Mullen @ Smoky Hill

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 17-18 · 1/11/2018 5:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Smoky Hill210W

Athletes of the Meet

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stJaclyn SantiagoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final243.50
2ndJulianna ZinisMullen (Denver, CO)Final213.95
3rdElizabeth RussoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final196.15
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50 Free

1stBrieyana WaltonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:25.98
2ndGabrielle ZinisMullen (Denver, CO)Final00:26.77
3rdIvy NewtonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:28.75
4thKendall BergstromSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:28.98
5thJessiy SelbySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:29.13
6thAnarose SchwammMullen (Denver, CO)Final00:29.40
7thPiper NeelySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:30.65
8thSydney MillerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:31.86
9thGrace ReuterMullen (Denver, CO)Final00:32.68
10thKellie BarbierMullen (Denver, CO)Final00:33.86
11thJulia DellaSalleMullen (Denver, CO)Final00:34.65
12thKaitlin KonkelMullen (Denver, CO)Final00:34.71
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100 Free

1stMaggie RobbenSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:56.19
2ndSofia ZinisMullen (Denver, CO)Final00:58.43
3rdGrace YountMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:02.51
4thKendall BergstromSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:03.39
5thMeagan ComptonMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:04.43
6thJessiy SelbySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:04.53
7thShannon StoneMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:08.40
8thPiper NeelySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:09.91
9thJordan MitchellSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:10.98
10thSydney MillerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:11.38
11thEmma HahnMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:12.12
12thMaia MorrisseyMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:25.93
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100 Back

1stNatalie RotondoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:01.21
2ndMicaela ClodeMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:04.43
3rdClaire ChahbandourMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:05.19
4thKristina DomashevichSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:06.62
5thAlexandra DeorioMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:11.94
6thGrace HicksMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:13.19
7thClaire MochanMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:14.43
8thVivian YipSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:14.45
9thJessie ClearyMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:14.58
10thAnnabel FuinaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:24.85
11thAlexa BurnsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:27.52
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100 Fly

1stLindsey SowitchMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:01.76
2ndKristina DomashevichSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:04.15
3rdVickie LiuSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:08.23
4thKelly SaindonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:10.88
5thAnarose SchwammMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:13.22
6thJennifer NanceSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:13.55
7thAnnabel FuinaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:24.36
8thIzzy MelvilleSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:38.96
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100 Breast

1stBrieyana WaltonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:13.11
2ndLindsey SowitchMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:13.50
3rdKatie PowerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:16.97
4thKelly SaindonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:23.11
5thMegan FenwickMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:25.74
6thPayton LehnerzMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:29.25
7thAnna HoytMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:29.91
8thGrace BarlowSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:29.99
9thCass ScottSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:32.03
10thHope KonizeskiMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:32.44
11thBryn MarkeySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:38.72
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200 Free

1stMaggie RobbenSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:02.66
2ndVickie LiuSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:10.54
3rdSofia ZinisMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:13.49
4thGrace JonesSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:24.39
5thAna OldhamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:28.80
6thJordan MitchellSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:28.95
7thPayton LehnerzMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:33.38
8thJill KulbackiMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:38.10
9thChloe CallananMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:42.03
10thArissa PetreeSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:52.08
11thHope KonizeskiMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:52.33
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200 Individual Medley

1stNatalie RotondoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:13.95
2ndClaire ChahbandourMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:17.10
3rdBlythe IversonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:27.17
4thRachel RowlandMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:31.28
5thGenesis CardonaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:37.80
6thEmma LinnMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:39.67
7thJessie ClearyMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:39.79
8thGrace BarlowSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:54.74
9thMaya VazquezSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:56.28
10thAlison SherwoodMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:59.00
11thEmma WilliamsMullen (Denver, CO)Final03:26.38
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500 Free

1stBlythe IversonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final05:41.64
2ndRachel RowlandMullen (Denver, CO)Final05:57.74
3rdGenesis CardonaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:17.99
4thGrace JonesSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:18.72
5thAna OldhamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:42.97
6thAdelaide KennedyMullen (Denver, CO)Final06:53.35
7thMaya VazquezSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:58.47
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:44.46
2ndRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:45.33
3rdRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:58.54
4thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:58.68
5thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:02.46
6thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:07.13
7thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:08.13
8thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:09.19
9thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:29.33
10thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:43.19
11thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:48.69
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final01:54.00
2ndRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:54.52
3rdRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:06.49
4thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:11.29
5thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:17.80
6thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:18.55
7thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:18.88
8thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:19.33
9thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final02:24.00
10thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:27.96
11thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:40.05
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:55.76
2ndRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final04:10.47
3rdRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:11.81
4thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final04:28.98
5thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:36.82
6thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:49.21
7thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final05:32.27
8thRelay TeamMullen (Denver, CO)Final05:36.30
9thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final05:36.72