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Match Story

Minnesota High School Volleyball - St. Cloud Tech edged by Alexandria

(September 29, 2011: St. Cloud, MN 56301) The Alexandria Cardinals held off the host St. Cloud Tech Tigers volleyball team by a score of 3-2 in Thursday's league test.

The Cardinals now have a 5-14 record. They put it on the line next when they host Rocori for a Central Lakes test on Tuesday, October 4.

The Tigers (7-5) will now prepare for their test against Rockford (Rockford, MN). The Rockets enter the non-league test with a 3-12 record. In their last test, Rockford was nudged by Pierz (Pierz, MN), 3-0, in a league contest.

Match Stats

Alexandria has not entered any stats for this match.
St. Cloud Tech


#Athlete NameSPKK/SKill %AttEHit %
Team Totals5448.836.712020.200
5Emily Wolter (Sr)5102.038.5266.154
6Krista Pilarski50.0.000
8A. Roberts20.0.000
10Megan Steven5204.051.3396.359
11Sadie Olson40.0.000
12Carly Ludwig52.411.8173-.059
13Lindsay Kerr54.825.0162.125
14Kylie Loesch52.440.051.200
15C. Washington50.0.000
17Nyabuom Miyoang561.235.3172.235
St. Cloud Tech


#Athlete NameSPAA/SAce %SASEServ%
Team Totals551.05.0100892.0
5Emily Wolter (Sr)50.0.030100.0
6Krista Pilarski50.0.070100.0
8A. Roberts20.0.010100.0
10Megan Steven51.28.312466.7
11Sadie Olson40.0.017194.1
12Carly Ludwig50.0.000
13Lindsay Kerr51.24.323195.7
14Kylie Loesch53.611.1270100.0
15C. Washington50.0.010280.0
17Nyabuom Miyoang50.0.000
St. Cloud Tech


#Athlete NameSPBSBATot BlksB/SBE
Team Totals5320132.62
5Emily Wolter (Sr)5044.80
6Krista Pilarski5000.00
8A. Roberts2000.00
10Megan Steven5134.81
11Sadie Olson4000.00
12Carly Ludwig52791.81
13Lindsay Kerr5022.40
14Kylie Loesch5011.20
15C. Washington5000.00
17Nyabuom Miyoang5033.60
St. Cloud Tech


#Athlete NameSPDDED/S
Team Totals56012.0
5Emily Wolter (Sr)54.8
6Krista Pilarski53.6
8A. Roberts21.5
10Megan Steven591.8
11Sadie Olson461.5
12Carly Ludwig53.6
13Lindsay Kerr581.6
14Kylie Loesch5102.0
15C. Washington5132.6
17Nyabuom Miyoang53.6
St. Cloud Tech

Ball Handling

#Athlete NameSPAsstAsst/SBHABHE
Team Totals5367.21121
5Emily Wolter (Sr)50.000
6Krista Pilarski50.010
8A. Roberts20.000
10Megan Steven51.220
11Sadie Olson40.010
12Carly Ludwig51.220
13Lindsay Kerr50.020
14Kylie Loesch5326.4991
15C. Washington50.000
17Nyabuom Miyoang52.450
St. Cloud Tech

Serve Receiving

#Athlete NameSPRRER/S
Team Totals572914.4
5Emily Wolter (Sr)500.0
6Krista Pilarski51533.0
8A. Roberts2311.5
10Megan Steven51302.6
11Sadie Olson41423.5
12Carly Ludwig500.0
13Lindsay Kerr51112.2
14Kylie Loesch500.0
15C. Washington51623.2
17Nyabuom Miyoang500.0