Lincoln East @ Lincoln Southwest

Boys Varsity Swimming Winter 17-18 · 11/30/2017 5:30 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Lincoln East106W
Lincoln Southwest70L

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stChandler SchmitLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final88.57
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50 Free

1stMichael AyarsLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:22.97
2ndBen DorseyLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:23.83
3rdCharles RobertsLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:23.90
4thGrant BakerLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:23.99
5thMasen LouviereLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:24.23
6thMatthew HotzLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:24.49
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100 Free

1stJared MurrayLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:50.23
2ndMasen LouviereLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:53.59
3rdBen DorseyLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:53.61
4thMatthew HotzLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:53.90
5thDylan LambeLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:54.69
6thMason DelgadoLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:55.94
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100 Back

1stMichael AyarsLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:55.01
2ndCael DiceLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:57.12
3rdAdam PiroLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:57.28
4thEthan ReidaLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:58.38
5thLogan McPhailLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:00.92
6thSam PhilsonLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:07.27
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100 Fly

1stAdam PiroLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:56.17
2ndCael DiceLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:56.63
3rdZachary ChristiansonLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:00.18
4thCaden WhiteLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:00.64
5thTrent KivettLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:02.17
6thAtticus MullerLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:06.30
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100 Breast

1stAlexander PettyLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:59.94
2ndChas NolteLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:00.06
3rdNolan WolfeLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:03.89
4thGrant BakerLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:12.22
5thJackson ApplegetLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:12.48
6thCarson SnowLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:20.62
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200 Free

1stJared MurrayLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:49.72
2ndBennett BaloghLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:58.68
3rdDylan LambeLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:58.81
4thTrent KivettLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:00.26
5thSeth LeeLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:01.27
6thVincent RouxLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:10.58
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200 Individual Medley

1stAlexander PettyLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:00.15
2ndChas NolteLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:03.76
3rdEthan ReidaLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:11.46
4thLogan McPhailLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:13.00
5thNolan WolfeLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:13.73
6thSam PhilsonLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:35.23
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500 Free

1stCharles RobertsLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final05:02.19
2ndBennett BaloghLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final05:18.36
3rdCaden WhiteLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final05:20.60
4thSeth LeeLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final05:20.93
5thLuke BirkettLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final05:46.59
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:32.50
2ndRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:33.34
3rdRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:38.61
4thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:43.75
5thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:50.13
6thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:55.52
7thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:00.83
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:41.92
2ndRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:42.02
3rdRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:47.13
4thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:50.71
5thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:58.11
6thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:58.55
7thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:59.79
8thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:03.41
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final03:28.53
2ndRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final03:33.36
3rdRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final03:41.05
4thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final03:44.65
5thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final04:04.78
6thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final04:06.44
7thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final04:43.40