Multi Teams @ Rocky Mountain, Greeley West, Fort Collins at Poudre (Fort Collins, CO)

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 17-18 · 12/19/2017 4:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalPlace
Fort Collins
Rocky Mountain
Greeley West

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stMorgan McCarthyFort Collins (CO)Final240.20
2ndBreanna DuranGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final146.85
3rdFiona PapileRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final137.50
4thEmma EddyPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final136.45
5thHannah MillerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final110.35
6thAnna RutledgeGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final109.30
7thSophia ZollPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final108.30
8thJuno JohnsonRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final103.75
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50 Free

1stAmy FrommeRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.03
2ndEmma HarrisonFort Collins (CO)Final00:26.24
3rdMisty HirschFort Collins (CO)Final00:26.50
4thMarissa DuffyPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.94
5thEmily MyersFort Collins (CO)Final00:27.04
6thKaytlyn VanderMeerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.56
7thKira LelandRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.57
8thLauren SteinerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.65
9thLeslie GilsdorfRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.71
10thChloe BrewerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.72
11thRiley HarrisonFort Collins (CO)Final00:27.80
12thMadeline DeklevaPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.13
13thGrace DoernerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:28.13
14thRyleigh GintzRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.21
15thMegan RonquilloRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.30
16thLily SeymourFort Collins (CO)Final00:30.61
17thGretchen BohlerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.95
18thOlivia TufteRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.40
19thBrigid FlorianFort Collins (CO)Final00:31.42
20thCallin NaddyRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.62
21stAnita IbarraGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:31.70
22ndLiz WicoffGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:31.94
23rdEllie ConantPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.99
24thMegan LenznerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:33.09
25thLexee SuttonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:33.57
26thHolly AlthauserPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:34.60
27thAbby LemkeGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:34.66
28thKiara LeydensPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:34.85
29thLily SergiPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:35.22
30thSophia SorboGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:35.59
31stEmily FullerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:35.77
32ndSophia WerrenFort Collins (CO)Final00:37.07
33rdKatie NoblePoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:39.39
34thRiley HoneycutGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:40.34
35thIsabella ApodacaFort Collins (CO)Final00:41.31
36thEmma WhittakerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:45.01
37thLisa SimsFort Collins (CO)Final00:45.59
38thKaitlyn SanchezGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:47.79
39thMelissa MuellerFort Collins (CO)Final00:49.57
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100 Back

1stAudrey ReimerFort Collins (CO)Final00:57.13
2ndEmily BarrierRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.74
3rdEllie SmithRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:07.70
4thEmma DouglassGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:07.70
5thRiley DowdyFort Collins (CO)Final01:07.93
6thKaitlin PryorRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:08.04
7thEmma OwensFort Collins (CO)Final01:08.91
8thHannah RoarkPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:10.25
9thClementine MorisettePoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:11.91
10thKaylen NesbittRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:14.09
11thLiz WicoffGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:17.65
12thAimee JohnstonPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:18.13
13thAnnabel LasherRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:20.37
14thKarlee SparkmanGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:24.12
15thCatherine ConboyFort Collins (CO)Final01:24.80
16thMegan LenznerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:26.56
17thHolly AlthauserPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:27.09
18thCarmen HendersonFort Collins (CO)Final01:27.31
19thMaeghan SouthardRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:29.66
20thShelby HawkesPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:29.91
21stJessa SalvadorFort Collins (CO)Final01:33.11
22ndGrace ChahalGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:34.19
23rdAyla RiveraPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:36.54
24thClaire FlippenRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:37.66
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100 Free

1stKaitlin PryorRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:58.85
2ndSamantha JensenPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:59.07
3rdEmma HarrisonFort Collins (CO)Final00:59.19
4thMisty HirschFort Collins (CO)Final00:59.21
5thAlex EngelhardtRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:01.03
6thKaytlyn VanderMeerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:01.05
7thEmily MyersFort Collins (CO)Final01:01.14
8thEmma SheafferGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:01.99
9thChloe BrewerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:02.31
10thMadeline DeklevaPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:03.71
11thRiley HarrisonFort Collins (CO)Final01:03.97
12thMaddie ChesherRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.56
13thSammy LeFebvreRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.23
14thAnita IbarraGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:08.09
15thLily SeymourFort Collins (CO)Final01:08.32
16thSadie HimotRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:08.39
17thIsabel HenryRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:09.04
18thJessa VanValkenburgRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:09.32
19thLauryn CrittendenGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:09.39
20thEllie ConantPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:09.40
21stMackenzie LinnenburgerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:09.49
22ndShelby HawkesPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:15.85
23rdElizabeth CarterFort Collins (CO)Final01:16.19
24thKirra DavisRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:18.43
25thSophia SorboGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:18.58
26thKiara LeydensPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:23.45
27thSophia WerrenFort Collins (CO)Final01:25.60
28thRiley HoneycutGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:39.40
29thKaitlyn SanchezGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:55.86
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100 Fly

1stMadi HunterFort Collins (CO)Final01:02.20
2ndAmy FrommeRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.01
3rdHannah GilbertPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.38
4thRiley DowdyFort Collins (CO)Final01:07.40
5thLeslie GilsdorfRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:07.71
6thGrace ChahalGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:07.87
7thIsabella HathawayFort Collins (CO)Final01:13.09
8thAnnabel LasherRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:13.28
9thKyra McKinneyGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:14.36
10thNaomi WiemerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:17.95
11thOlivia TufteRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:23.19
12thTess HureauPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:26.06
13thIsabel IwanskiRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:26.07
14thHannah MillerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:28.92
15thSarah NeffRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:29.09
16thChristina OggPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:34.68
17thRachael AliceaRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:35.33
18thEmma WhittakerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:19.76
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100 Breast

1stElise JohnsonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:09.72
2ndEmily JauchPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:11.82
3rdAshley ZhouFort Collins (CO)Final01:16.95
4thCameron HunterFort Collins (CO)Final01:19.63
5thKira LelandRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:21.46
6thKoral AtkinsonFort Collins (CO)Final01:23.30
7thAllie ZappRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:24.46
8thEdie McRobertsRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:25.81
9thTess HureauPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:28.03
10thGretchen BohlerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:28.34
11thAbby LemkeGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:28.52
12thLauryn CrittendenGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:28.53
13thLily SergiPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:29.54
14thAnna CampbellPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:30.44
15thCallin NaddyRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:31.35
16thMaddison MillerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:33.15
17thGretchen QuinlanPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:33.36
18thRylie DuRantRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:33.88
19thMcKenna CarterFort Collins (CO)Final01:34.61
20thDanni WangFort Collins (CO)Final01:34.92
21stLarissa AlbistonFort Collins (CO)Final01:35.65
22ndNicoletta CrucianaPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:35.83
23rdElla WaldronRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:37.11
24thJazzmyn PriceGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:37.88
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200 Free

1stJosie CarpenterGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:00.45
2ndMeredith SmithbakerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:00.56
3rdMadi HunterFort Collins (CO)Final02:05.02
4thSamantha JensenPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:10.43
5thAlie McEndafferRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:17.21
6thLauren SteinerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:17.31
7thMara JohnsonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:18.42
8thAlex EngelhardtRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:21.06
9thIsabel IwanskiRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:22.82
10thEleanor TiptonFort Collins (CO)Final02:22.83
11thGrace DoernerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:24.07
12thHayley BilliotGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:24.52
13thKayla SigmonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:25.79
14thKaylen NesbittRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:31.68
15thKeilani DoeringRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:32.68
16thMaddison MillerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:33.80
17thDanni WangFort Collins (CO)Final02:36.00
18thGretchen QuinlanPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:37.02
19thEdith SteffenhagenPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:38.43
20thAlly BecknerFort Collins (CO)Final02:40.96
21stMaya ShieldsPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:41.27
22ndRylie DuRantRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:42.13
23rdKate FieselerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:42.53
24thAspen KellerFort Collins (CO)Final02:44.36
25thMolly BallardFort Collins (CO)Final02:55.30
26thAmy HainingGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:55.76
27thEmma GoldrichFort Collins (CO)Final03:15.82
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200 Individual Medley

1stEmily BarrierRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:09.09
2ndKristen HamptonPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:20.63
3rdEmily JauchPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:24.22
4thLydia GensonFort Collins (CO)Final02:29.70
5thAllie ZappRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:30.30
6thEmma SheafferGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:31.94
7thHannah GilbertPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:32.94
8thAshley ZhouFort Collins (CO)Final02:34.16
9thHannah RoarkPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:41.40
10thKyra McKinneyGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:41.58
11thEdie McRobertsRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:41.83
12thJessa VanValkenburgRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:47.23
13thElla WaldronRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:50.24
14thAimee JohnstonPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:50.51
15thNaomi WiemerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:58.24
16thSarah NeffRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:58.39
17thAdilyn PrutchRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:59.17
18thKarlee SparkmanGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final03:03.67
19thJazzmyn PriceGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final03:08.58
20thChristina OggPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:19.29
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500 Free

1stJosie CarpenterGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final05:25.08
2ndMeredith SmithbakerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:34.90
3rdKristen HamptonPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:37.90
4thMara JohnsonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final05:57.68
5thEmma DouglassGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final06:16.98
6thClementine MorisettePoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:17.72
7thEleanor TiptonFort Collins (CO)Final06:19.68
8thAlie McEndafferRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:21.37
9thFiona PapileRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:21.70
10thMarissa DuffyPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:22.51
11thKoral AtkinsonFort Collins (CO)Final06:23.96
12thMaya ShieldsPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:24.15
13thKayla SigmonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final06:33.19
14thHayley BilliotGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final06:33.45
15thKate FieselerPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:47.63
16thMeadow AbbittRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:54.06
17thCameron HunterFort Collins (CO)Final07:12.03
18thAudrey MillsRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final07:13.95
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:44.47
2ndRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final01:48.07
3rdRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:48.22
4thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:49.07
5thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:52.05
6thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final01:52.50
7thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:00.82
8thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:02.12
9thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:02.63
10thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:07.79
11thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:09.07
12thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:10.45
13thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final02:10.65
14thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:15.08
15thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final02:15.25
16thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:15.28
17thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final02:19.50
18thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:28.64
19thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:58.18
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final01:56.32
2ndRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:57.52
3rdRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:01.64
4thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:04.09
5thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final02:09.15
6thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:12.64
7thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:13.06
8thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:14.67
9thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final02:18.51
10thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final02:25.77
11thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:26.87
12thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:28.23
13thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:32.76
14thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:41.52
15thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final02:41.72
16thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:42.33
17thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:43.50
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:46.54
2ndRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final03:54.44
3rdRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:56.14
4thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final04:03.58
5thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:04.00
6thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final04:29.14
7thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final04:30.45
8thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:33.76
9thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:34.70
10thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:38.56
11thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:49.81
12thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:56.16
13thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final05:01.34
14thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:05.35
15thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final05:10.60
16thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final05:18.06