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The Cooper (Lubbock, TX) varsity football team lost Thursday's neutral playoff game against Rider (Wichita Falls, TX) by a score of 38-35.

Game Details: Abilene Christian University

This game is a part of the "2018 Football State Championships - 2018 Football Conference 5A D2 " tournament.

Final score provided by D. Gregory.
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Recap Video

Game Story

Texas High School Football - Cooper tipped by Rider

December 6, 2018: Wichita Falls, TX 76310

The Cooper Pirates football team (Lubbock, TX), was tipped 38-35 in Thursday's non-league challenge with the host Rider Raiders (Wichita Falls, TX)

The Pirates now sport a 13-1 record.

Braysen PikeRaiders Reporter
Dan GregoryPirates Reporter
  1. Check In

    1st Quarter
    0 - 0 The scorer has checked in. Rider 0, Cooper 0
    Posted @ 7:02p
  2. Game Attendance

    1st Quarter
    Attendance About 100
    Posted @ 7:02p
  3. Field Conditions

    1st Quarter
    Field Conditions Dry
    Posted @ 7:02p
  4. Weather Conditions

    1st Quarter
    Weather Conditions Cold
    Posted @ 7:02p

Highlight Videos

  1. J. Montgomery

    Is anybody reporting on this game??
    Posted @ 6:59p
  2. P. Schlabs

    Simple radio app… 95.5 ESPN
    Posted @ 7:02p
  3. P. Schlabs

    Simple radio app… 95.5 ESPN
    Posted @ 7:03p
  4. K. Haney

    Fox Football Friday app is a great way to keep updated
    Posted @ 7:05p
  5. J. Veitenheimer

    Posted @ 7:15p
  6. C. seib

    Let’s go pirates a
    Posted @ 7:56p
  7. D. Snead

    Let’s get this comeback pirates!!
    Posted @ 7:59p
  8. J. Veitenheimer

    Get your head back in the game Raiders!!!
    Posted @ 8:01p
  9. S. Care

    I feel Lubbock Cooper is in for a big second half. Should be interesting to see who wins. Rider has surprised me so far.
    Posted @ 8:03p
  10. D. Snead

    It says the “scorer dropped out” someone please pick it back up and update the scores
    Posted @ 8:08p
  11. A. Garcia

    Cooper WILL comeback!!! Let's go Pirates!!!!
    Posted @ 8:10p
  12. S. Care

    They came back, plus it's halftime.
    Posted @ 8:10p
  13. A. Garcia

    And yes, Cooper will have a huge second half
    Posted @ 8:11p
  14. D. Snead

    Cooper get the ball first in the 3rd?
    Posted @ 8:12p
  15. S. Care

    No, Rider get's the ball first.
    Posted @ 8:15p
  16. G. Estrada

    I’m sure cooper gets the ball 1st
    Posted @ 8:20p
  17. J. Veitenheimer

    Are y’all getting notifications?
    Posted @ 8:20p
  18. G. Estrada

    Posted @ 8:24p
  19. Z. Mayfield

    Are they playing.
    Posted @ 8:25p
  20. S. Care

    It's still halftime.
    Posted @ 8:25p
  21. C. Essary

    Posted @ 8:26p
  22. C. Carrillo

    Does anyone know the score?
    Posted @ 8:27p
  23. Z. Mayfield

    24 to 14
    Posted @ 8:32p
  24. T. Alewine

    Go online and you can listen to the broadcast Let’s go roho!
    Posted @ 8:33p
  25. D. Snead

    Where can we listen to the game?
    Posted @ 8:35p
  26. M. Gonzalez

    I think you have to download an App.
    Posted @ 8:37p
  27. M. Gonzalez

    My son is at the game, reports that Cooper had a slow 1st half but is playing better. Go Pirates
    Posted @ 8:38p
  28. S. Care

    Cooper just scored to start the half, Rider still leads 24-21. 10:11 left in the third quarter.
    Posted @ 8:40p
  29. J. Veitenheimer

    Where can you listen to it?
    Posted @ 8:40p
  30. S. Care

    Ensuing possession, Cooper picks Rider off at Rider's 20.
    Posted @ 8:45p
  31. J. Perez

    I can’t see the score on here
    Posted @ 8:45p
  32. S. Care

    Not sure what happened, i think the person doing updates disconnected? I'm just following a long on twitter. It's currently 24-21 Rider lead
    Posted @ 8:46p
  33. S. Care

    Rider D forces a turnover on downs.
    Posted @ 8:48p
  34. C. Thummel

    How are you following on Twitter?
    Posted @ 8:48p
  35. J. Surles

    If you want to listen to a radio broadcast, there is one at
    Posted @ 8:48p
  36. S. Care

    Cooper recovers at Rider fumble at their 34.
    Posted @ 8:50p
  37. S. Care

    Sloppy play in this 3rd quarter. Cooper fumbles now and Rider recovers.
    Posted @ 8:53p
  38. S. Care

    Big run from Rider's Qb, get's down to Coopers 34 yard line in one play.
    Posted @ 8:55p
  39. S. Care

    4th down at Coopers 3 for Rider.
    Posted @ 9:01p
  40. S. Care

    Rider scores - they now lead 31-21. :22 left in the 3rd quarter.
    Posted @ 9:02p
  41. S. Care

    Cooper with a good drive right now, down to Rider's 15 and looking to score.
    Posted @ 9:09p
  42. S. Care

    Cooper get's into the endzone, now trail 31-28. 6:34 left in the game.
    Posted @ 9:12p
  43. Z. Mayfield

    Keep me updated please.
    Posted @ 9:16p
  44. S. Care

    Rider has a 4th and 4 at Coopers 24. Need a stop here.
    Posted @ 9:18p
  45. S. Care

    Rider timeout.
    Posted @ 9:18p
  46. S. Care

    Rider converts.
    Posted @ 9:19p
  47. Z. Mayfield

    Posted @ 9:20p
  48. M. Short

    Time left?
    Posted @ 9:20p
  49. S. Care

    Another timeout from Rider. 2:20 left in the game.
    Posted @ 9:21p
  50. M. Short

    Still 31-28? 4th down
    Posted @ 9:21p
  51. S. Care

    Rider scores again, might be the dagger. 38-28
    Posted @ 9:22p
  52. S. Care

    2:14 left in the game. Those two possessions that Cooper had a chance to score in Rider territory really coming back to hurt them.
    Posted @ 9:23p
  53. J. Romoser

    Who has the ball
    Posted @ 9:23p
  54. M. Short

    Posted @ 9:24p
  55. S. George

    How many turnovers does cooper have
    Posted @ 9:24p
  56. O. Ramirez

    come cooper you can do it cooper
    Posted @ 9:25p
  57. S. Care

    Cooper all the way down to the Rider 9, 1:06 left in the game.
    Posted @ 9:28p
  58. S. Care

    Just like that, Cooper scores! 38-35, 51 seconds left in the game. Expect an onside kick to come. Cooper has all it's timeouts.
    Posted @ 9:30p
  59. J. Sarate

    What ‘s the score?
    Posted @ 9:30p
  60. S. Care

    38-35 Rider leads Cooper.
    Posted @ 9:31p
  61. A. Garcia

    38-35 Rider
    Posted @ 9:31p
  62. S. Care

    Cooper recovers the onside kick!
    Posted @ 9:31p
  63. C. Rea

    35-38 we are down by 3
    Posted @ 9:32p
  64. A. Garcia

    Pirates just recovered onside kick
    Posted @ 9:32p
  65. P. Harrell

    Posted @ 9:32p
  66. S. Care

    28 seconds left in the game now.
    Posted @ 9:33p
  67. P. Harrell

    How much time?
    Posted @ 9:33p
  68. J. Romoser

    Where do they have the ball at???
    Posted @ 9:34p
  69. S. Care

    Cooper at Rider's 34 yard line. 4th down coming up.
    Posted @ 9:35p
  70. S. Kirkland

    Who has the ball and how much time is left?
    Posted @ 9:35p
  71. S. Care

    Cooper goes for it on 4th down, but the pass is dropped. Rider wins 38-35.
    Posted @ 9:37p
  72. J. Romoser

    4th and what????
    Posted @ 9:37p
  73. J. Romoser

    Seemed like a good game
    Posted @ 9:37p
  74. S. Kirkland

    LETS GO ROHO!!!!
    Posted @ 9:38p

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Braysen PikeRaiders Reporter
Dan GregoryPirates Reporter

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Rider (18-19)

NationalTXSectionState Div.
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Cooper (18-19)

NationalTXSectionState Div.
OverallDistrictHomeAwayNeutralWin %District %PFPA

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  • Cooper won on 10/19/2018
    10/19 @ 7pQ1Q2Q3Q4Final

    The Rider (Wichita Falls, TX) varsity football team lost Friday's away conference game against Cooper (Lubbock, TX) by a score of 27-7.

  • Rider won last week
    12/6 @ 7pQ1Q2Q3Q4Final

    The Rider (Wichita Falls, TX) varsity football team won Thursday's neutral playoff game against Cooper (Lubbock, TX) by a score of 38-35.

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Rider (18-19)

Cooper (18-19)

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