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Palo Verde----6
Spring Valley----1

Game Stats

Palo Verde


#Athlete NameGoalsAsstPtsSOGSHT%
Team Totals4481921.053
4White Conner (Jr)123250.000
9Taylor Austin (Jr)11250.000
20Milosevic Jojo (So)3.000
23Turner Andrew (So)1.000
24White James (So)11250.000
25J. Dakota (So)111.000
33Parks Chase (Jr)11616.667
40Grant Jordon (Fr)112.000
Palo Verde


#Athlete NameGBINTTAUE
Team Totals12
2S. Brenden (So)1
4White Conner (Jr)1
7W. Dominique (Jr)1
9Taylor Austin (Jr)3
20Milosevic Jojo (So)2
24White James (So)2
27Nitti Johnny (So)2
Palo Verde


#Athlete NameMinGAGAASOG
Team Totals4811.0004
30Divane Connor (So)4811.0004
Palo Verde

#Athlete NameSVsSV%SOWLT
Team Totals3.750
30Divane Connor (So)3.750
Spring Valley has not entered any stats for this game.