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Storm mascot photo.

Elkhorn South Cross Country Stats by Player

Varsity 2018
Black, White
Tim Ebers
20303 Blue Sage Pkwy, Omaha, NE 68130

Best Finishes

Event Time
5000 Meter View Times Derek Madden 16:52.00
Event Time

Best Finishes by Event

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5000 Meter

Derek Madden (Jr.)Fremont Invitational416:52.00
Derek Madden (Jr.)UNK Class A InvitationalUNK High School Invite2417:02.00
Alden Fitts (Sr.)Fremont Invitational717:06.00
Gabe Hinrichs (Fr.)UNK Class A InvitationalUNK High School Invite3817:20.00
JT Parr (Jr.)Fremont Invitational1117:29.00
Gabe Hinrichs (Fr.)Fremont Invitational1217:31.00
Derek Madden (Jr.)Harold Scott InvitationalHarold Scott Invitational1017:38.00
Alden Fitts (Sr.)Charlie Thorell Invitational517:39.00
Alden Fitts (Sr.)Harold Scott InvitationalHarold Scott Invitational1117:40.00
Derek Madden (Jr.)Charlie Thorell Invitational717:41.00
Gabe Hinrichs (Fr.)Harold Scott InvitationalHarold Scott Invitational1217:42.00
Gabe Hinrichs (Fr.)Charlie Thorell Invitational817:44.00
JT Parr (Jr.)UNK Class A InvitationalUNK High School Invite5417:46.00
Jack Lorkovic (Sr.)Fremont Invitational2318:06.00
Austin Woolfolk (Jr.)Fremont Invitational2518:07.00
Charlie Hayden (So.)Fremont Invitational2418:07.00
Charlie Hayden (So.)UNK Class A InvitationalUNK High School Invite8418:10.00
JT Parr (Jr.)Harold Scott InvitationalHarold Scott Invitational2518:22.00
Jack Lorkovic (Sr.)UNK Class A InvitationalUNK High School Invite9218:26.00
Austin Woolfolk (Jr.)UNK Class A InvitationalUNK High School Invite9418:28.00
Austin Woolfolk (Jr.)Harold Scott InvitationalHarold Scott Invitational3718:33.00
JT Parr (Jr.)Charlie Thorell Invitational2518:33.00
Jack Lorkovic (Sr.)Harold Scott InvitationalHarold Scott Invitational4618:41.00
Jack Lorkovic (Sr.)Charlie Thorell Invitational3118:50.00
Charlie Hayden (So.)Harold Scott InvitationalHarold Scott Invitational6018:58.00
Charlie Hayden (So.)Charlie Thorell Invitational3518:58.00
Austin Woolfolk (Jr.)Charlie Thorell Invitational5719:35.00