Grandview @ Smoky Hill

Boys Varsity Swimming Spring 17-18 · 3/22/2018 5:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Smoky Hill8128W

Athletes of the Meet

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stTimothy DomashevichSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final273.15
2ndNoah BishopGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final265.60
3rdAntonio Vigil-HarrisonGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final255.75
4thSeth WellsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final241.15
5thBen ZahalkaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final143.90
6thNikolas MaestasSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final128.40
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50 Free

1stJordan ScottSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:22.94
2ndRyan LeeGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final00:24.43
3rdSimon OrhaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:24.49
4thNick WalsethSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:24.52
5thWilliam BennettGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final00:24.92
6thDevyn WaltonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:25.49
7thJeffrey MatneyGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final00:25.57
8thBen ZahalkaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:25.76
9thNolan MyersSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:26.59
10thAnthony NguyenGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final00:26.63
11thAaryn MathaisGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final00:28.25
12thYeudiel GarciaGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final00:28.27
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100 Free

1stTylen PhillipsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:48.47
2ndCobi WoodGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final00:48.55
3rdSimon OrhaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:54.28
4thStephen HenningGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final00:54.42
5thNick WalsethSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:56.84
6thJeffrey MatneyGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final00:57.34
7thThor BarlowSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:00.16
8thSam GoodyearSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:02.62
9thMarc YakubetsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:03.89
10thAidan AndersonGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:08.95
11thJack WilleyGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:11.18
12thRyan DonohueGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:12.73
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100 Fly

1stLogan StridSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:57.50
2ndEverett UrbanSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:58.62
3rdRyan LeeGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:00.78
4thNicholas KornGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:01.91
5thNick PriceSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:05.29
6thDevyn WaltonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:07.51
7thMichael SauSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:08.22
8thNolan MyersSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:10.13
9thTyler LearnedGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:10.15
10thAnderson CroshawGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:18.84
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100 Back

1stPatrick PiwkoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:00.63
2ndJackson VannSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:02.21
3rdTyler LearnedGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:05.94
4thBryce AllenGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:07.59
5thMichael SauSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:07.69
6thDamian OdenGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:09.30
7thNick PriceSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:09.78
8thRahul BiswasSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:12.38
9thJose ValleSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:14.93
10thJack WilleyGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:29.70
11thDaniel DaSilvaGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:30.45
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100 Breast

1stJordan ScottSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:07.70
2ndGian SantosSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:11.29
3rdScott CrownerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:15.00
4thAnthony NguyenGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:16.84
5thRyan HostetterGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:17.00
6thJavonni DassSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:23.93
7thNathan CubleyGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:24.03
8thKamden HeintzGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:29.67
9thAidan AndersonGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:30.13
10thAlex FischerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:32.84
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200 Free

1stCobi WoodGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:45.77
2ndTylen PhillipsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:46.25
3rdLogan StridSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:50.47
4thEverett UrbanSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:00.54
5thStephen HenningGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:00.83
6thKyle RaneyGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:01.89
7thDanil ShpurikSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:06.34
8thJose ValleSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:14.67
9thThor BarlowSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:17.58
10thYeudiel GarciaGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:21.38
11thMichael TornquistGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:34.08
12thNathan CubleyGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:46.28
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200 Individual Medley

1stAlexander BurkhardtSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:04.45
2ndPatrick PiwkoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:12.14
3rdGarrett IversonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:12.56
4thJackson VannSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:19.26
5thBryce AllenGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:23.73
6thNicholas KornGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:24.30
7thGian SantosSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:24.92
8thEthan OttoGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:31.34
9thAndrew WrightSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:32.26
10thCamden McVickerGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:42.72
11thAnderson CroshawGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:57.68
12thDaniel DaSilvaGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final03:11.37
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500 Free

1stAlexander BurkhardtSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final05:08.47
2ndGarrett IversonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final05:17.33
3rdKyle RaneyGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final05:29.69
4thDanil ShpurikSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final05:46.69
5thCamden McVickerGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final06:03.77
6thKamden HeintzGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final06:04.19
7thAndrew WrightSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:18.83
8thEashan SahaiSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:30.32
9thAaryn MathaisGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final06:49.14
10thHachik BagaryanSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:52.59
11thPasquale CardilloGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final07:15.85
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:32.67
2ndRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:35.03
3rdRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:40.84
4thRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:44.74
5thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:46.53
6thRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:47.97
7thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:53.43
8thRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:57.60
9thRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:04.44
10thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:23.23
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:44.80
2ndRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final01:50.83
3rdRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:50.90
4thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:56.68
5thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:59.31
6thRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:01.52
7thRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final02:03.10
8thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:15.51
9thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:28.98
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:25.44
2ndRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final03:36.47
3rdRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:41.81
4thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:59.41
5thRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final04:06.00
6thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:11.53
7thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:24.27
8thRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final04:38.12
9thRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final05:02.01
10thRelay TeamGrandview (Aurora, CO)Final05:29.53