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10/7 @ 6:30pS1S2Wins
Joliet Catholic25252
Saint Viator12130

Coaches Summary

Match Summary

number 1 and 3 and middle 11 were very good

Match Story

Illinois High School Volleyball - St. Viator Catholic Academy

(October 7, 2008: Arlington Heights, IL 60004) The St. Viator Lions volleyball team (Arlington Heights, IL), went down 2-0 in Tuesday's league challenge with the visiting Catholic Academy Angels (Joliet, IL)

The Angels (19-2) will now prepare for their challenge against Naperville North (Naperville, IL). The Huskies come into the non-league challenge with a 17-1 record. In their last challenge, Naperville North defeated West Chicago (West Chicago, IL), 2-0, in a league challenge.

Next, the Lions encounter the Buffalo Grove Bison (Buffalo Grove, IL) in a non-league challenge, on Friday, October 10. St. Viator will attempt to move on its 10-10 season record. The Bison come into the challenge with a 2-13 record after their 2-1 league loss to Elk Grove (Elk Grove Village, IL).

Match Stats

Joliet Catholic has not entered any stats for this match.
Saint Viator


#Athlete NameSPKK/SKill %AttEHit %
Team Totals284.018.24414-.136
2Lauren Bunda (So)20.0.011-1.000
3C. Brinkman231.523.1133.000
5S. Rountree21.5100.0101.000
6Alissa Bozza2
7C. Julius1
9M. Warnimont20.0.062-.333
11Emily Leazer221.015.4133-.077
13S. Shanahan2
15Mary Calov1
16K. McConnnell20.0.032-.667
17Kelly Travaglio21.520.053-.400
18C. Clevenger2
19Katie Lavelle10.0.010.000
22Elyse Slezak111.0100.0101.000
Saint Viator


#Athlete NameSPAA/SAce %SASEServ%
Team Totals252.518.527292.6
2Lauren Bunda (So)2
3C. Brinkman20.0.030100.0
5S. Rountree21.520.05180.0
6Alissa Bozza20.0.020100.0
7C. Julius10.0.011.0
9M. Warnimont21.525.040100.0
11Emily Leazer21.533.330100.0
13S. Shanahan21.525.040100.0
15Mary Calov10.0.010100.0
16K. McConnnell2
17Kelly Travaglio2
18C. Clevenger2
19Katie Lavelle10.0.010100.0
22Elyse Slezak111.033.330100.0
Saint Viator


#Athlete NameSPDDED/S
Team Totals2212010.5
2Lauren Bunda (So)210.5
3C. Brinkman2442.0
5S. Rountree2552.5
6Alissa Bozza211.5
7C. Julius1
9M. Warnimont212.5
11Emily Leazer2351.5
13S. Shanahan2201.0
15Mary Calov1111.0
16K. McConnnell2
17Kelly Travaglio2
18C. Clevenger2221.0
19Katie Lavelle1
22Elyse Slezak1101.0
Saint Viator

Ball Handling

#Athlete NameSPAsstAsst/SBHABHE
Team Totals284.0543
2Lauren Bunda (So)21.520
3C. Brinkman20.010
5S. Rountree2
6Alissa Bozza2
7C. Julius122.0122
9M. Warnimont20.030
11Emily Leazer2
13S. Shanahan20.020
15Mary Calov1
16K. McConnnell20.010
17Kelly Travaglio2
18C. Clevenger252.5331
19Katie Lavelle1
22Elyse Slezak1
Saint Viator

Serve Receiving

#Athlete NameSPRRER/S
Team Totals239619.5
2Lauren Bunda (So)21216.0
3C. Brinkman2221.0
5S. Rountree21015.0
6Alissa Bozza2
7C. Julius1
9M. Warnimont2
11Emily Leazer21216.0
13S. Shanahan2
15Mary Calov1212.0
16K. McConnnell2
17Kelly Travaglio2
18C. Clevenger2
19Katie Lavelle1101.0
22Elyse Slezak1