University @ Pine Crest

Girls Varsity Swimming Fall 16-17 · 9/28/2016 3:30 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Pine Crest224W

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stMaia GoldsteinUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final289.88
2ndIshani SinghPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final258.01
3rdDaniella LevitisPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final141.22
4thKirra ReidPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final124.88
5thShiraz ShiffPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final0.00
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50 Free

1stDaniel JacobsUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:22.52
2ndMarta CieslaPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:24.71
3rdAlexandra MeszarosPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:25.10
4thAnnabella LynPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:26.10
5thRamon VillamayorUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:26.80
6thTiana BrannanPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:28.37
7thAidan Levi-MinziUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:28.47
8thIlana HollanderUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:31.36
9thMadeleine SmithUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:33.86
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100 Free

1stDaniel JacobsUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:49.68
2ndAndrea SantanderPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:54.07
3rdLauren NoyolaPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:59.59
4thEva SherPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:01.16
5thTiana BrannanPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:02.74
6thJennifer LangoneUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:04.80
7thAidan Levi-MinziUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:07.74
8thIlana HollanderUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:12.60
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100 Back

1stPatrick GrotersUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:53.41
2ndDiego DarqueaUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:03.10
3rdAlexandra MeszarosPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:04.57
4thJamie FloresPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:06.13
5thSimone ValePine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:07.08
6thSofia SarrosUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:16.43
7thAlana van WoerkomPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:17.28
8thMadeleine SmithUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:33.74
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100 Fly

1stMolly SeePine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:00.28
2ndAmanda KopasUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:03.46
3rdMarcelo CarrionUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:08.13
4thElizabeth FoltzPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:08.15
5thAlana van WoerkomPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:09.57
6thAlan OvedUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:10.27
7thJulia PodkoscielnyPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:11.27
8thKaiana KiblerUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:15.57
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100 Breast

1stRenato FilhoUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:10.09
2ndAndrea SantanderPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:11.20
3rdAlan OvedUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:16.79
4thThais CarrionUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:17.54
5thMarcelo CarrionUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:17.79
6thNadya YanovaPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:20.76
7thLauren BriggsPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:24.65
8thRose RothschildPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:45.07
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200 Individual Medley

1stPatrick GrotersUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:56.49
2ndRenato FilhoUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:13.21
3rdMolly SeePine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:15.64
4thAmanda KopasUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:16.12
5thSimone ValePine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:23.06
6thNadya YanovaPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:26.59
7thKaiana KiblerUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:35.61
8thHannah FowlerPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:38.52
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200 Free

1stAllison KopasUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:56.59
2ndAnna MontgomeryPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:07.23
3rdDaniela MunozPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:07.47
4thDiego DarqueaUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:08.32
5thJulia PodkoscielnyPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:10.86
6thElizabeth FoltzPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:12.08
7thSofia SarrosUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:22.34
8thJennifer LangoneUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:29.07
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500 Free

1stAllison KopasUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:06.44
2ndMarissa BrannanPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:20.59
3rdAnnabella LynPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:22.99
4thDaniela MunozPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:35.49
5thAnna MontgomeryPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:38.22
6thThais CarrionUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:39.45
7thRamon VillamayorUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:54.44
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:41.60
2ndRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:42.70
3rdRelay TeamUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:50.14
4thRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:54.43
5thRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:03.45
6thRelay TeamUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:04.49
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:55.98
2ndRelay TeamUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:58.34
3rdRelay TeamUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:00.28
4thRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:08.77
5thRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:11.79
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final03:46.13
2ndRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final03:53.43
3rdRelay TeamUniversity (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final03:54.54
4thRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final04:06.62
5thRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final04:19.28