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3/24 @ 5p1234567RHE
Chula Vista010104-682

Coaches Summary

Game Summary

Just a few mental errors,from this game we will learn from and go forward. Couple line drives that double us up and took us out of three innings.

Game Story

California High School Softball - Chula Vista Linfield Christian

(March 24, 2011: Chula Vista, CA 91911) The Chula Vista Spartans the visiting Linfield Christian Lions softball squad by a final score of 6-3 in Thursday's non-league battle.

The Spartans (4-0) will now prepare for their battle against Imperial (Imperial, CA). The Tigers go into the non-league battle with a 1-1 record. In their last battle, Imperial was routed by Valley Center (Valley Center, CA), 2-0, in a non-league battle.

The Lions now possess a 6-4 record. They play next when they travel to Imperial for a non-league battle on Saturday, March 26.

Game Stats

Linfield Christian


#Athlete NameAvgPAABRHRBI
Team Totals.2802725373
2Breezy Bernard (Sr).66733121
3C. Honeycutt (Jr)33
4Molly Paschall (Fr)311
5Alec Bender (Sr).667332
9A. Mccrea (Sr).6673312
10Bria Bissell (Sr)33
11N. Robertson (Fr).3333311
21Carley Merlo (Sr)33
24Carlyn Barker (So)331
Linfield Christian

#Athlete Name2B3BHRSFSH/BBB
Team Totals111
4Molly Paschall (Fr)11
5Alec Bender (Sr)1
Linfield Christian

Team Totals125.296.320
2Breezy Bernard (Sr).667.667
4Molly Paschall (Fr)1.333.000
5Alec Bender (Sr)1.6671.000
9A. Mccrea (Sr)1.667.667
10Bria Bissell (Sr)11.000.000
11N. Robertson (Fr).333.333
21Carley Merlo (Sr)111.000.000
Linfield Christian


Team Totals1.0001818
2Breezy Bernard (Sr)1.00022
4Molly Paschall (Fr)1.00066
5Alec Bender (Sr)1.00044
11N. Robertson (Fr)1.00011
12Emilee Mason (Sr)1.00011
21Carley Merlo (Sr)1.00044
Linfield Christian


Team Totals7.0011
24Carlyn Barker (So)7.0011
Linfield Christian

#Athlete NameIPHRERBBK
Team Totals68661
24Carlyn Barker (So)68661
Linfield Christian

#Athlete Name2B3BHRBFAB
Team Totals12826
24Carlyn Barker (So)12826
Linfield Christian

Team Totals.308.3332171
24Carlyn Barker (So).308.3332171
Chula Vista has not entered any stats for this game.