Multi Teams @ Fort Collins Pentathlon (Fort Collins, CO)

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 17-18 · 1/4/2018 4:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalPlace
Fossil Ridge3841
Rocky Mountain2432
Fort Collins1793

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stAspen WarnygoraFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final174.10
2ndBrooke SchimmelsFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final163.65
3rdMorgan McCarthyFort Collins (CO)Final0.00
4thAlexia DellingerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final0.00
5thJordyn MoserFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final0.00
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50 Free

1stKylee AlonsFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:23.46
2ndEmily BarrierRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:24.42
3rdColeen GillilanFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:24.52
4thZoe BartelFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:24.95
5thAudrey ReimerFort Collins (CO)Final00:25.26
6thMeredith SmithbakerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.61
7thAmy FrommeRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.64
8thMadeleine MasonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.67
9thBayley StewartFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.99
10thCaraline BakerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.09
11thEmily RinkerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.59
12thEmma HarrisonFort Collins (CO)Final00:26.72
13thMerle WackerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.91
14thPhoebe HueyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.93
15thMarissa DuffyPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.96
16thMahala ErlandsonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.01
17thKristen HamptonPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.06
18thMia StrongFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.06
19thEmma StahlFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.20
20thHadley NelsonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.22
21stGeorgia EwerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.30
22ndSummer SivertsFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.72
23rdKira LelandRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.77
24thRiley GreenFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.78
25thLauren SteinerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.89
26thMadeline DeklevaPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.94
27thSamantha JensenPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.04
28thMadi HunterFort Collins (CO)Final00:28.06
29thJulia RossFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.15
30thAlie McEndafferRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.20
31stChloe BrewerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.24
32ndKaytlyn VanderMeerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.26
33rdZara AlkaffFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.34
34thJulia PetrinoFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.37
35thHannah GilbertPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.38
36thFiona PapileRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.39
37thLeslie GilsdorfRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.49
38thEmily JauchPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.52
39thKaitlin PryorRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.56
40thRiley DowdyFort Collins (CO)Final00:28.57
41stRiley HarrisonFort Collins (CO)Final00:28.57
42ndKara TrombleyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.63
43rdEmily MyersFort Collins (CO)Final00:28.83
44thLydia GensonFort Collins (CO)Final00:28.86
45thKylee RinkerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:29.03
46thMaggie HubbelingFort Collins (CO)Final00:29.04
47thNatalie AndersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:29.32
48thEmma OwensFort Collins (CO)Final00:29.33
49thSammy LeFebvreRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:29.57
50thMaddie ChesherRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:29.65
51stElla WaldronRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:29.77
52ndCameron HunterFort Collins (CO)Final00:29.81
53rdIsabel HenryRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:29.84
54thAlex HillFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:29.95
55thEmily TimmonsFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:29.98
56thIsabel IwanskiRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.10
57thKoral AtkinsonFort Collins (CO)Final00:30.46
58thAimee JohnstonPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.52
59thKathryn PuevFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.58
60thEllie SmithRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.70
61stKaylen NesbittRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.70
62ndElla PetersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.76
63rdMegan RonquilloRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.80
64thAlisha MillerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.91
65thKate MillerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.96
66thMegan PetrillaFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.05
67thAriella BantaFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.08
68thMackenzie LinnenburgerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.11
69thSadie HimotRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.17
70thTaylor MarzolfRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.19
71stRylie DuRantRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.31
72ndAinsley TyreeFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.40
73rdClaire FlippenRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.42
74thAspen KellerFort Collins (CO)Final00:31.46
75thRachael AliceaRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.52
76thSarah NeffRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.54
77thSamantha MyxterFort Collins (CO)Final00:31.54
78thElizabeth CarterFort Collins (CO)Final00:31.57
79thBrynn ScharteFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.60
80thKatie NoblePoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.62
81stAnnabel LasherRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.67
82ndHannah ThiemannFort Collins (CO)Final00:31.68
83rdCale GonzalezFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:32.20
84thAnne BaderFort Collins (CO)Final00:32.26
85thIsabella HathawayFort Collins (CO)Final00:32.73
86thGretchen BohlerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:32.87
87thKeilani DoeringRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:32.97
88thEmily MillerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:33.17
89thMaya ShieldsPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:33.20
90thAlly BecknerFort Collins (CO)Final00:33.37
91stShelby HawkesPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:33.38
92ndAnna CampbellPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:33.38
93rdTess HureauPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:33.60
94thAnna RehmFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:33.82
95thLarissa AlbistonFort Collins (CO)Final00:33.88
96thKate FieselerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:34.11
97thMaggie CarsonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:34.28
98thJessa SalvadorFort Collins (CO)Final00:34.34
99thMcKenna CarterFort Collins (CO)Final00:34.54
100thNicoletta CrucianaPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:35.04
101stMegan LenznerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:35.32
102ndKirra DavisRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:35.33
103rdHaley McBrideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:35.80
104thAudrey MillsRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:36.84
105thHolly AlthauserPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:36.90
106thMolly BallardFort Collins (CO)Final00:36.97
107thAbigail DeinesFort Collins (CO)Final00:37.22
108thSophia WerrenFort Collins (CO)Final00:37.72
109thAyla RiveraPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:39.39
110thEmma GoldrichFort Collins (CO)Final00:39.44
111thMacy KillenFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:40.34
112thKatelyn MuellerFort Collins (CO)Final00:41.31
113thChristina OggPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:45.01
114thMelissa MuellerFort Collins (CO)Final00:45.52
115thCarmen HendersonFort Collins (CO)Final00:47.79
116thHannah ConradRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:49.57
117thLisa SimsFort Collins (CO)Final00:50.15