Multi Teams @ Keith Weideman Invite (Greeley, CO)

Boys Varsity Swimming Spring 17-18 · 3/31/2018 10:00 AM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalPlace
Fossil Ridge6281
Rocky Mountain4422
Greeley West3793
Pueblo South150
Mountain View118
Thompson Valley20

Athletes of the Meet

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stHunter WilliamsThompson Valley (Loveland, CO)Final376.75
2ndGannon PercyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final343.85
3rdJames GreenupLoveland (CO)Final335.30
4thJosh BallFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final333.95
5thSebastian NietoValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final298.15
6thLiam WhitacreMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final280.50
7thWalker NesbittRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final265.25
8thCross BurchettFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final224.45
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50 Free

1stZach BartelFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:23.17
2ndCarter NeroRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:23.21
3rdWylie KruseRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:23.44
4thXander JohnsonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:23.48
5thArnold PfahnlFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:24.35
6thEvan ShortRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:24.39
7thBryce HenryFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:24.47
8thJeramy GarbisoGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:24.82
9thAndrew KitzmanGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:25.00
10thKeegan ShawValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final00:25.04
11thRiley NuttPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.10
12thRyan RandallRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.15
13thAvery NevinsRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.23
14thJonathan ZakanyczMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final00:25.32
15thKylan JinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:25.98
16thNoah FloydMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final00:26.05
17thRowan StegerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.12
18thGeorge ChafinGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:26.13
19thMax BridgesMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final00:26.14
20thLiam O'MalleyRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.21
21stSasa CosenzaRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.38
22ndEthan CollinsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:26.44
23rdChristian BacaGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:26.46
24thSimon Spangler-YoungPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.48
25thAlex GrayMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final00:26.50
26thShane BallPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.75
27thMason MilliganPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.24
28thBrayden DowdyRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.35
29thJonah DuranRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.61
30thHank BurnettPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.01
31stJason YuanPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.07
32ndRafa SerranoPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.17
33rdAvery VintonMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final00:28.47
34thTristin GarnerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.50
35thMatthew McKayMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final00:29.00
36thCameron PicconeMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final00:29.16
37thAndrew PedersonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:29.33
38thTrey CarbajalGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:29.39
39thDeclan SullivanPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:29.64
40thMarcus GarciaPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final00:30.17
41stAdrian BendzsaPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.19
42ndCooper Olive-LarsonPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:30.72
43rdDakotah PikeValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final00:31.02
44thZeus ManzanaresGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:31.59
45thJoseph GazePoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.61
46thAidan LesserGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:31.83
47thAaron HallamaMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final00:31.85
48thEmilio MontanoPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final00:31.89
49thJakob ScofieldGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:32.07
50thMatthew SuntkenGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:32.46
51stJacob CruzPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final00:33.24
52ndRafa HernandezPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:34.55
53rdHunter FrerichsFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:35.16
54thVeli MayfieldValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final00:35.58
55thAlex PorterGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:38.35
56thNoe BoroczPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:38.44
57thAiden CranwellMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final00:39.77
58thDylan KamadaValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final00:43.21
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100 Free

1stMatt GeraghtyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:47.88
2ndNathan KenigsbergGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:49.08
3rdConner LofstromRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:49.91
4thLars WorlundFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:49.97
5thXander JohnsonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:51.52
6thWyatt SandsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:51.83
7thEvan ShortRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:52.34
8thJeramy GarbisoGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:52.67
9thCarter NeroRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:52.99
10thLiam SartiFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:53.55
11thJared WrightRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:53.78
12thHunter BradfordFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:54.53
13thPaul McBrideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:54.66
14thTed KimFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:55.40
15thJackson BradfordFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:55.44
16thJosh GoodrichFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:55.53
17thWilliam HighfillPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final00:56.05
18thGuangxin LiuFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:57.44
19thAndrew KitzmanGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:57.90
20thJackie ChongPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final00:58.03
21stEthan CollinsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:58.19
22ndWyatt RokkeRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:58.24
23rdLuis RonquilloRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:58.47
24thJacob MagnusonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:58.65
25thGerod KessingerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:58.75
26thAlex GrayMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final00:58.84
27thJosh ThorntonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:59.81
28thSasa CosenzaRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:00.01
29thJack PattersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:00.59
30thSimon Spangler-YoungPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:02.01
31stShane BallPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:02.71
32ndMatthew McKayMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:03.56
33rdJason YuanPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:03.70
34thJadon HaleFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:03.76
35thAiden KaufmanMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:03.97
36thBryce SmithPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:04.55
37thWesley JonesPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.46
38thHank BurnettPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.62
39thEthan KleinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.53
40thNick KnezevichPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:07.01
41stLandon TannerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:07.41
42ndShane WebbFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:07.67
43rdTristin GarnerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:08.70
44thSebastian NietoValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final01:09.07
45thAdrian BendzsaPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:09.16
46thTrey CarbajalGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:09.44
47thAidan LesserGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:09.47
48thCameron PicconeMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:09.91
49thCaleb CollinsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:09.96
50thDarrian MunizGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:10.08
51stJakob ScofieldGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:10.16
52ndAlan ZatarainValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final01:11.42
53rdNicholas ChappellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:11.54
54thZeus ManzanaresGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:11.87
55thMarcus GarciaPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:12.90
56thMatthew SuntkenGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:13.48
57thCooper Olive-LarsonPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:15.48
58thAaron HallamaMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:15.98
59thKyle YamadaGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:16.64
60thHunter FrerichsFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:19.56
61stAlex PorterGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:23.00
62ndVeli MayfieldValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final01:24.68
63rdIan DravesPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:26.84
64thNoe BoroczPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:28.41
65thAiden CranwellMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:28.44
66thRafa HernandezPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:29.69
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100 Fly

1stDanny KovacFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:49.97
2ndSawyer KruseRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:54.14
3rdDrake ManuelloGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:54.22
4thBryce HenryFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:56.24
5thCole GloverFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:57.37
6thBaylor CobbGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:58.36
7thJosh LeeFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:59.23
8thLogan RandallRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:59.73
9thCooper MaloneGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:01.45
10thJoey ElsonRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:02.17
11thJordan ZhangPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:02.17
12thPrice SchaefferFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:03.96
13thNate PeeblesRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.16
14thAnton MoritzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.62
15thRowan StegerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.70
16thKylan JinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.14
17thDiego ArriagaPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:08.70
18thJacen HansenValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final01:12.18
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100 Back

1stSawyer KruseRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:53.42
2ndJonah HoltFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:54.49
3rdWylie KruseRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:55.38
4thArnold PfahnlFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:59.27
5thJosh LeeFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:59.57
6thBen ChupikRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:00.88
7thOwen SpoonerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:01.37
8thMax BridgesMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:02.71
9thWyatt RokkeRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:03.74
10thJulien GoeringMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:04.31
11thKeegan ShawValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final01:05.88
12thJosh GoodrichFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.98
13thJackson BradfordFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:07.10
14thNoah FloydMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:07.24
15thChristian BacaGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:07.47
16thBrayden DowdyRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:07.72
17thAnton MoritzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:08.20
18thRabi PhelanPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:09.62
19thWesley TurtscherRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:10.60
20thGage MillerPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:12.31
21stCaleb CollinsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:15.48
22ndJaren RiveraPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:16.77
23rdAiden KaufmanMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:16.78
24thDakotah PikeValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final01:25.57
25thJonathan ThorntonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:37.37
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100 Breast

1stDrake ManuelloGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final00:59.93
2ndZach BartelFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:02.53
3rdAlex HendersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:03.57
4thMatyi MayoFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:03.78
5thBaylor LewisGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:04.38
6thJake RoweRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.22
7thRyan WallickFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:05.29
8thJosh ThorntonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.93
9thJohn WalgastRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.94
10thBaylor CobbGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:07.01
11thJagger HighbergerPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:08.57
12thWilliam HighfillPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:10.03
13thAvery NevinsRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:11.97
14thRyan RandallRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:12.76
15thJonah DuranRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:15.49
16thGerod KessingerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:15.71
17thJacob MagnusonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:17.43
18thLiam O'MalleyRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:22.05
19thAustin SharrahGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:22.09
20thJacen HansenValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final01:24.80
21stAvery VintonMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:25.71
22ndEthan KleinFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:25.84
23rdAndrew PedersonGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:28.21
24thRafa SerranoPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:28.55
25thJadon HaleFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:30.69
26thAshton HuberFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:31.85
27thJacob CruzPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:35.47
28thRabi PhelanPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:35.60
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200 Free

1stNathan KenigsbergGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:44.40
2ndJackson WuthrichGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:44.70
3rdRichard DauksherFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:45.20
4thLars WorlundFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:45.39
5thJack MillerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:47.52
6thChristian ConradyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:54.00
7thAlex HendersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:55.36
8thJordan ZhangPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:55.77
9thMatyi MayoFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:56.73
10thCooper MaloneGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:58.75
11thTed KimFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:59.13
12thJared WrightRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:00.39
13thHunter BradfordFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:01.40
14thPaul McBrideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:03.30
15thNate PeeblesRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:03.31
16thRiley NuttPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:05.19
17thJoey ElsonRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:05.91
18thCaden GillmoreGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:05.91
19thJulien GoeringMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final02:06.96
20thPrice SchaefferFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:12.62
21stLuis RonquilloRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:17.05
22ndJack PattersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:18.14
23rdJaren RiveraPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:22.55
24thJackson BenzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:22.67
25thGage MillerPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:24.85
26thBryce SmithPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:25.54
27thWesley JonesPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:26.10
28thDiego ArriagaPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:32.60
29thNicholas ChappellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:40.20
30thAshton HuberFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:44.22
31stKyle YamadaGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:53.55
32ndJonathan ThorntonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:54.75
33rdIan DravesPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:16.02
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200 Individual Medley

1stDanny KovacFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:53.13
2ndMatt GeraghtyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:00.85
3rdJonah HoltFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:01.34
4thConner LofstromRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:06.22
5thCole GloverFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:06.37
6thJohn WalgastRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:07.07
7thCole MasonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:08.27
8thBaylor LewisGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:08.66
9thLogan RandallRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:09.75
10thJagger HighbergerPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:10.79
11thBen ChupikRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:10.92
12thRyan WallickFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:12.82
13thLiam SartiFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:13.12
14thWyatt SandsGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:17.19
15thJackie ChongPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:28.23
16thWesley TurtscherRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:31.87
17thGuangxin LiuFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:32.42
18thNick KnezevichPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:46.11
19thShane WebbFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:49.12
20thAustin SharrahGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:51.34
21stDarrian MunizGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:54.72
22ndLandon TannerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:10.16
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500 Free

1stRichard DauksherFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:49.59
2ndJack MillerRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:51.34
3rdJackson WuthrichGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final04:51.41
4thCole MasonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:08.35
5thJonathan ZakanyczMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final05:13.59
6thJake RoweRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:18.25
7thOwen SpoonerGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final05:18.60
8thChristian ConradyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:20.26
9thCaden GillmoreGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final05:33.25
10thJackson BenzFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:25.45
11thGeorge ChafinGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final06:30.62
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:29.76
2ndRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:30.83
3rdRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:35.76
4thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:36.26
5thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:37.65
6thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:37.78
7thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:37.94
8thRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:39.67
9thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:42.01
10thRelay TeamMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:43.65
11thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:45.63
12thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:48.47
13thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:50.35
14thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:53.63
15thRelay TeamMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:54.40
16thRelay TeamValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final01:55.01
17thRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:00.92
18thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:01.20
19thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:06.31
20thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:06.41
21stRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:08.29
22ndRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:22.19
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:37.88
2ndRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:39.82
3rdRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:46.13
4thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:47.49
5thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:48.23
6thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final01:51.86
7thRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:52.53
8thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:55.92
9thRelay TeamMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final01:59.08
10thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:00.46
11thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:05.81
12thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:06.49
13thRelay TeamMountain View (Loveland, CO)Final02:09.82
14thRelay TeamValley (Gilcrest, CO)Final02:10.40
15thRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:10.73
16thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:26.92
17thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final02:27.03
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:11.76
2ndRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:18.72
3rdRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final03:18.73
4thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:28.63
5thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:33.09
6thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:36.93
7thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final03:37.28
8thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:42.05
9thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:46.91
10thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:52.52
11thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:01.05
12thRelay TeamGreeley West (Greeley, CO)Final04:04.44
13thRelay TeamRocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:11.73
14thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:23.33
15thRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final04:24.56
16thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:31.25
17thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:33.85
18thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:38.41
19thRelay TeamPoudre (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:59.31