allen actually have 6k students to pull from
    Posted @ 3:39p
  141. J. Grofe

    Goooooo LT!!! Pulling for ya from Round Rock!!
    Posted @ 3:43p
  142. K. Casey

    You never know what may happen in a football game. I would not bet against LT. They are on a roll and have some special players.
    Posted @ 4:09p

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Russell DowdenCavaliers Reporter
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Lake Travis (17-18)

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Lake Travis

Lake Travis


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421.9Total Yards Per Game249.7
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38.8Points Per Game28.2

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Lake TravisKatyNational Avg.
#1 Hudson Card30.7Rushing Yards Per Game#2 Deondrick Glass122.321.4
#12 Matthew Baldwin256.1Passing Yards Per Game#7 Austin Marshall67.145.7
#12 Matthew Baldwin284.5Total Yards Per Game#2 Deondrick Glass122.336.9
#30 Mauricio Trevino9.1Tackles Per Game
#99 Kade Langston0.4Sacks Per Game
#5 Garrett Wilson10.9Points Per Game#2 Deondrick Glass14.02.1

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Lake Travis (17-18)

Katy (17-18)

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