Smoky Hill @ Overland

Boys Varsity Swimming Spring 17-18 · 4/5/2018 5:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Smoky Hill269W

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stSeth WellsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final237.50
2ndPalma RyanOverland (Aurora, CO)Final171.75
3rdPhillip WandruffOverland (Aurora, CO)Final164.15
4thElias VarelaOverland (Aurora, CO)Final160.60
5thGabriel BinsolSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final151.15
6thNikolas MaestasSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final133.00
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50 Free

1stTylen PhillipsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:26.09
2ndAlexander BurkhardtSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:26.79
3rdEverett UrbanSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:27.59
4thJackson VannSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:29.37
5thMichael SauSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:30.71
6thPhillip WandruffOverland (Aurora, CO)Final00:30.74
7thAli TahaOverland (Aurora, CO)Final00:32.21
8thBogdan MalakhauOverland (Aurora, CO)Final00:32.37
9thJose MedinaOverland (Aurora, CO)Final00:36.31
10thAlejandro PerezOverland (Aurora, CO)Final00:38.74
11thKeegan BerquistSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:48.33
12thJavier LanderosOverland (Aurora, CO)Final00:59.08
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100 Free

1stGarrett IversonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:00.53
2ndEverett UrbanSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:02.39
3rdDevyn WaltonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:07.32
4thBogdan MalakhauOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:09.30
5thMarc YakubetsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:09.82
6thJavonni DassSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:12.55
7thKyle RoenfeldtOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:12.58
8thSebastian RuterboriesOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:15.10
9thOdiljon YodgorovOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:24.22
10thEthan March-SchieckSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:25.18
11thJose MedinaOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:27.51
12thAlejandro PerezOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:29.93
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100 Fly

1stCarlos AlmerazSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:07.39
2ndPatrick PiwkoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:07.65
3rdMichael SauSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:13.43
4thNolan MyersSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:18.71
5thJose ValleSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:19.30
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100 Back

1stLogan StridSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:09.03
2ndGarrett IversonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:10.93
3rdDevyn WaltonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:14.68
4thDanil ShpurikSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:19.28
5thEashan SahaiSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:23.13
6thAndrew WrightSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:24.68
7thSebastian RuterboriesOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:26.44
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100 Breast

1stTylen PhillipsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:14.27
2ndAlexander BurkhardtSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:15.66
3rdMarston GarberOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:27.01
4thNick WalsethSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:28.55
5thElias VarelaOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:37.02
6thMarc YakubetsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:38.56
7thTyler LuceraSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:56.41
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200 Free

1stCarlos AlmerazSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:06.05
2ndDanil ShpurikSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:25.08
3rdJeremy SchumacherOverland (Aurora, CO)Final02:28.25
4thNick PriceSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:31.06
5thHarold BachellerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:32.20
6thAndrew WrightSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:40.99
7thNick SampsonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:42.91
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200 Individual Medley

1stJordan ScottSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:22.65
2ndLogan StridSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:23.59
3rdEashan SahaiSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:58.29
4thMarston GarberOverland (Aurora, CO)Final03:06.21
5thJavonni DassSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:08.43
6thHachik BagaryanSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:16.95
7thLogan DaileySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:20.32
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:59.38
2ndRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:59.45
3rdRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final02:24.64
4thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:34.09
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:12.16
2ndRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final02:12.52
3rdRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final02:23.25
4thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:24.90
5thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:58.95
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:21.84
2ndRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:29.27
3rdRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:40.80
4thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:51.57
5thRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final04:58.07