Multi Teams @ Fort Collins, Loveland, and Rocky Mountain at Fossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)

Boys Varsity Swimming Spring 17-18 · 4/17/2018 4:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalPlace
Fort Collins
Rocky Mountain
Fossil Ridge

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stJames GreenupLoveland (CO)Final250.35
2ndJosh BallFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final215.60
3rdWalker NesbittRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final189.30
4thCross BurchettFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final155.15
5thDanny KovacFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final129.95
6thBeau BrantleyLoveland (CO)Final0.00
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50 Free

1stLucius GaoFort Collins (CO)Final00:22.56
2ndJack MillerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:22.57
3rdKnox WilliamsFort Collins (CO)Final00:23.23
4thJakob BorrmanLoveland (CO)Final00:23.29
5thWylie KruseRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:23.34
6thLars WorlundFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:23.50
7thDeven GogartyLoveland (CO)Final00:24.29
8thJared WrightRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:24.44
9thChristian ConradyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:24.55
10thMatyi MayoFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.08
11thCarter LodatoFort Collins (CO)Final00:25.27
12thKai HolmFort Collins (CO)Final00:25.32
13thRowan StegerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.39
14thSam GrebenerFort Collins (CO)Final00:25.42
15thSasa CosenzaRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.92
16thHudson CroppFort Collins (CO)Final00:26.14
17thJames MartinezFort Collins (CO)Final00:26.26
18thAidan RowanLoveland (CO)Final00:26.81
19thJadon HaleFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.69
20thIsaac CircenisLoveland (CO)Final00:28.35
21stNicholas ChappellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.67
22ndAdam SixLoveland (CO)Final00:29.18
23rdEthan KleinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:29.30
24thAshton HuberFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:29.65
25thJonathan ThorntonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.52
26thMichael BakerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:35.62
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100 Free

1stSawyer KruseRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:48.92
2ndLars WorlundFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:49.26
3rdJohn WalgastRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:51.71
4thAlex HendersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:52.69
5thEthan EngelhardtFort Collins (CO)Final00:53.07
6thCarter NeroRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:53.30
7thJack CurtisLoveland (CO)Final00:53.57
8thIan DoddsFort Collins (CO)Final00:53.71
9thMatthew DennisLoveland (CO)Final00:54.35
10thKnox WilliamsFort Collins (CO)Final00:54.62
11thPaul McBrideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:54.72
12thAshton LyonLoveland (CO)Final00:55.18
13thBryce HenryFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:55.30
14thCarter LodatoFort Collins (CO)Final00:56.28
15thKylan JinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:57.02
16thAnton MoritzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:58.78
17thLiam O'MalleyRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:59.26
18thDawson WhittakerLoveland (CO)Final00:59.36
19thJoshua RobertsonLoveland (CO)Final00:59.59
20thJosh ThorntonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:00.86
21stMax BallardFort Collins (CO)Final01:02.79
22ndJackson BenzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:02.94
23rdSeth MillerLoveland (CO)Final01:02.97
24thParker HeisermanFort Collins (CO)Final01:08.08
25thTristin GarnerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:10.61
26thJonathan ThorntonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:18.56
27thMichael BakerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:20.89
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100 Fly

1stJack MillerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:53.28
2ndGabe MartinezFort Collins (CO)Final00:53.49
3rdRichard DauksherFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:53.93
4thZach BartelFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:55.90
5thLogan RandallRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:58.53
6thDaniel TurnerLoveland (CO)Final00:58.83
7thXander JohnsonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:58.85
8thCole MasonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:00.18
9thIndiana StevingLoveland (CO)Final01:00.80
10thJoe SeibertFort Collins (CO)Final01:02.63
11thAidan DuncanLoveland (CO)Final01:03.25
12thRowan StegerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:04.47
13thEthan OttoFort Collins (CO)Final01:04.61
14thNate PeeblesRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.30
15thWyatt RokkeRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.57
16thDonovan JonesFort Collins (CO)Final01:08.84
17thGuangxin LiuFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:09.34
18thShane WebbFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:11.07
19thAdam SixLoveland (CO)Final01:17.60
20thLandon TannerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:42.97
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100 Back

1stWylie KruseRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:54.53
2ndGabe MartinezFort Collins (CO)Final00:56.40
3rdJake RoweRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:56.43
4thMatt GeraghtyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:56.89
5thMax HunterFort Collins (CO)Final00:58.74
6thArnold PfahnlFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:59.32
7thRyan RandallRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:00.15
8thMatyi MayoFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:01.85
9thCole MasonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:02.02
10thWyatt RokkeRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:02.99
11thAvery NevinsRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:03.25
12thJack CurtisLoveland (CO)Final01:06.29
13thLucas CollinsFort Collins (CO)Final01:07.22
14thDawson WhittakerLoveland (CO)Final01:07.86
15thGuangxin LiuFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:08.47
16thSol FritzLoveland (CO)Final01:09.42
17thHudson CroppFort Collins (CO)Final01:09.93
18thParker HeisermanFort Collins (CO)Final01:16.64
19thNicholas ChappellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:25.54
20thJameson HillFort Collins (CO)Final01:27.03
21stKiron BlazekLoveland (CO)Final01:27.03
22ndEthan KleinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:28.04
23rdTristin GarnerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:34.39
24thChristian PfeifferFort Collins (CO)Final01:47.23
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100 Breast

1stDaniel TurnerLoveland (CO)Final01:01.21
2ndRichard DauksherFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:03.28
3rdLucius GaoFort Collins (CO)Final01:03.94
4thCole GloverFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.75
5thConner LofstromRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.25
6thChristian ConradyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.32
7thBrendon PeaseFort Collins (CO)Final01:06.72
8thJakob BorrmanLoveland (CO)Final01:07.79
9thLogan RandallRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:08.25
10thGavin QuinlanLoveland (CO)Final01:08.41
11thTed KimFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:11.26
12thAndrew OttoFort Collins (CO)Final01:11.66
13thJoe SeibertFort Collins (CO)Final01:11.79
14thBryce HenryFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:12.26
15thNolan WilsonFort Collins (CO)Final01:15.82
16thSasa CosenzaRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:15.90
17thJonah DuranRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:17.31
18thJoey ElsonRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:17.46
19thAidan RowanLoveland (CO)Final01:17.99
20thAvery BendFort Collins (CO)Final01:19.64
21stWesley TurtscherRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:20.82
22ndShane WebbFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:22.09
23rdJames MartinezFort Collins (CO)Final01:22.25
24thJosh WellsLoveland (CO)Final01:25.05
25thAshton HuberFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:28.62
26thIain MagruderLoveland (CO)Final01:31.62
27thWill Keenan-HarteLoveland (CO)Final01:34.14
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200 Free

1stDanny KovacFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:42.98
2ndSawyer KruseRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:47.45
3rdJonah HoltFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:49.51
4thZach BartelFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:49.61
5thJohn WalgastRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:51.92
6thEthan OttoFort Collins (CO)Final01:54.04
7thSasha ChappellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:57.09
8thCarter NeroRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:57.79
9thIan DoddsFort Collins (CO)Final01:58.00
10thAshton LyonLoveland (CO)Final01:58.83
11thEthan EngelhardtFort Collins (CO)Final01:58.91
12thNate PeeblesRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:05.03
13thDonovan JonesFort Collins (CO)Final02:05.78
14thConnor LindgrenLoveland (CO)Final02:09.71
15thLucas CollinsFort Collins (CO)Final02:10.77
16thAvery BendFort Collins (CO)Final02:13.17
17thWesley TurtscherRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:16.65
18thJackson BenzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:17.59
19thIsaac CircenisLoveland (CO)Final02:18.67
20thSeth MillerLoveland (CO)Final02:20.18
21stJosh ThorntonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:22.97
22ndJosh WellsLoveland (CO)Final02:24.64
23rdLandon TannerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:36.47
24thIain MagruderLoveland (CO)Final02:41.32
25thTalvin GorekLoveland (CO)Final02:44.62
26thChristian PfeifferFort Collins (CO)Final03:45.19
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200 Individual Medley

1stMatt GeraghtyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:59.11
2ndCole GloverFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:03.32
3rdConner LofstromRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:04.39
4thJake RoweRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:06.72
5thMax HunterFort Collins (CO)Final02:07.39
6thBrendon PeaseFort Collins (CO)Final02:07.54
7thAlex HendersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:08.63
8thGavin QuinlanLoveland (CO)Final02:10.75
9thRyan RandallRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:18.11
10thTed KimFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:18.76
11thKylan JinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:18.76
12thAvery NevinsRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:19.11
13thPaul McBrideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:20.82
14thPrice SchaefferFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:22.47
15thJosh GoodrichFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:23.01
16thAidan DuncanLoveland (CO)Final02:23.10
17thAnton MoritzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:25.46
18thJoshua RobertsonLoveland (CO)Final02:32.27
19thJonah DuranRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:37.19
20thMax BallardFort Collins (CO)Final02:41.90
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500 Free

1stJonah HoltFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:08.91
2ndBen ChupikRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:19.80
3rdDeven GogartyLoveland (CO)Final05:20.09
4thXander JohnsonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:28.79
5thJared WrightRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:30.40
6thSasha ChappellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:31.16
7thAndrew OttoFort Collins (CO)Final05:38.91
8thJosh GoodrichFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:55.66
9thJoey ElsonRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:00.79
10thKai HolmFort Collins (CO)Final06:02.38
11thSam GrebenerFort Collins (CO)Final06:03.30
12thPrice SchaefferFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:15.80
13thNolan WilsonFort Collins (CO)Final06:15.81
14thJadon HaleFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:50.63
15thBrayden BuzzettaFort Collins (CO)Final06:50.83
16thJameson HillFort Collins (CO)Final06:56.76
17thWill Keenan-HarteLoveland (CO)Final07:23.46
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:29.00
2ndRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:29.89
3rdRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:33.53
4thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final01:34.13
5thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:36.05
6thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:41.41
7thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final01:44.88
8thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final01:45.54
9thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:47.32
10thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final01:47.33
11thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:50.89
12thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final01:52.30
13thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final01:54.40
14thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final01:59.04
15thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:01.11
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:39.04
2ndRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:40.69
3rdRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final01:42.03
4thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:43.64
5thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final01:44.90
6thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:47.62
7thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final01:48.31
8thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:48.89
9thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final01:55.00
10thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:59.44
11thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final01:59.48
12thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final02:02.59
13thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final02:03.53
14thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:09.70
15thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final02:17.45
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:13.52
2ndRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:25.10
3rdRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:29.38
4thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final03:34.48
5thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:41.54
6thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:42.89
7thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final03:43.58
8thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final03:46.06
9thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:56.19
10thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:02.41
11thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final04:07.95
12thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:20.01
13thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final04:24.74
14thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:27.44
15thRelay TeamFort Collins (CO)Final04:38.88
16thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final04:41.53