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Zeeland East1520150

Match Stats

Holland Christian has not entered any stats for this match.
Zeeland East


#Athlete NameSPKK/SKill %AttEHit %
Team Totals311.523.4478.064
3Kelli Jacobs32.720.0101.100
4H. MacDonald31.312.581.000
5Kennidi Rue30.0.000
6Erin Geerlings362.035.3172.235
7Robin Griffin31.320.053-.400
8Brooke Ebels31.350.021.000
12Allison Dejonge30.0.050.000
Zeeland East


#Athlete NameSPAA/SAce %SASEServ%
Team Totals31.03.132584.4
3Kelli Jacobs30.0.070100.0
4H. MacDonald30.0.05180.0
5Kennidi Rue30.0.09277.8
6Erin Geerlings30.0.000
7Robin Griffin31.39.111281.8
8Brooke Ebels30.0.000
12Allison Dejonge30.0.000
Zeeland East


#Athlete NameSPBSBATot BlksB/SBE
Team Totals3324.20
3Kelli Jacobs3000.00
4H. MacDonald3011.20
5Kennidi Rue3000.00
6Erin Geerlings3000.00
7Robin Griffin3101.30
8Brooke Ebels3000.00
12Allison Dejonge3213.80
Zeeland East


#Athlete NameSPDDED/S
Team Totals3182.9
3Kelli Jacobs3622.0
4H. MacDonald3501.7
5Kennidi Rue3301.0
6Erin Geerlings310.3
7Robin Griffin320.7
8Brooke Ebels310.3
12Allison Dejonge300.0
Zeeland East

Ball Handling

#Athlete NameSPAsstAsst/SBHABHE
Team Totals311.5594
3Kelli Jacobs30.020
4H. MacDonald30.020
5Kennidi Rue382.7321
6Erin Geerlings30.010
7Robin Griffin30.000
8Brooke Ebels331.0223
12Allison Dejonge30.000
Zeeland East

Serve Receiving

#Athlete NameSPRRER/S
Team Totals32571.2
3Kelli Jacobs3822.7
4H. MacDonald31454.7
5Kennidi Rue300.0
6Erin Geerlings320.7
7Robin Griffin310.3
8Brooke Ebels300.0
12Allison Dejonge300.0