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Crystal River 2010 Football Stats by Player

Varsity 2010
Blue, Gold
George Arscott
3195 Crystal River High Drive, Crystal River, FL 34428
National Rank
State (FL) Rank



#Athlete NameGPCAttYdsC%AvgY/GTDIntLngQB Rate
Season Totals1069144992.47914.37799.22658
Graph Data[+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+]
7H. Hernandez83164449.48414.48456.11451
16J. Lafleur53880543.47514.289108.61264
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#Athlete NameGPCarYdsAvgY/GLngTD
Season Totals1042324655.83246.527
Graph Data[+][+][+][+][+]
2S. Selman440.00.0
4W. Jackson1025216346.48163.418
7H. Hernandez8472344.9829.32
13P. Diaz102157.501.5
16J. Lafleur514201.434.01
21C. Seymour1133.003.0
22N. Hutcherson8623595.7944.94
32D. Owens810575.707.1
40J. Swearingen9271244.5913.82
48M. Rairick104194.751.9
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#Athlete NameGPRecYdsAvgY/GLngTD
Season Totals106999414.4199.42
Graph Data[+][+][+][+][+]
2S. Selman41013513.5033.8
3J. White777911.2911.3
4W. Jackson105173.401.7
5C. Balkcom558817.6017.61
7H. Hernandez81416411.7120.51
12J. McAteer6188.001.3
13P. Diaz101534523.0034.5
25D. Baldner536421.3312.8
32D. Owens82168.002.0
40J. Swearingen933010.003.3
48M. Rairick102189.001.8
85C. Thomas823015.003.8
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Offensive Fumbles and Pancake Blocks

#Athlete NameGPFumLostPnk Blk
Season Totals1032
Graph Data[+][+]
3J. White71
7H. Hernandez811
22N. Hutcherson82
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All Purpose Yards

#Athlete NameGPRushRecKRPRIRTotalY/G
Season Totals10246599433075333897389.7
Graph Data[+][+][+][+][+][+][+]
2S. Selman4013530016541.3
3J. White7791374325937.0
4W. Jackson101634179541750175.0
5C. Balkcom5888817.6
7H. Hernandez82341642842653.3
12J. McAteer6833416.8
13P. Diaz101534536036.0
16J. Lafleur520204.0
21C. Seymour1333.0
22N. Hutcherson83596041952.4
25D. Baldner56487214.4
32D. Owens85716739.1
40J. Swearingen91243015417.1
48M. Rairick101918373.7
85C. Thomas830303.8
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Total Yards

#Athlete NameGPRushPassRecTotalY/G
Season Totals1024659929943457345.7
Graph Data[+][+][+][+][+]
2S. Selman401350.0
3J. White779
4W. Jackson101634171634163.4
5C. Balkcom588
7H. Hernandez823444916468385.4
12J. McAteer68
13P. Diaz1015345151.5
16J. Lafleur520543563112.6
21C. Seymour1333.0
22N. Hutcherson835935944.9
25D. Baldner564
32D. Owens85716577.1
40J. Swearingen91243012413.8
48M. Rairick101918191.9
85C. Thomas830



#Athlete NameGPSoloAsstTot TcklsT/GTFL
Season Totals1015938373573.5
Graph Data[+][+][+][+]
2S. Selman444102.5
3J. White7411233.3
5C. Balkcom511.2
7H. Hernandez81412263.3
9J. Bickford7411172.4
11C. Thomas81332658.1
12J. McAteer6210122.0
13P. Diaz101634626.2
22N. Hutcherson822.3
24J. Alves211.5
25D. Baldner514.8
32D. Owens8523455.6
33S. Hastings2331.5
34J. Howell411143.5
40J. Swearingen9923424.7
45D. Stewart53291.8
48M. Rairick10287213913.9
50F. Tidwell8940648.0
54L. Phelps32241.3
55T. Cardnell22463.0
56D. Dawsy (Fr)1222.0
60A. Bush31251.7
64J. Bowling (Fr)1222.0
66B. Martin5311183.6
71A. Porta41292.3
75M. Henriquez92033788.7
77A. Gordon31172.3
78J. Craycraft1222.0
82M. Nelson (Sr)22242.0
84D. Dewees1011.1
84C. Force (Fr)1111.0
84N. Ricca1222.0
85C. Thomas81128556.9
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#Athlete NameGPSacksYdlS/GHurs
Season Totals1013.01.3
Graph Data[+][+]
11C. Thomas81.0.1
32D. Owens81.0.1
48M. Rairick103.0.3
75M. Henriquez96.0.7
85C. Thomas82.0.3
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Defensive Statistics

#Athlete NameGPIntInt YdsAvgInt/GPDFmb RecFR YdsCausBlk PntsBlk FGs
Season Totals106335.50.61251561
Graph Data[+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+]
2S. Selman410.00.32
3J. White71
7H. Hernandez82.32
9J. Bickford71
11C. Thomas81.11
12J. McAteer613333.00.22
13P. Diaz101.1311
45D. Stewart51
48M. Rairick1012
50F. Tidwell82
75M. Henriquez92
85C. Thomas81151

Special Teams

Kickoff and Punt Returns

#Athlete NameGPKO RetsYdsAvgLngP RetsYdsAvgLngFCKR Yds
Season Totals101133030.0057515.00405
Graph Data[+][+][+][+][+][+][+]
2S. Selman413030.0030
3J. White7313745.6724321.50180
4W. Jackson1039531.67144.0099
7H. Hernandez822814.0028
22N. Hutcherson836020.0060
25D. Baldner5188.008



#Athlete NameGPTDsConvSKick PtsTot PtsP/G
Season Totals10314322922.9
Graph Data[+][+][+][+]
3J. White716.9
4W. Jackson101810810.8
5C. Balkcom5161.2
7H. Hernandez83182.3
16J. Lafleur5161.2
22N. Hutcherson84243.0
24J. Alves211.5
40J. Swearingen92121.3
84D. Dewees1042424.2
85C. Thomas816.8
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PATs and Field Goals

#Athlete NameGPPATAtt%FGAtt%LngTot PtsKick P/G
Season Totals102831.90357.71430434.3
Graph Data[+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+]
24J. Alves2111.00001.0001.5
84D. Dewees102730.90056.83330424.2
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#Athlete NameGPTD RushTD RecTotal
Season Totals1027231
Graph Data[+][+][+]
3J. White71
4W. Jackson101818
5C. Balkcom511
7H. Hernandez8213
16J. Lafleur511
22N. Hutcherson844
40J. Swearingen922
85C. Thomas81