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The Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) varsity football team won Friday's neutral non-conference game against Long Beach Poly (Long Beach, CA) by a score of 55-13.

This game is a part of the "2017 CIF Southern Section High School Football Playoff Brackets - Division 1" tournament.

Long Beach Poly0130013
Mater Dei1314141455
Final score provided by M. Kramer.
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Box Score Stats

Long Beach Poly (17-18)

Mater Dei (17-18)

Total Plays
First Downs
Penalty Yards
Possession Time

Game Stats

Long Beach Poly has not entered stats for this game.
Mater Dei


#Athlete NameCompAttYdsC %AvgTDIntLngQB Rate
Team Totals1724324.70819.14143135.4
13C. Freedland (So)1225.50025.01025135.4
18JT Daniels (Jr)1622299.72718.73143135.4
Mater Dei


#Athlete NameCarYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals221456.6324
9Chris Street (So)4358.830
15Glenn Harper (Jr)9485.3182
18JT Daniels (Jr)5479.4322
22Jacob Avalos (Sr)11111.011
30Nathan Logoleo (Sr)100.00
33Mart Chua (Sr)122.02
38Cameron Leofa (Fr)122.02
Mater Dei


#Athlete NameRecYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals1732419.1434
4Nikko Remigio (Sr)122.02
5Bru McCoy (Jr)49824.5421
8A. St. brown (Sr)710715.3322
13Chris Parks (Sr)37023.343
15Glenn Harper (Jr)12222.022
25Kody Epps (So)12525.0251
Mater Dei

All Purpose Yards

#Athlete NameRushRecKRPRIRTotal
Team Totals1453241254535
4Nikko Remigio (Sr)22
5Bru McCoy (Jr)9898
8A. St. brown (Sr)10712119
9Chris Street (So)3535
12Elias Ricks (So)4242
13Chris Parks (Sr)7070
15Glenn Harper (Jr)482270
16Jaylin Davies (Fr)66
18JT Daniels (Jr)4747
22Jacob Avalos (Sr)1111
25Kody Epps (So)2525
33Mart Chua (Sr)22
38Cameron Leofa (Fr)22
100Raesjon Davis66
Mater Dei

Total Yards

#Athlete NamePassRushRecTotal
Team Totals324145324469
4Nikko Remigio (Sr)22
5Bru McCoy (Jr)9898
8A. St. brown (Sr)107107
9Chris Street (So)3535
13C. Freedland (So)2525
13Chris Parks (Sr)7070
15Glenn Harper (Jr)482270
18JT Daniels (Jr)29947346
22Jacob Avalos (Sr)1111
25Kody Epps (So)2525
33Mart Chua (Sr)22
38Cameron Leofa (Fr)22
Mater Dei


#Athlete NameSoloAsstTot TcklsTFL
Team Totals3210425.5
3S. Tuliaupupu (Sr)4261.0
8A. St. brown (Sr)011
8K. Ware-Hudson (Jr)101
12Elias Ricks (So)2021.0
13Chris Parks (Sr)101
14D. Green-warren (So)404
20Nate White (So)101
21Jack Genova (Sr)134
24Stephon Robins (Sr)202
28Moses Sepulona (So)101
30Nathan Logoleo (Sr)112
32Randall Ibarra (Sr)011.5
32W. Nimmo jr. (Jr)3031.0
35S. Tuihalamaka (Sr)101
44Steele Dubar (Jr)202
47Mase Funa (Jr)3252.0
52Dean Neeley (So)101
56Andrew Faoliu (Sr)303
84M. Joralemon (Jr)101
Mater Dei


#Athlete NameSacksYdlHurs
Team Totals6
5Bru McCoy (Jr)1
30Nathan Logoleo (Sr)2
47Mase Funa (Jr)2
56Andrew Faoliu (Sr)1
Mater Dei


#Athlete NameIntInt YdsAvgPD
Team Totals45413.52
12Elias Ricks (So)24221.0
16Jaylin Davies (Fr)166.0
24Stephon Robins (Sr)1
32W. Nimmo jr. (Jr)1
100Raesjon Davis166.0
Mater Dei


#Athlete NameKOYdsAvgLngTB
Team Totals957563.9735
97Nicolas Lopez (Jr)957563.9735
Mater Dei

Punt Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLngFCKR Yds
Team Totals11212.01212
8A. St. brown (Sr)11212.01212
Mater Dei


#Athlete NameTDTD PtsConvSKick PtsTot Pts
Team Totals848755
5Bru McCoy (Jr)166
8A. St. brown (Sr)21212
15Glenn Harper (Jr)21212
18JT Daniels (Jr)21212
25Kody Epps (So)166
97Nicolas Lopez (Jr)77
Mater Dei

PATs and Field Goals

#Athlete NamePATAtt%FGAtt%LngTot
Team Totals78.97
97Nicolas Lopez (Jr)78.97
Mater Dei


Team Totals448
5Bru McCoy (Jr)11
8A. St. brown (Sr)22
15Glenn Harper (Jr)22
18JT Daniels (Jr)22
25Kody Epps (So)11

Coaches Summary

First Quarter

Mater Dei (7:14) Daniels 1 yd RUN (Lopez kick) 7-80, 4:46
Mater Dei (4:17) McCoy 13 yd TD PASS from Daniels (Lopez kick failed) 3-56, 1:23

Second Quarter

Mater Dei (8:51) St Brown 9 yd TD PASS from Daniels (Lopez kick) 8-63, 3:06
Long Beach Poly (4:29) Mauai 3 yd RUN (kick failed) 9-80, 4:22
Mater Dei (7:14) Harper 4 yd RUN (Lopez kick) 8-80, 3:22
Long Beach Poly (0:00) Hall 14 yd TD PASS from Corral (Godoy kick) 7-73, 1:07

Third Quarter

Mater Dei (3:48) Harper 2 yd RUN (Lopez kick) 6-40, 3:15
Mater Dei (0:00) St Brown 26 yd TD PASS from Daniels (Lopez kick) 4-80, 1:15

Fourth Quarter

Mater Dei (10:18) Daniels 9 yd RUN (Lopez kick) 3-8, 1:20
Mater Dei (4:36) Epps 25 yd TD PASS from Freedland (Lopez kick) 3-25, 2:54

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  1. MaxPreps

    Game Started
    0 - 0
    Mater Dei
    Posted @ 7p
  2. B. Lind

    What’s the score
    Posted @ 7:22p
  3. J. Muratalla

    What's the score?
    Posted @ 7:23p
  4. R. Ajmani

    13-0 MD
    Posted @ 7:25p
  5. C. Chavez

    don't know friends at the game,waiting for some1 to post..
    Posted @ 7:26p
  6. G. Orozco

    What's the score you big dope?why do you have in suspense?
    Posted @ 7:26p
  7. A. Kassouf

    13-0 MD 1:50 Q1
    Posted @ 7:26p
  8. M. Savolskis

    Thank You for the update.
    Posted @ 7:27p
  9. F. Alicea

    who is winning
    Posted @ 7:28p
  10. D. Lopez

    Any updates
    Posted @ 7:29p
  11. J. Muratalla

    Keep us posted. End of 1st qtr Bosco 14-7
    Posted @ 7:30p
  12. L. Austin

    Who got ball what's going. No play by play
    Posted @ 7:30p
  13. F. Alicea

    So poly is losing
    Posted @ 7:30p
  14. R. Ajmani

    MD holds on a 4th and 1 for LBP. Quick pass to the WR is sniffed out and stopped. MD takes over on their own 37 yard line.
    Posted @ 7:33p
  15. F. Alicea

    who is winning
    Posted @ 7:34p
  16. R. Ajmani

    13-0 MD winning
    Posted @ 7:35p
  17. F. Alicea

    we need to come back
    Posted @ 7:36p
  18. F. Nafanua

    Posted @ 7:37p
  19. S. Blyth

    Not a chance you are coming back..
    Posted @ 7:37p
  20. F. Alicea

    how do you know
    Posted @ 7:39p
  21. R. Ajmani

    Still 13-0, stop spazzing out, I will let you know when someone scores
    Posted @ 7:39p
  22. D. Mckenzie

    20-0 8:51 2Q
    Posted @ 7:40p
  23. R. Ajmani

    Daniels with his 3rd touchdown of the day, 20-0 MD
    Posted @ 7:41p
  24. C. Chavez

    PolyPolyPoly!!Make it a Game at least...
    Posted @ 7:41p
  25. F. Alicea

    thank you
    Posted @ 7:41p
  26. J. PURTILL

    We need updates every couple of minutes, tops
    Posted @ 7:41p
  27. W. Uno

    Seriously, who are game trackers? Whiskey Tango Hilo?
    Posted @ 7:41p
  28. W. Uno

    Thanks, M. Ajmani... rabbits going to sleep. Got it.
    Posted @ 7:43p
  29. J. Gomez

    Posted @ 7:43p
  30. s. joness

    many fans?
    Posted @ 7:44p
  31. J. Muratalla

    Bosco 21-7
    Posted @ 7:45p
  32. M. Savolskis

    Has it gotten any worse?
    Posted @ 7:45p

    Posted @ 7:46p
  34. R. Ajmani

    Still 20-0 MD winning
    Posted @ 7:47p
  35. s. joness

    ajmani, is there a lot of fans at the game?
    Posted @ 7:48p
  36. R. Tamis

    How can we watch live
    Posted @ 7:49p
  37. R. Ajmani

    Only if you live in the West, and then you need to have Fox Sports West
    Posted @ 7:50p
  38. P. Ayala

    Not showing on Fox sports West
    Posted @ 7:51p
  39. D. Mckenzie

    20-6 missed f2f 4:29. 2Q
    Posted @ 7:51p
  40. D. Mckenzie

    Missed fg
    Posted @ 7:51p
  41. S. Lagman

    They are showing the division 2 game
    Posted @ 7:52p
  42. B. Johnson

    Camera ppl are eating. They quit
    Posted @ 7:52p
  43. D. Mckenzie

    PAT sorry
    Posted @ 7:52p
  44. J. Keys

    Is the score still 20-0 M.D.
    Posted @ 7:52p
  45. R. Ajmani

    LBP showing signs of life, 20-6
    Posted @ 7:52p
  46. M. Singer

    Playing on Fox Sports Go, mobile app.
    Posted @ 7:53p
  47. F. Alicea

    It so hard to be a rabbit
    Posted @ 7:54p
  48. J. Muratalla

    27- 7 Bosco 3:21 left in the half
    Posted @ 7:56p
  49. A. Lozano

    So who winning?
    Posted @ 7:57p
  50. R. Ajmani

    20-6 MD winning
    Posted @ 7:59p
  51. C. Chavez

    Posted @ 7:59p
  52. D. Mckenzie

    27-6 MD 1:07 2Q
    Posted @ 8p
  53. L. Austin

    Downs .. Half..... Yards..
    Posted @ 8p
  54. J. Muratalla

    34-7 Bosco
    Posted @ 8:02p
  55. R. Ajmani

    27-6 MD
    Posted @ 8:04p
  56. D. Mckenzie

    27-13 MD HT
    Posted @ 8:09p
  57. E. Duran

    Rancho’s offense isn’t clicking at all. They’re getting over powered by the Bosco defense.
    Posted @ 8:09p
  58. E. Duran

    54 secs till HT at Rancho
    Posted @ 8:10p
  59. M. Becerra

    What's the MD score
    Posted @ 8:10p
  60. R. Ajmani

    Matt Corral with an amazing play to cut the deficit to 14 points just as half ended, 27-13 MD
    Posted @ 8:11p
  61. R. Wiley

    Whos Montclair playing tonight??
    Posted @ 8:17p
  62. F. Alicea

    how is winning 4
    Posted @ 8:28p
  63. T. Hargrove

    What is the score
    Posted @ 8:28p
  64. M. MR

    27 - 13 still LB just punted back to MD
    Posted @ 8:35p
  65. G. Orozco

    Where is the Mater Dei game being played?
    Posted @ 8:36p
  66. M. MR you can watch on fox sports go
    Posted @ 8:36p
  67. s. b

    Long beach city college
    Posted @ 8:36p
  68. C. Chavez

    LB.Vets Stadium
    Posted @ 8:37p
  69. H. Avila

    What is the score of Long Beach Poly vs mater dei
    Posted @ 8:38p
  70. M. MR

    Game is free to watch on Fox Sports go on the internet or by phone app
    Posted @ 8:38p
  71. G. Orozco

    Thanks,is it SOLDl out?
    Posted @ 8:39p
  72. A. Ayala

    WHos winning?
    Posted @ 8:40p
  73. M. DUNN

    Who is sleeping on the updates
    Posted @ 8:40p
  74. M. MR

    LB intercepted on 5 yrd line. Mater Dei 27 LB 13. 3rd and 20 for LB
    Posted @ 8:41p
  75. T. North

    Centennial 49 Murrieta Valley 20 AT HT.
    Posted @ 8:41p
  76. D. Craine

    Please someone what’s going on??
    Posted @ 8:44p
  77. B. Lind

    Come on somebody please update the score
    Posted @ 8:47p
  78. D. Mckenzie

    34-13 MD 3:48 3Q
    Posted @ 8:47p
  79. J. Morgan

    MD ba on the LBP 40
    Posted @ 8:48p
  80. C. Chavez

    Polys Done with that last MD.score..
    Posted @ 8:49p
  81. J. Muratalla

    34-14 Bosco
    Posted @ 8:50p
  82. C. Hernandez

    What's the score for poly vs Mater Dei
    Posted @ 8:52p
  83. M. Salcedo

    Norco is losing
    Posted @ 8:54p
  84. J. Muratalla

    34-21 Bosco
    Posted @ 8:56p
  85. L. Austin

    Poly update...
    Posted @ 8:58p
  86. D. Mckenzie

    34-13 MD 4Q
    Posted @ 8:59p
  87. L. Austin

    Posted @ 9p
  88. D. Mckenzie

    MD has the ball on LB 26
    Posted @ 9p
  89. D. Mckenzie

    Start of 4th
    Posted @ 9:01p
  90. J. Muratalla

    41-21 Bosco. 4:52 3rd qtr
    Posted @ 9:01p
  91. L. Austin

    Posted @ 9:01p
  92. M. Z

    Poly score update please
    Posted @ 9:02p
  93. D. Mckenzie

    MD just scored waiting for PAt
    Posted @ 9:03p
  94. D. Mckenzie

    41-13MD Done deal. Put a nail in it
    Posted @ 9:04p
  95. D. Mckenzie

    INT MD to the 7YL
    Posted @ 9:07p
  96. J. Muratalla

    48-21 Bosco 1:20 left in the 3rd qtr
    Posted @ 9:09p
  97. D. Mckenzie

    TD MD 48-13 10:18 4Q
    Posted @ 9:11p
  98. D. Mckenzie

    MD got the ball back on downs. MD on LB 25
    Posted @ 9:16p
  99. D. Mckenzie

    MD TD 55-13 4:36left
    Posted @ 9:19p
  100. D. Mckenzie

    MD got the 3rd string in
    Posted @ 9:22p
  101. D. Mckenzie

    INT MD 1:39 left
    Posted @ 9:25p
  102. D. Mckenzie

    Final 55-13 MD
    Posted @ 9:26p
  103. J. Muratalla

    55-28 Bosco 6:34 left in game
    Posted @ 9:31p
  104. J. Muratalla

    T. NORTH, What s the Centennial score?
    Posted @ 9:33p
  105. D. Palacio

    What’s the score
    Posted @ 9:37p
  106. A. Trujillo

    centennial up 77-34
    Posted @ 9:54p
  107. G. Tuck

    Valencia 70 Norco 21 end of 3rd Qtr
    Posted @ 9:58p
  108. M. Kramer

    13 - 55
    Mater Dei

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Rankings & Records

Long Beach Poly (17-18)

NationalCASectionSec. Div.
OverallLeagueHomeAwayNeutralWin %League %PFPA

Mater Dei (17-18)

NationalCASectionSec. Div.
OverallLeagueHomeAwayNeutralWin %League %PFPA

Team Scoring Averages

Long Beach Poly
Mater Dei

Long Beach Poly

Mater Dei

Team Stat Comparison

Long Beach PolyMater Dei
134.3Rushing Yards Per Game162.0
255.3Passing Yards Per Game282.0
389.6Total Yards Per Game444.0
76.3Tackles Per Game50.5
2.5Sacks Per Game3.5
38.8Points Per Game48.3
6Pancake Blocks-

Team Leaders

Long Beach PolyMater DeiNational Avg.
#5 Michael Mauai78.0Rushing Yards Per Game#15 Glenn Harper71.421.4
#2 Matt Corral249.5Passing Yards Per Game#18 JT Daniels274.945.7
#2 Matt Corral261.9Total Yards Per Game#18 JT Daniels312.336.9
#44 Wiley Purry jr9.5Tackles Per Game#21 Jack Genova5.52.9
#6 Jermayne Lole1.2Sacks Per Game#30 Nathan Logoleo1.10.2
#5 Michael Mauai6.6Points Per Game#8 Amon-ra St. brown11.02.1
#6 Jermayne Lole2Pancake Blocks

Common Opponents

SchoolCommon Opp. Rec.SchoolCommon Opp. Rec.
Long Beach Poly1-1Mater Dei2-0
9/15/17Long Beach PolyMission Viejo(L) 12-711/24/17Mater DeiMission Viejo(W) 49-21
11/10/17JSerra CatholicLong Beach Poly(W) 60-4410/20/17Mater DeiJSerra Catholic(W) 45-3

Record Breakdown

Long Beach Poly (17-18)

Mater Dei (17-18)

Head to Head
Common Opponent