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Barron Collier----2

Game Story

Florida High School Lacrosse - Lake Highland Prep bounces Collier

(February 13, 2010: Orlando, FL 32803) The Lake Highland Prep Highlanders lacrosse squad scored 16 points and held the visiting Collier Cougars to 2 in the Highlanders non-league triumph on Saturday.

The Highlanders (2-0) will now prepare for their match against Olympia (Orlando, FL). The Titans go into the District 7 match with a 1-0 record. In their last match, Olympia prevailed over Wekiva (Apopka, FL), 14-2, in a non-league match.

The Cougars (0-1) will now prepare for their match against Naples (Naples, FL). The Golden Eagles go into the non-league match with a 1-0 record.

Game Stats

Lake Highland Prep


#Athlete NameGoalsAsstPtsSOGSHT%
Team Totals1662222.727
2Quint Schenck (Sr)1.000
3Eric Johnson (Jr)111100.000
7Will Rotatori (Jr)4374100.000
10N. St. Laurent (Jr)333100.000
12Gibson McDaniel (Jr)1.000
13Morgan Clark (Jr)224450.000
18Brian Rotatori (Sr)333100.000
19Billy Ziegler (Jr)1.000
21George Eidson (So)1.000
23Malcolm Clayton (So)111100.000
27Rhodes Wall (Jr)11
31C. Bernatavitz (Jr)222100.000
Lake Highland Prep


#Athlete NameGBINTTAUE
Team Totals38310
1Jake Raiken (Sr)41
2Quint Schenck (Sr)312
3Eric Johnson (Jr)2
5Grant Phillips (Jr)1
6Conner Werner (Jr)11
7Will Rotatori (Jr)31
10N. St. Laurent (Jr)1
12Gibson McDaniel (Jr)11
13Morgan Clark (Jr)1
17Winston Taylor (Jr)2
18Brian Rotatori (Sr)1
20Tommy Maroon (Sr)311
21George Eidson (So)1
22Sam Grace (Jr)1
23Malcolm Clayton (So)21
24Davis Anderson (So)4
27Rhodes Wall (Jr)21
31C. Bernatavitz (Jr)1
35Martin Toole (Jr)3
42Tanner Schenck (Jr)1
45Cody Prizer (So)11
Lake Highland Prep


#Athlete NameFWFAFO%
Team Totals1620.800
17Winston Taylor (Jr)1250.000
18Brian Rotatori (Sr)5683.333
23Malcolm Clayton (So)44100.000
24Davis Anderson (So)5683.333
26Robby Romagnoli (So)1250.000
Lake Highland Prep


#Athlete NameMinGAGAASOG
Team Totals27
14Warren Berenis (Jr)27
Lake Highland Prep

#Athlete NameSVsSV%SOWLT
Team Totals5.7141
14Warren Berenis (Jr)5.7141
Barron Collier has not entered any stats for this game.