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11/12 @ 7pS1S2S3Wins

Tournament Breakdown

2010 Connecticut High School Volleyball Playoff Bracket - Class S

This match is a part of the 2010 Connecticut High School Volleyball Playoff Bracket - Class S tournament.

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Match Story

Connecticut High School Volleyball - Morgan over Terryville

(November 12, 2010: Clinton, CT 06413) The Morgan Huskies (Clinton, CT) volleyball were winner over the visiting Terryville Kangaroos (Terryville, CT), 3-0 in Friday's non-league outing.

With the win, Morgan betters its record to 22-0 on the year.

The Kangaroos now sport a 14-3 record.

Match Stats

Terryville has not entered any stats for this match.


#Athlete NameSPKK/SKill %AttEHit %
Team Totals34314.336.81178.299
2Lily Dawson2
3Kat Wilkinson3
7Danielle Susara362.037.516
8Steph Strucaly32.750.04
9K. Campbell3
22Melissa Bastian362.031.6192.211
32Sarah Dahlberg372.335.0201.300
35L. Fitzgerald3134.346.4283.357
46Liz Emmi393.030.0302.233


#Athlete NameSPAA/SAce %SASEServ%
Team Totals3165.321.6741086.5
2Lily Dawson2
3Kat Wilkinson30.0.06350.0
7Danielle Susara31.311.19366.7
8Steph Strucaly331.018.816287.5
9K. Campbell3
22Melissa Bastian351.731.3160100.0
32Sarah Dahlberg3
35L. Fitzgerald331.027.311190.9
46Liz Emmi341.325.016193.8


#Athlete NameSPDDED/S
Team Totals331710.3
2Lily Dawson221.0
3Kat Wilkinson3311.0
7Danielle Susara31314.3
8Steph Strucaly31.3
9K. Campbell3
22Melissa Bastian3
32Sarah Dahlberg3
35L. Fitzgerald3622.0
46Liz Emmi3632.0

Ball Handling

#Athlete NameSPAsstAsst/SBHABHE
Team Totals33812.740529
2Lily Dawson21.5144
3Kat Wilkinson3102
7Danielle Susara31.3582
8Steph Strucaly33511.71142
9K. Campbell31
22Melissa Bastian3597
32Sarah Dahlberg3242
35L. Fitzgerald31.3586
46Liz Emmi3674

Serve Receiving

#Athlete NameSPRRER/S
Team Totals339213.0
2Lily Dawson2221.0
3Kat Wilkinson32.7
7Danielle Susara351.7
8Steph Strucaly3
9K. Campbell3
22Melissa Bastian3134.3
32Sarah Dahlberg331.0
35L. Fitzgerald362.0
46Liz Emmi382.7