Multi Teams @ 2017 Girls Hoosier Conference Championships (West Lafayette, IN)

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 16-17 · 1/14/2017 12:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalPlace
Hamilton Heights3421
West Lafayette3272
Rensselaer Central2674
Twin Lakes2166
Lewis Cass2166
Benton Central1408
Lafayette Central Catholic9210

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stIvy HouserHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final442.65
2ndIvy HouserHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)SemiFinal334.95
3rdJaydn LutzHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final294.60
4thCaitlin CoyHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final276.40
5thIvy HouserHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Preliminary249.50
6thJaydn LutzHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)SemiFinal216.50
7thEmma DuetscherLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final214.55
8thCaitlin CoyHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)SemiFinal196.20
9thJaydn LutzHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Preliminary141.55
10thCaitlin CoyHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Preliminary127.85
11thEmma DuetscherLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Preliminary104.00
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50 Free

1stCameron CripeBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final00:21.66
2ndJohn BoucherLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final00:24.22
3rdCarl JayLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final00:25.62
4thAlex DeBruickerBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final00:25.73
5thClaire SloderbeckHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:25.84
6thLauren SearsHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:26.29
7thDayne HillLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final00:27.00
8thFaith AtkinsonBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final00:27.13
9thPaige BuettnerLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final00:27.14
10thAJ CoxBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final00:27.82
11thRaeanne BennerBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final00:28.42
12thMichaela WalkerLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final00:29.17
13thMarissa RosenbargerBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final00:29.26
14thMcKayla RamseyLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final00:31.15
15thLily McCormickHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:33.21
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100 Free

1stJohn BoucherLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final00:52.29
2ndTanner BowserLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final00:57.55
3rdCarl JayLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final00:58.18
4thLauren SearsHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:58.45
5thPaige BuettnerLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:00.51
6thTiffany WiliamsHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:03.23
7thHalle RicheyBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:03.35
8thAJ CoxBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:04.82
9thMichaela WalkerLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:06.66
10thElizabeth AlgeriBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:10.16
11thAlexis RiceBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:11.06
12thMcKayla RamseyLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:11.50
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100 Fly

1stCameron CripeBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final00:52.51
2ndMarisol KarmelLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:03.45
3rdClaire SloderbeckHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:04.16
4thFaith AtkinsonBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:06.53
5thMaddy KarmelLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:08.54
6thLauren McLelandLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:13.38
7thBailey GrisezLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:22.80
8thDaniel KepnerLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:23.85
9thKatie GobelBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:24.10
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100 Back

1stRachel SanqunettiHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:00.11
2ndDrew CornellLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:09.51
3rdMaddy KarmelLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:09.87
4thTiffany WiliamsHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:10.87
5thAllison OsborneHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:11.40
6thMitchell CoxBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:13.27
7thDayne HillLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:13.62
8thLauren McLelandLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:20.95
9thDaniel KepnerLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:22.34
10thMarissa RosenbargerBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:23.64
11thKatie GobelBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:23.66
12thMcKenna NallyBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:40.20
13thBrannyn SpencerLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:43.67
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100 Breast

1stAlex DeBruickerBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:13.45
2ndSharon SevenhuysenBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:16.14
3rdLucy UhrickHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:16.91
4thAlly CardenLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:21.50
5thKassi HardyLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:22.91
6thMack AppletonLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:23.18
7thHalle RicheyBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:23.75
8thNolan SharplessLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:26.56
9thGen TreseHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:26.67
10thAlyssa SaraultBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:27.68
11thCorbin AdamsLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:29.49
12thJaelynn WeaverLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:57.20
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200 Free

1stHannah YoungLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final02:03.10
2ndRyleigh PoeHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:04.77
3rdTanner BowserLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final02:10.93
4thAllison OsborneHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:17.51
5thMadi HaslerHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:19.86
6thHunter MundyLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final02:23.53
7thCameron SondgerathBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final02:24.35
8thKassi HardyLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final02:26.30
9thChai SpencerLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final02:29.06
10thMcKenna WolfLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final02:30.05
11thElizabeth AlgeriBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final02:30.67
12thEmily StoverBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final02:34.23
13thIsabel Crouch-MendozaBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final02:48.11
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200 Individual Medley

1stMarisol KarmelLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final02:23.72
2ndSharon SevenhuysenBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final02:23.89
3rdLucy UhrickHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:28.89
4thAlly CardenLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final02:41.65
5thDrew CornellLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final02:46.53
6thGen TreseHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:49.52
7thAlexis RiceBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final03:00.82
8thNolan SharplessLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final03:03.93
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500 Free

1stRachel SanqunettiHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final05:15.53
2ndRyleigh PoeHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final05:32.47
3rdHannah YoungLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final05:38.65
4thRaeanne BennerBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final06:16.79
5thHunter MundyLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final06:17.79
6thMadi HaslerHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final06:19.73
7thMitchell CoxBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final06:23.11
8thCameron SondgerathBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final06:33.72
9thCorbin AdamsLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final06:49.76
10thMcKenna WolfLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final06:55.93
11thChai SpencerLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final07:00.71
12thIsabel Crouch-MendozaBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final07:27.18
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:42.05
2ndRelay TeamLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:42.48
3rdRelay TeamBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:53.65
4thRelay TeamLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final01:53.78
5thRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:56.94
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:55.33
2ndRelay TeamBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final01:55.53
3rdRelay TeamLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final02:05.37
4thRelay TeamBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final02:07.09
5thRelay TeamLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final02:10.27
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final03:45.53
2ndRelay TeamLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final03:48.11
3rdRelay TeamLewis Cass (Walton, IN)Final03:57.29
4thRelay TeamBenton Central (Oxford, IN)Final04:33.34