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10/3 @ 9aS1S2Wins

Match Story

Michigan High School Volleyball - Saline over Mason

(October 3, 2009: Saline, MI 48176) In Saturday's non-league contest, the Saline Hornets (Saline, MI) volleyball squad were winner over the visiting Mason Bulldogs (Mason, MI), by a margin of 2-0.

Next up, the Hornets battle the Carman-Ainsworth Cavaliers (Flint, MI) in a non-league contest, on Saturday, October 3. Saline will attempt to better on its 23-13 season record. The Cavaliers go into the contest with a 3-13 record after their 3-1 league loss to Davison (Davison, MI).

With the loss, Mason moves to 14-14 on the year. The Bulldogs travel to St. Johns (St. Johns, MI) to battle the Redwings in a Capital Area - Red contest on Tuesday, October 6. The Redwings go into the contest with a record of 7-22. St. Johns won 3-0 in their recent league contest against Sexton (Lansing, MI)

Match Stats



#Athlete NameSPKK/SKill %AttEHit %
Team Totals2147.026.9526.154
1Jenny Foote20.0.000
2Kaleigh Lound252.521.7232.130
3Hannah Reister231.537.581.250
4Brooke Dippel231.542.970.429
7Maria Holden10.0.000
8Cassie Stump20.0.010.000
9Cimone Diggs10.0.010.000
10D. Service20.0.032-.667
14Erika Vanhavel20.0.031-.333
15Jillian Diebolt231.550.060.500


#Athlete NameSPAA/SAce %SASEServ%
Team Totals263.03
1Jenny Foote20.00
2Kaleigh Lound20.00
3Hannah Reister231.50
4Brooke Dippel21.50
7Maria Holden10.00
8Cassie Stump20.00
9Cimone Diggs10.00
10D. Service21.50
14Erika Vanhavel20.01
15Jillian Diebolt21.52


#Athlete NameSPBSBATot BlksB/SBE
Team Totals2101.50
1Jenny Foote2000.00
2Kaleigh Lound2000.00
3Hannah Reister2000.00
4Brooke Dippel2101.50
7Maria Holden1000.00
8Cassie Stump2000.00
9Cimone Diggs1000.00
10D. Service2000.00
14Erika Vanhavel2000.00
15Jillian Diebolt2000.00


#Athlete NameSPDDED/S
Team Totals22311.5
1Jenny Foote284.0
2Kaleigh Lound20.0
3Hannah Reister221.0
4Brooke Dippel20.0
7Maria Holden133.0
8Cassie Stump252.5
9Cimone Diggs133.0
10D. Service20.0
14Erika Vanhavel21.5
15Jillian Diebolt21.5

Ball Handling

#Athlete NameSPAsstAsst/SBHABHE
Team Totals2126.00
1Jenny Foote20.00
2Kaleigh Lound20.00
3Hannah Reister20.00
4Brooke Dippel20.00
7Maria Holden10.00
8Cassie Stump20.00
9Cimone Diggs10.00
10D. Service20.00
14Erika Vanhavel2126.00
15Jillian Diebolt20.00
Saline has not entered any stats for this match.