Pius X @ Lincoln Southwest

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 17-18 · 1/18/2018 4:30 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Pius X65L
Lincoln Southwest121W

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stKatie BurmeisterPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final195.06
2ndPeyton PrussaLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final159.82
3rdEmma DroughtLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final137.84
4thKat BallLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final132.36
5thSarah PfeilerPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final116.17
6thHannah McKeeLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final114.67
7thRochelle BosePius X (Lincoln, NE)Final102.22
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50 Free

1stAnna HeinrichLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:24.60
2ndMarti WalstadLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:26.09
3rdJosie FordLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:26.37
4thReanne ReidaLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:26.66
5thAlly BeckerPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final00:26.69
6thPaiton MartinPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final00:27.43
7thKara OwensPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final00:27.77
8thEmily SchmitPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final00:27.81
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100 Free

1stAlana PalmerLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:52.28
2ndMarti WalstadLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:56.14
3rdAbigail MitchellPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final00:56.90
4thJosie FordLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:56.96
5thAlly BeckerPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final00:58.06
6thEdyn AlstromLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:59.28
7thCori DolanPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final00:59.53
8thCharlotte WelshPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:00.40
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100 Fly

1stKaitlyn WittLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:58.32
2ndGator LunzmannLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:02.01
3rdAnna CoffeyPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:04.99
4thHadley HiattLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:08.61
5thClaire SobanskyPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:12.66
6thTaylor Ferguson-WadeLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:20.52
7thMolly ZuercherPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:25.41
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100 Back

1stBerkeley LivingstonLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:59.23
2ndShelby MullendoreLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:00.91
3rdEsme SippLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:02.99
4thAbigail MitchellPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:03.03
5thKara OwensPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:07.43
6thAbby SodenPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:13.06
7thMolly ZuercherPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:14.57
8thElla FordLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:17.63
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100 Breast

1stCaroline TheilPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:05.02
2ndAnna HeinrichLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:05.96
3rdKatie StonehockerPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:06.15
4thKaitlyn WittLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:08.92
5thMorgan HeastyPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:13.70
6thReanne ReidaLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:17.79
7thClaire WackelPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:27.91
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200 Free

1stShelby MullendoreLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:59.40
2ndGator LunzmannLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:01.01
3rdOlivia TheilPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:02.27
4thAva HeastyPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:07.05
5thEdyn AlstromLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:12.02
6thAnna CoffeyPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:12.69
7thMorgan HeastyPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:12.74
8thEva SchrieberLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:43.13
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200 Individual Medley

1stCaroline TheilPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:04.30
2ndAlana PalmerLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:06.88
3rdKatie StonehockerPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:12.87
4thLanyon MlinekLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:23.12
5thEsme SippLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:23.97
6thCharlotte WelshPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:30.97
7thHadley HiattLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:34.01
8thBrysen GorackePius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:49.65
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500 Free

1stBerkeley LivingstonLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final05:15.54
2ndOlivia TheilPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final05:30.47
3rdLanyon MlinekLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final05:37.97
4thAva HeastyPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final05:39.04
5thEllie McKeeLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final06:43.95
6thSara CisnerosPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final06:45.93
7thLauren EppLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final07:03.38
8thAnna SchmitPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final07:23.69
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:41.50
2ndRelay TeamPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:46.85
3rdRelay TeamPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:52.40
4thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:53.02
5thRelay TeamPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:03.65
6thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:05.72
7thRelay TeamPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:10.52
8thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:13.60
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:46.94
2ndRelay TeamPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final01:51.91
3rdRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:58.95
4thRelay TeamPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:04.51
5thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:08.97
6thRelay TeamPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:10.09
7thRelay TeamPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final02:12.86
8thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:21.35
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final03:42.66
2ndRelay TeamPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final03:50.12
3rdRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final03:58.50
4thRelay TeamPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final04:06.48
5thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final04:30.67
6thRelay TeamPius X (Lincoln, NE)Final04:35.23
7thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final04:49.31