Westminster Academy @ Pine Crest

Girls Varsity Swimming Fall 17-18 · 9/27/2017 4:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Westminster Academy75L
Pine Crest231W

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stIshani SinghPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final245.18
2ndBlake ShawWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final237.22
3rdShiraz ShiffPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final227.55
4thKaylee GreenbergPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final201.53
5thMackenzie BlakeWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final198.23
6thAva AndersenPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final180.83
7thElla ClementsWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final157.06
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50 Free

1stJosefine RichterWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:26.44
2ndHannah FowlerPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:27.00
3rdAlana vanPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:27.53
4thJulia MorrisseyPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:29.32
5thMia HiblerWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:29.70
6thEva SherPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:30.03
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100 Free

1stDaniela MunozPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final00:57.77
2ndNadya YanovaPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:00.25
3rdJulia MorrisseyPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:04.37
4thDanielle WeisfischPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:05.01
5thXander ShyneWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:13.95
6thAJ KozichWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:16.22
7thJade MollerWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:16.83
8thShi FalconerWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:17.14
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100 Fly

1stEsther LinPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:02.56
2ndLauren NoyolaPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:08.73
3rdElizabeth FoltzPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:09.19
4thBrooke CordobaPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:09.25
5thMadison SipowskiWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:11.56
6thMia HiblerWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:27.52
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100 Back

1stSimone ValePine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:03.89
2ndJulia PodkoscielnyPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:05.99
3rdAlana vanPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:07.94
4thLauren NoyolaPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:13.52
5thBlake ShawWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:23.44
6thVictoria BarbarWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:38.95
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100 Breast

1stEsther LinPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:10.54
2ndSara LinPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:11.22
3rdMadison SipowskiWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:18.77
4thNadya YanovaPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:20.03
5thTiana BrannanPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:28.82
6thErisa PapajorgjiWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:38.64
7thSofia RosaWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:40.94
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200 Free

1stDaniela MunozPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:05.92
2ndFlora BeleznayPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:09.30
3rdDaniela GomezPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:10.15
4thElizabeth FoltzPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:19.16
5thShi FalconerWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final03:00.60
6thClara HarmsWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final03:07.57
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200 Individual Medley

1stJessica NavaWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:15.64
2ndChase PerryWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:18.48
3rdLara JonesPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:18.65
4thJulia PodkoscielnyPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:20.27
5thSimone ValePine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:24.48
6thBrooke CordobaPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:26.81
7thVictoria BarbarWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final03:26.09
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500 Free

1stJessica NavaWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:20.64
2ndJosefine RichterWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:26.45
3rdAnna MontgomeryPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:28.31
4thLara JonesPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:35.56
5thFlora BeleznayPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final05:41.69
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:47.18
2ndRelay TeamWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:48.93
3rdRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:51.55
4thRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:54.55
5thRelay TeamWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:18.82
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final01:58.21
2ndRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:04.03
3rdRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:04.84
4thRelay TeamWestminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final02:43.56
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final03:54.33
2ndRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final03:55.81
3rdRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final04:12.19
4thRelay TeamPine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL)Final04:23.36