Fossil Ridge @ Greeley West

Boys Varsity Swimming Spring 17-18 · 3/27/2018 3:30 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Fossil Ridge118W
Greeley West59L

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stGannon PercyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final256.35
2ndJosh BallFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final196.75
3rdCross BurchettFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final141.30
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50 Free

1stLars WorlundFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:23.76
2ndXander JohnsonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:23.94
3rdOwen SpoonerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:24.35
4thSasha ChappellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:24.48
5thAndrew KitzmanGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:24.84
6thLiam SartiFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.10
7thHunter BradfordFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.38
8thAnton MoritzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.48
9thTed KimFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.88
10thChristian BacaGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:26.01
11thCaden GillmoreGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:27.48
12thJack PattersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.78
13thCaleb CollinsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:32.29
14thJakob ScofieldGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:32.60
15thMatthew SuntkenGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:32.77
16thAlex PorterGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:38.32
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100 Free

1stDanny KovacFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:46.90
2ndNathan KenigsbergGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:48.58
3rdRichard DauksherFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:48.63
4thZach BartelFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:50.88
5thJeramy GarbisoGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:53.00
6thMatyi MayoFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:54.25
7thAndrew KitzmanGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:57.59
8thPrice SchaefferFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:00.46
9thNicholas ChappellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:08.39
10thAshton HuberFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:09.44
11thAidan LesserGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:10.72
12thJakob ScofieldGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:13.27
13thKyle YamadaGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:15.27
14thZeus ManzanaresGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:21.14
15thAlex PorterGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:23.47
16thHunter FrerichsFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:24.06
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100 Back

1stDanny KovacFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:52.54
2ndNathan KenigsbergGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:55.74
3rdJosh LeeFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:59.86
4thEthan CollinsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:04.78
5thJeramy GarbisoGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:04.83
6thKylan JinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:07.26
7thAnton MoritzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:08.64
8thChristian BacaGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:10.84
9thEllis HaydenGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:15.56
10thCaleb CollinsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:15.90
11thTrey CarbajalGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:23.70
12thLandon TannerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:26.47
13thJadon HaleFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:31.90
14thNicholas ChappellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:33.16
15thMatthew SuntkenGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:36.30
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100 Fly

1stMatt GeraghtyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:52.84
2ndJonah HoltFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:53.81
3rdCooper MaloneGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:59.03
4thBaylor CobbGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:59.22
5thJosh LeeFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:00.50
6thArnold PfahnlFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:00.78
7thWyatt SandsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:01.33
8thCaden GillmoreGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:02.39
9thJosh GoodrichFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.85
10thTed KimFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.97
11thJackson BradfordFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:08.99
12thEllis HaydenGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:11.21
13thJackson BenzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:12.77
14thTrey CarbajalGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:23.98
15thZeus ManzanaresGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:27.34
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100 Breast

1stDrake ManuelloGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:00.45
2ndCole MasonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:03.25
3rdMatyi MayoFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:03.70
4thBaylor LewisGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:03.80
5thJosh ThorntonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.89
6thBaylor CobbGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:09.27
7thBryce HenryFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:12.66
8thJacob MagnusonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:16.08
9thJackson BenzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:19.60
10thGuangxin LiuFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:20.40
11thAustin SharrahGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:20.66
12thShane WebbFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:24.46
13thJonathan ThorntonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:28.81
14thDarrian MunizGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:33.35
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200 Free

1stMatt GeraghtyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:45.62
2ndJackson WuthrichGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:48.17
3rdJonah HoltFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:50.98
4thCole MasonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:54.54
5thWyatt SandsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:54.69
6thCooper MaloneGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:55.53
7thRyan WallickFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:56.89
8thJosh GoodrichFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:05.72
9thJackson BradfordFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:10.10
10thGuangxin LiuFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:15.08
11thIan FranzGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:23.46
12thJadon HaleFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:33.07
13thTyler LawrenceGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:41.79
14thAidan LesserGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:47.03
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200 Individual Medley

1stRichard DauksherFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:56.59
2ndDrake ManuelloGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:56.85
3rdZach BartelFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:03.53
4thAlex HendersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:06.96
5thChristian ConradyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:07.22
6thBaylor LewisGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:07.37
7thKylan JinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:22.01
8thBryce HenryFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:23.43
9thEthan CollinsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:24.07
10thJosh ThorntonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:30.32
11thJacob MagnusonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:41.91
12thAustin SharrahGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:46.24
13thEthan KleinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:53.65
14thDarrian MunizGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:56.53
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500 Free

1stJackson WuthrichGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final05:02.72
2ndAlex HendersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:05.92
3rdOwen SpoonerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final05:10.65
4thChristian ConradyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:10.72
5thRyan WallickFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:14.56
6thLiam SartiFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:33.24
7thSasha ChappellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:45.65
8thHunter BradfordFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:50.74
9thPaul McBrideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:51.61
10thIan FranzGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final06:40.38
11thEthan KleinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final07:07.57
12thTyler LawrenceGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final08:01.86
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:30.40
2ndRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:37.50
3rdRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:37.64
4thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:40.09
5thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:41.55
6thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:41.71
7thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:51.27
8thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:55.69
9thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:06.95
10thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:12.26
11thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:16.74
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:40.13
2ndRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:42.60
3rdRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:46.25
4thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:48.91
5thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:54.45
6thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:55.79
7thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:01.82
8thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:20.08
9thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:20.23
10thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:26.57
11thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:38.59
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:13.16
2ndRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final03:28.48
3rdRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:31.26
4thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:41.13
5thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final03:41.23
6thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:52.69
7thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final04:21.62