Valor Christian @ Regis Jesuit

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 17-18 · 1/16/2018 4:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Valor Christian108L
Regis Jesuit207W

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stGigi BeattieValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final256.10
2ndIzzi MrozValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final214.75
3rdAnne KennyRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final206.55
4thAnna JohnsonValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final189.65
5thCassidy JohnsonValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final178.80
6thCara WilliamsRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final152.45
7thOlivia BabtisteRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final146.30
8thSara HigleyRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final126.35
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50 Free

1stJada Surrell-NorwoodRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:24.57
2ndLindsay StenstromValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final00:25.23
3rdRachel HubkaRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:25.58
4thHayley CookRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:26.24
5thCarly BehrendtRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:26.56
6thMary HooverValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final00:26.61
7thMaddy MalloryValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final00:27.24
8thLauren KimValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final00:28.52
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100 Free

1stJada Surrell-NorwoodRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:53.37
2ndMeriel UptonRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:55.17
3rdAriana MitsuokaRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:55.78
4thSummer EdwardsRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:58.64
5thTyler McMonigleValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final00:59.09
6thMary HooverValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final00:59.32
7thMaddy MalloryValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:04.38
8thKatie KessingerValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:05.60
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100 Back

1stParker BileyRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:59.94
2ndMakayla HoehnValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:01.02
3rdDani CarrRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:04.03
4thAbby GonzalesRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:05.20
5thAbby LicoRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:06.86
6thErin McCartyValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:07.33
7thAllie BarwindValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:09.39
8thSam Chavez-SalinasValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:22.76
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100 Fly

1stMakayla HoehnValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:00.21
2ndElla KirschkeValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:00.23
3rdFranna HutchensRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:01.91
4thAva LeegeRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:03.64
5thIzzie CapraRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:03.99
6thHayley CookRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:04.84
7thKarley BennettValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:06.59
8thAllie BarwindValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:07.21
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100 Breast

1stSophia BradacRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:08.28
2ndCourtney ValeRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:12.51
3rdHosanna AmareValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:13.84
4thSummer EdwardsRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:13.85
5thAshley StenstromValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:15.63
6thCatherine BradacRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:15.74
7thRylee EwertValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:15.94
8thKarley BennettValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:20.18
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200 Free

1stMeriel UptonRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:00.27
2ndClaire BrennanRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:04.35
3rdHadley TemplinRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:04.48
4thManna NelsonRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:06.00
5thTyler McMonigleValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:08.88
6thCailin OggValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:13.82
7thErin McCartyValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:15.55
8thHadley JasonValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:32.95
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200 Individual Medley

1stElla KirschkeValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:11.03
2ndParker BileyRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:15.65
3rdSophia BradacRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:16.92
4thAshley StenstromValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:18.50
5thAva LeegeRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:18.80
6thHosanna AmareValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:24.42
7thIzzie CapraRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:25.84
8thRylee EwertValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:26.52
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500 Free

1stManna NelsonRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final05:36.03
2ndIsalina ColsmanRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final05:39.32
3rdLauren OlczakRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final05:43.46
4thAudrey TrainorRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final05:51.11
5thCailin OggValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final06:07.55
6thBella BertiValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final06:29.68
7thLauren KimValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final06:40.85
8thHadley JasonValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final06:49.42
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:39.85
2ndRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:40.35
3rdRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:43.67
4thRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:47.14
5thRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:48.91
6thRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:51.56
7thRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:59.09
8thRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:01.15
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:51.41
2ndRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:52.42
3rdRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:56.09
4thRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:58.46
5thRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:04.66
6thRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:06.85
7thRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:13.53
8thRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:30.15
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final03:40.72
2ndRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final03:45.05
3rdRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final03:54.58
4thRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final03:58.90
5thRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final04:12.25
6thRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final04:20.53
7thRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final04:38.62
8thRelay TeamValor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final04:47.69