George Washington @ Denver East

Boys Varsity Swimming Spring 17-18 · 4/26/2018 Time TBA
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
George Washington93L
Denver East129W

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stWill ShellhornGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final221.25
2ndJack SchultzDenver East (Denver, CO)Final180.30
3rdAlex ZonkaDenver East (Denver, CO)Final177.55
4thTavonne JohnsonDenver East (Denver, CO)Final129.80
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50 Free

1stLucas TaliaferroGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final00:24.62
2ndJamie RogersDenver East (Denver, CO)Final00:25.10
3rdEvan VanHornDenver East (Denver, CO)Final00:25.21
4thBenjamin ParentGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final00:25.30
5thColin DonovanGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final00:25.64
6thLuke BowenDenver East (Denver, CO)Final00:25.87
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100 Free

1stRyer LauthDenver East (Denver, CO)Final00:51.99
2ndVanden VicarsGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final00:54.01
3rdJamie RogersDenver East (Denver, CO)Final00:55.89
4thColin DonovanGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final00:57.15
5thLuke BowenDenver East (Denver, CO)Final00:59.53
6thHenry ShugartGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:02.92
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100 Fly

1stSaylor BenesDenver East (Denver, CO)Final00:55.83
2ndWill DraperGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final00:55.97
3rdLucas TaliaferroGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:03.25
4thClay HostettlerDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:05.41
5thWalker YoungDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:07.53
6thHenry WaldstreicherGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:22.50
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100 Back

1stJohan DellgrenDenver East (Denver, CO)Final00:59.29
2ndSam ModesittGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:02.86
3rdRyer LauthDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:05.02
4thRyan FreedmanGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:17.29
5thHayes BenensonGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:28.97
6thZachary KarantounisDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:31.00
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100 Breast

1stEvan VanHornDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:08.95
2ndEmerson KroppDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:14.62
3rdDaniel VesselovskiiGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:16.81
4thJohn RobertsDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:25.21
5thRyan ArifGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:27.44
6thCharlie WeilGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:40.97
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200 Free

1stEthan BeatyDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:59.93
2ndVanden VicarsGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final02:00.10
3rdCharlie LinkGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final02:18.87
4thSpencer MizeDenver East (Denver, CO)Final02:33.91
5thHayes BenensonGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final02:41.48
6thJohn RobertsDenver East (Denver, CO)Final02:43.19
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200 Individual Medley

1stJohan DellgrenDenver East (Denver, CO)Final02:12.27
2ndClay HostettlerDenver East (Denver, CO)Final02:23.94
3rdDaniel VesselovskiiGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final02:23.94
4thSam ModesittGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final02:27.80
5thEmerson KroppDenver East (Denver, CO)Final02:29.79
6thCharlie WeilGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final02:47.48
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500 Free

1stSaylor BenesDenver East (Denver, CO)Final05:23.54
2ndEthan BeatyDenver East (Denver, CO)Final05:39.62
3rdBenjamin ParentGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final05:41.83
4thRyan FreedmanGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final06:00.39
5thCharlie LinkGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final06:06.70
6thSpencer MizeDenver East (Denver, CO)Final06:15.25
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:39.07
2ndRelay TeamDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:39.30
3rdRelay TeamDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:51.18
4thRelay TeamGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:54.15
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:46.50
2ndRelay TeamGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final01:51.83
3rdRelay TeamDenver East (Denver, CO)Final01:56.94
4thRelay TeamGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final02:12.78
5thRelay TeamDenver East (Denver, CO)Final02:17.23
6thRelay TeamGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final02:17.32
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamDenver East (Denver, CO)Final03:41.16
2ndRelay TeamGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final03:50.19
3rdRelay TeamDenver East (Denver, CO)Final04:25.34
4thRelay TeamGeorge Washington (Denver, CO)Final04:39.18