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Creede 2017 Girls Track & Field Stats by Player

Varsity 2017
Blue, White
Nancy Leggitt
450 Corsair Drive, Creede, CO 81130

Best Finishes

Best Finishes by Event

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100 Meter

Trisha Thompson5/13/2017Monte Vista Last Chance MeetFinal-1.4000:16.08
Trisha Thompson4/29/2017High Altitude ChallengeFinal1.0000:16.54
Trisha Thompson5/6/2017Terry Alley InvitationalFinal1.1000:16.55
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200 Meter

Olivia Madrid4/15/2017Pine River InvitationalFinal-0.9000:30.85
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800 Meter

Jennyfer Kemper4/8/2017Salida InvitationalFinal202:48.39
Olivia Madrid4/29/2017High Altitude ChallengeFinal02:52.70
Jennyfer Kemper4/1/2017Thunderbird InvitationalFinal802:53.23
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Shot Put

Olivia Madrid5/6/2017Terry Alley InvitationalFinal528' 0.00"
Olivia Madrid4/15/2017Pine River InvitationalFinal27' 11.00"
Olivia Madrid4/8/2017Salida InvitationalFinal27' 3.00"
Olivia Madrid5/13/2017Monte Vista Last Chance MeetFinal26' 1.00"
Olivia Madrid4/1/2017Thunderbird InvitationalFinal25' 2.00"
Trisha Thompson5/6/2017Terry Alley InvitationalFinal25' 0.00"
Trisha Thompson4/8/2017Salida InvitationalFinal23' 6.50"
Trisha Thompson4/29/2017High Altitude ChallengeFinal23' 3.50"
Trisha Thompson4/1/2017Thunderbird InvitationalFinal23' 2.75"
Trisha Thompson4/15/2017Pine River InvitationalFinal22' 7.50"
Kala White4/29/2017High Altitude ChallengeFinal21' 8.00"
Kala White4/8/2017Salida InvitationalFinal20' 1.00"
Kala White4/15/2017Pine River InvitationalFinal20' 0.00"
Kala White5/6/2017Terry Alley InvitationalFinal19' 9.00"
Kala White5/13/2017Monte Vista Last Chance MeetFinal19' 8.00"
Kala White4/1/2017Thunderbird InvitationalFinal16' 6.50"
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Olivia Madrid4/29/2017High Altitude ChallengeFinal598' 5.00"
Olivia Madrid5/6/2017Terry Alley InvitationalFinal897' 1.00"
Olivia Madrid5/13/2017Monte Vista Last Chance MeetFinal596' 8.00"
Olivia Madrid4/8/2017Salida InvitationalFinal692' 5.00"
Olivia Madrid5/20/20172017 CHSAA Class 1A State ChampionshipsFinal192' 5.00"
Olivia Madrid4/1/2017Thunderbird InvitationalFinal883' 0.00"
Trisha Thompson5/6/2017Terry Alley InvitationalFinal66' 5.00"
Trisha Thompson5/13/2017Monte Vista Last Chance MeetFinal64' 3.00"
Kala White5/13/2017Monte Vista Last Chance MeetFinal61' 7.00"
Kala White4/15/2017Pine River InvitationalFinal59' 6.00"
Kala White4/29/2017High Altitude ChallengeFinal59' 5.00"
Trisha Thompson4/29/2017High Altitude ChallengeFinal58' 7.50"
Trisha Thompson4/15/2017Pine River InvitationalFinal54' 6.00"
Kala White5/6/2017Terry Alley InvitationalFinal54' 5.00"
Kala White4/8/2017Salida InvitationalFinal54' 3.50"
Kala White4/1/2017Thunderbird InvitationalFinal52' 11.00"
Trisha Thompson4/8/2017Salida InvitationalFinal51' 10.00"
Trisha Thompson4/1/2017Thunderbird InvitationalFinal48' 7.00"