Pine Creek @ Mesa Ridge/Widefield

Boys Varsity Swimming Spring 17-18 · 3/19/2018 4:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Pine Creek150W
Mesa Ridge/Widefield34L

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stDylan ApicelloPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final178.90
2ndMatthew ShermanPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final167.93
3rdZion DeanMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final145.73
4thKaden AshworthPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final124.95
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50 Free

1stAndrew BellPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:23.65
2ndKaiden WilsonPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:26.11
3rdJosh McDuffeeMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:31.64
4thSkyler HenryPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:35.30
5thJosiah GibbsMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:36.01
6thPorter BabcockPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:36.13
7thCody ShoemakeMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:41.79
8thZachary HallPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:52.21
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100 Free

1stNicholas ShermanPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:47.85
2ndJonathan HollomanPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:57.47
3rdEthan WichPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:57.92
4thAndrew WilhelmPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:00.73
5thJarrod GraceMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:12.79
6thZion DeanMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:14.81
7thAnthaney JerbyMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:18.67
8thKevin PrentissPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:22.72
9thJackson BybeeMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:53.55
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100 Back

1stNicholas ShermanPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final00:53.14
2ndAndrew BellPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:02.57
3rdRyan SeaquistPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:07.67
4thJonathan HollomanPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:15.57
5thKidyn TimmsMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:00.59
6thAndre de la VallettePine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:03.77
7thJackson BybeeMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:07.04
8thJosiah GibbsMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:20.17
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100 Fly

1stRyan SchusterPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:05.26
2ndNoe DietzPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:06.65
3rdCaleb ClarkPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:07.57
4thNicholas OgdenPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:21.73
5thJackson MooreMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:28.67
6thJosh McDuffeeMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:52.96
7thPeter WilhelmPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:59.53
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100 Breast

1stCaleb ClarkPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:13.63
2ndCaden McDowellPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:22.24
3rdConnor WilsonPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:22.97
4thDaniel SalgadoMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:39.53
5thSkyler HenryPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:41.34
6thBrandon MatthewMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:43.08
7thCody ShoemakeMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:47.09
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200 Free

1stNoe DietzPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:05.85
2ndIan WhitePine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:23.00
3rdCaden McDowellPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:39.09
4thDavid FriasMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:40.81
5thJackson GilbertPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:53.67
6thJackob SamuelsonPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:57.53
7thAustin Traganos-RosaMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final03:04.03
8thGabriel HoffmanMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final03:10.15
9thJarrod GraceMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final03:12.81
10thAnthaney JerbyMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final03:21.90
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200 Individual Medley

1stEthan WichPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:19.06
2ndRyan SchusterPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:22.60
3rdRyan SeaquistPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:27.55
4thNicholas OgdenPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:49.15
5thKidyn TimmsMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final03:38.67
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500 Free

1stIan WhitePine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final06:35.70
2ndAndrew WilhelmPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final06:51.09
3rdJackson MooreMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final06:55.16
4thPeter WilhelmPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final07:41.65
5thDavid FriasMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final08:07.24
6thRyder BabcockPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final08:19.00
7thBrandon MatthewMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final08:44.00
8thAustin Traganos-RosaMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final08:59.57
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:50.14
2ndRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final01:52.73
3rdRelay TeamMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:08.39
4thRelay TeamMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:22.67
5thRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:44.41
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:05.47
2ndRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:14.65
3rdRelay TeamMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:17.53
4thRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final02:57.95
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final04:08.15
2ndRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final04:23.54
3rdRelay TeamMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final04:50.89
4thRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final05:15.78
5thRelay TeamPine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)Final05:19.09
6thRelay TeamMesa Ridge/Widefield (Colorado Springs, CO)Final05:20.29