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Cortez 2016 Track & Field Stats by Player

Varsity 2016
Black, White, Red
Michael Livingston
8828 N 31St Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

Best Finishes

Event 1st Place
100 Meter View Times Victor Sanchez 00:11.68
200 Meter View Times Victor Sanchez 00:23.92
400 Meter View Times Erickson Garcia 01:01.20
800 Meter View Times Raul Hernandez 02:20.16
1600 Meter View Times Jesus Camacho 05:12.24
3200 Meter View Times James Dao 11:07.66
4 x 100 Meter View Times Cortez Relay Team 00:47.13
4 x 200 Meter View Times Cortez Relay Team 01:38.89
Event 1st Place
4 x 400 Meter View Times Cortez Relay Team 03:59.63
4 x 800 Meter View Times Cortez Relay Team 09:35.85
800 Sprint Medley View Times Cortez Relay Team 01:42.86
Long Jump View Times Victor Sanchez 20' 2.50"
Pole Vault View Times Mark Benyamen 10' 6.00"
Shot Put View Times Kassidy Spencer 35' 11.00"
Discus View Times Kassidy Spencer 97' 5.00"

Best Finishes by Event

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100 Meter

Victor Sanchez4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal3-1.0000:11.68
Victor Sanchez4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsPreliminary-1.2000:11.84
Oh Sine Pwar4/9/2016Hal Anders InvitationalFinal1.5000:12.28
Oh Sine Pwar4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsPreliminary-0.5000:12.46
Dizaya Dunn4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsPreliminary-1.1000:12.60
Nicholas Badger4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsPreliminary-1.0000:12.80
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200 Meter

Victor Sanchez4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsPreliminary-0.2000:23.92
Oh Sine Pwar4/9/2016Hal Anders InvitationalFinal0.5000:25.20
Oh Sine Pwar4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsPreliminary-0.2000:25.32
Nicholas Badger4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsPreliminary-0.1000:27.27
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400 Meter

Erickson Garcia4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsPreliminary01:01.20
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800 Meter

Raul Hernandez4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal02:20.16
Jesus Camacho4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal02:25.07
Alejandro Munoz4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal02:28.81
Luis Dominguez4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal02:37.11
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1600 Meter

Jesus Camacho4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal05:12.24
Alejandro Munoz4/9/2016Hal Anders InvitationalFinal05:17.43
Alejandro Munoz4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal05:19.98
Luis Dominguez4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal05:20.26
James Dao4/9/2016Hal Anders InvitationalFinal05:56.03
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3200 Meter

James Dao3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal11:07.66
Jesus Camacho4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal11:29.41
Miguel Tucker4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal11:30.48
Alejandro Munoz4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal11:30.88
Miguel Tucker4/9/2016Hal Anders InvitationalFinal11:40.73
Alejandro Munoz3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal12:12.12
Jesus Camacho4/9/2016Hal Anders InvitationalFinal12:14.58
Miguel Tucker3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal12:48.86
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4 x 100 Meter

Cortez Relay Team3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal00:47.13
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4 x 200 Meter

Cortez Relay Team3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal01:38.89
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4 x 400 Meter

Cortez Relay Team3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal03:59.63
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4 x 800 Meter

Cortez Relay Team4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal09:35.85
Cortez Relay Team4/9/2016Hal Anders InvitationalFinal10:01.92
Cortez Relay Team3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal10:08.80
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800 Sprint Medley

Cortez Relay Team3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal01:42.86
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Long Jump

Victor Sanchez4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal50.6020' 2.50"
Dizaya Dunn4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal20.7019' 7.50"
Dizaya Dunn4/27/2016Alhambra Last ChanceFinal0.3019' 7.00"
Dizaya Dunn5/6/20162016 AIA Division III State ChampionshipsFinal4.0019' 3.25"
Victor Sanchez5/6/20162016 AIA Division III State ChampionshipsFinal3.2019' 0.75"
Dizaya Dunn3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal1.4017' 5.00"
Oh Sine Pwar3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal1.1015' 5.00"
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Pole Vault

Mark Benyamen3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal110' 6.00"
Dizaya Dunn4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal9' 0.00"
Jose Roman4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal8' 0.00"
Jorge Sanchez3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal18' 0.00"
Jose Roman3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal17' 6.00"
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Shot Put

Kassidy Spencer3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal35' 11.00"
Sione Mohulamu3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal34' 6.50"
Heinpyayphyoe Lwin4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal26' 4.00"
Heinpyayphyoe Lwin3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal22' 10.00"
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Kassidy Spencer3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal197' 5.00"
Sione Mohulamu3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal196' 6.00"
Demarius Jones3/24/2016GUHSD RelaysFinal171' 5.00"
Heinpyayphyoe Lwin4/22/2016GUHSD ChampionshipsFinal68' 0.00"