Cherry Creek @ Regis Jesuit

Boys Varsity Swimming Spring 17-18 · 4/10/2018 4:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Cherry Creek121L
Regis Jesuit172W

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stEthan GreenCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final86.15
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50 Free

1stBen ArvenitisRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:23.33
2ndMax HendenCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final00:23.84
3rdJake LazarCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final00:23.90
4thRyan TierneyRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:24.25
5thBlake JorgensCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final00:24.47
6thRyan ToohillRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:24.47
7thNick AmesRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:24.52
8thJackson SchusterCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final00:25.38
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100 Free

1stZack LazarCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final00:52.70
2ndJake LazarCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final00:53.58
3rdRoberto BerkowitzCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final00:53.84
4thJohn BarryRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:54.14
5thBen ArvenitisRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:54.98
6thDavid MartinRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:55.59
7thWill McMahanCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final00:55.66
8thJacob BarshayRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:55.90
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100 Fly

1stMatthew RusakevichCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final00:57.21
2ndWilliam AdamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final00:58.24
3rdSean ZoellnerRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:58.30
4thWyatt HowertonCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final00:58.42
5thRyan TierneyRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:59.58
6thMitchell WatkinsCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:00.06
7thKenobi KinchRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:00.89
8thRyan ToohillRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:01.69
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100 Back

1stJohn DennenRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final00:58.77
2ndWill DravenstottCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:01.37
3rdJohn MillerCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:01.94
4thJohn BarryRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:02.20
5thMax HendenCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:02.46
6thMatthew FrazierRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:04.66
7thLucas FrazierRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:06.24
8thThomas MolyneuxCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:07.04
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100 Breast

1stBilly MottramRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:03.56
2ndHenry BatsonCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:05.16
3rdMitchell WatkinsCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:05.93
4thConnor MartinRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:06.32
5thJulien BerubeCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:07.47
6thTim HutamaRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:08.34
7thWill McMahanCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:08.70
8thNick AmesRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:09.90
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200 Free

1stWalker KurtzRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:55.61
2ndJackson WillRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:56.74
3rdConnor HodesRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:59.90
4thCole DenchfieldCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:59.93
5thSam HimelRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:04.73
6thRyan StephensCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final02:10.27
7thDevin SextonCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final02:16.89
8thPranav SubramanianCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final02:35.82
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200 Individual Medley

1stLuke BaldwinRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:07.12
2ndJoseph ReiffCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final02:08.20
3rdJohn DennenRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:09.07
4thTim HutamaRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:11.90
5thGavin WillRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final02:16.92
6thHenry BatsonCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final02:18.60
7thJohn MillerCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final02:19.61
8thNathan MiaoCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final02:22.04
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500 Free

1stJackson WillRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final05:13.27
2ndWalker KurtzRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final05:17.41
3rdChris LongRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final05:31.68
4thSam HimelRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final05:40.92
5thCole DenchfieldCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final05:41.44
6thAidan CampbellCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final06:06.26
7thBrandon JacobsCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final06:09.27
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:37.16
2ndRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:38.13
3rdRelay TeamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:38.18
4thRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:41.85
5thRelay TeamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:42.67
6thRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:44.75
7thRelay TeamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:49.74
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:47.10
2ndRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:49.56
3rdRelay TeamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:50.58
4thRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:53.46
5thRelay TeamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:53.55
6thRelay TeamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final01:57.13
7thRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final01:59.74
8thRelay TeamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final02:02.23
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final03:37.70
2ndRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final03:41.86
3rdRelay TeamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final03:46.81
4thRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final03:49.37
5thRelay TeamRegis Jesuit (Aurora, CO)Final03:50.86
6thRelay TeamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final03:55.47
7thRelay TeamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final04:00.36
8thRelay TeamCherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)Final04:19.73