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Interlachen Cross Country Stats by Player

Varsity 2018
Royal Blue, White, Black
Gerald Swayze
126 N County Rd 315, Interlachen, FL 32148

Best Finishes

Event Time
5000 Meter View Times Dustin Higgins 19:31.11
Event Time

Best Finishes by Event

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5000 Meter

Dustin Higgins (Sr.)Bobcat ClassicBuchholz Bobcat Classic12219:31.11
Dustin Higgins (Sr.)Golden Eagles InvitationalGolden Eagles Invitational1319:57.30
Dustin Higgins (Sr.) SHARK CLASSICShark Classic9120:16.65
Dustin Higgins (Sr.)Putnam County XC ChampionshipsPutnam County XC Championships120:34.00
Dustin Higgins (Sr.)Wildcat XC MeetWildcat Invitational 420:55.00
Adam Olalde (Fr.)Bobcat ClassicBuchholz Bobcat Classic14521:06.86
Jonathan Olalde (Sr.)Wildcat XC MeetWildcat Invitational 521:18.00
Jonathan Olalde (Sr.) SHARK CLASSICShark Classic12621:36.63
Jonathan Olalde (Sr.)Ram XC InviteRam XC Invite121:41.00
Dustin Higgins (Sr.)Ram XC InviteRam XC Invite221:42.00
Jonathan Olalde (Sr.)Putnam County XC ChampionshipsPutnam County XC Championships321:56.00
Antwan Davis (Sr.)Wildcat XC MeetWildcat Invitational 1122:01.00
Antwan Davis (Sr.)Putnam County XC ChampionshipsPutnam County XC Championships422:06.00
Dustin Higgins (Sr.)Raider XC InviteRaider XC Invite522:12.00
Dustin Higgins (Sr.)Bradford Cross Country InvitationalTornado Invitational 1122:33.19
Antwan Davis (Sr.) SHARK CLASSICShark Classic13622:39.52
Adam Olalde (Fr.) SHARK CLASSICShark Classic14022:50.50
Steven Miller (So.)Putnam County XC ChampionshipsPutnam County XC Championships522:51.00
Antwan Davis (Sr.)Ram XC InviteRam XC Invite322:54.00
Adam Olalde (Fr.)Ram XC InviteRam XC Invite422:59.00
Adam Olalde (Fr.)Putnam County XC ChampionshipsPutnam County XC Championships623:04.00
Jonathan Olalde (Sr.)Raider XC InviteRaider XC Invite1223:39.00
Steven Miller (So.)Wildcat XC MeetWildcat Invitational 1623:44.00
Jacob Finch (Jr.)Ram XC InviteRam XC Invite823:47.00
Adam Olalde (Fr.)Wildcat XC MeetWildcat Invitational 1723:57.00
Jonathan Olalde (Sr.)Bradford Cross Country InvitationalTornado Invitational 2124:07.86
Steven Miller (So.)Bobcat ClassicBuchholz Bobcat Classic15924:09.92
Antwan Davis (Sr.)Raider XC InviteRaider XC Invite1524:26.00
Caleb Emberton (Fr.) SHARK CLASSICShark Classic14724:36.75
Antwan Davis (Sr.)Bradford Cross Country InvitationalTornado Invitational 2424:41.24
John Spears (Fr.)Ram XC InviteRam XC Invite1024:44.00
Adam Olalde (Fr.)Raider XC InviteRaider XC Invite1625:03.00
Adam Olalde (Fr.)Bradford Cross Country InvitationalTornado Invitational 3125:16.52
John Spears (Fr.) SHARK CLASSICShark Classic15425:21.47
Steven Miller (So.)Golden Eagles InvitationalGolden Eagles Invitational4826:22.69
Caleb Emberton (Fr.)Ram XC InviteRam XC Invite1526:30.00
Steven Miller (So.)Ram XC InviteRam XC Invite1726:31.00
John Spears (Fr.)Raider XC InviteRaider XC Invite2226:59.00
Steven Miller (So.)Bradford Cross Country InvitationalTornado Invitational 3726:59.74
John Spears (Fr.)Putnam County XC ChampionshipsPutnam County XC Championships1027:49.00
Tyrell Mosley (Sr.)Golden Eagles InvitationalGolden Eagles Invitational5427:55.85
Caleb Emberton (Fr.)Raider XC InviteRaider XC Invite2527:59.00
Caleb Emberton (Fr.)Wildcat XC MeetWildcat Invitational 2428:31.00
Tyrell Mosley (Sr.)Bradford Cross Country InvitationalTornado Invitational 5028:49.59
Tyrell Mosley (Sr.)Wildcat XC MeetWildcat Invitational 2629:47.00
Tyrell Mosley (Sr.)Putnam County XC ChampionshipsPutnam County XC Championships1130:01.00
Austin Davis (Fr.)Wildcat XC MeetWildcat Invitational 2830:59.00
Jacob Finch (Jr.)Wildcat XC MeetWildcat Invitational 3131:20.00
Austin Davis (Fr.)Bradford Cross Country InvitationalTornado Invitational 6232:10.21
Tyrell Mosley (Sr.)Raider XC InviteRaider XC Invite3333:09.00
Caleb Emberton (Fr.)Bradford Cross Country InvitationalTornado Invitational 6433:11.32
Jacob Finch (Jr.)Raider XC InviteRaider XC Invite3435:37.00
Austin Davis (Fr.)Raider XC InviteRaider XC Invite3636:11.00
Tyrell Mosley (Sr.)Ram XC InviteRam XC Invite2638:35.00