Cheyenne Mountain @ Pine Creek

Boys Varsity Swimming Spring 17-18 · 3/20/2018 Time TBA
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Cheyenne Mountain57L
Pine Creek128W

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stMatthew ShermanPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final10.4190.70
2ndRyan LeachCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final180.55
3rdDylan ApicelloPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final10.9178.15
4thKaden AshworthPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final8.7133.20
5thJake StarkCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final96.00
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50 Free

1stNicholas ShermanPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:21.32
2ndChristian ModenCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:23.55
3rdCaleb ClarkPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:24.21
4thJohn BerryCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:28.73
5thKevin PrentissPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:31.83
6thJackson GilbertPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:33.58
7thPeter WilhelmPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:34.00
8thAndre de la VallettePine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:34.86
9thAndrew YiCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:36.29
10thPorter BabcockPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:38.55
11thZachary HallPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:50.31
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100 Breast

1stNicholas ShermanPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:59.11
2ndEthan WichPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:09.25
3rdAnthony QianCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:21.70
4thDylan ApicelloPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:26.12
5thEddie HaywardCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:30.72
6thMatthew ShermanPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:31.50
7thRyder BabcockPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:33.39
8thPeter WilhelmPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:41.01
9thSkyler HenryPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:45.78
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100 Free

1stCarsten ErlanderCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:00.73
2ndKaiden WilsonPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:01.18
3rdConnor WilsonPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:06.11
4thJohn BerryCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:09.56
5thGavin McGeePine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:10.44
6thDavid MastinCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:11.17
7thKevin PrentissPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:18.29
8thPorter BabcockPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:23.90
9thAndre de la VallettePine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:27.82
10thSkyler HenryPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:30.85
11thZachary HallPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:16.45
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100 Back

1stNoe DietzPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:01.63
2ndJuwon HongCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:02.22
3rdAndrew WilhelmPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:12.41
4thEvan BranhamCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:13.04
5thIan WhitePine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:16.81
6thKaden AshworthPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:28.34
7thJackson GilbertPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:33.46
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100 Fly

1stRyan SchusterPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:04.47
2ndJuwon HongCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:04.63
3rdEvan BranhamCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:11.68
4thCaden McDowellPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:30.20
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200 Free

1stAndrew BellPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:54.58
2ndRyan SeaquistPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:06.91
3rdJonathan HollomanPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:11.65
4thCarsten ErlanderCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:18.63
5thAndrew WilhelmPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:24.48
6thRitarka SamantaCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:25.29
7thNicholas OgdenPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:25.50
8thDavid MastinCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:39.58
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200 Individual Medley

1stEthan WichPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:17.84
2ndRyan SchusterPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:21.36
3rdNoe DietzPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:27.62
4thAnthony QianCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:28.28
5thRyan LeachCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:35.24
6thJake StarkCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:38.13
7thIan WhitePine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:45.65
8thCaden McDowellPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:55.18
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500 Free

1stAndrew BellPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final05:13.63
2ndChristian ModenCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final05:24.63
3rdRyan SeaquistPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final05:45.78
4thJonathan HollomanPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final06:09.29
5thNicholas OgdenPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final06:42.40
6thRitarka SamantaCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final06:42.47
7thEddie HaywardCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final06:45.11
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:42.23
2ndRelay TeamCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:49.02
3rdRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:50.79
4thRelay TeamCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:05.65
5thRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:10.13
6thRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:39.44
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:45.30
2ndRelay TeamCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:48.12
3rdRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:00.48
4thRelay TeamCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:21.20
5thRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final03:06.69
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final03:34.87
2ndRelay TeamCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final03:56.04
3rdRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final04:14.44
4thRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final04:34.96
5thRelay TeamCheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, CO)Final04:42.17
6thRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final05:36.06