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Notre Dame 2011-12 Soccer Awards

Varsity 2011-12
Green, Gold
Cesar Aguiar
7085 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA 92506
National Rank
State (CA) Rank

Player of the Year

Congratulations to #77 Dalton Weeks for being selected the Notre Dame Soccer Player of the Year.

Players of the Week

  1. Week of 11/20/2011

    Player of the Week (11/20/2011) #77 Dalton Weeks #77 Dalton Weeks

    Player of the Week

    in our game vs Calvary Chapel Dalton made 9 saves and gave us a chance to win the game as we did 3-1

  2. Week of 11/27/2011

    Player of the Week (11/27/2011) #8 Patrick Smith #8 Patrick Smith

    Player of the Week

    Smith in the Twin Pines game had 5 goals and 1 assist. those stats helped up win the game 10-0. he as well was a great leader out on the field.

  3. Week of 12/4/2011

    Player of the Week (12/4/2011) #4 Kyle Keating #4 Kyle Keating

    Player of the Week

    in a very dirty game that the referees lost control of a game Kyle stepped up and had 2 assists especially on the game winning goal that Kelvington scored Kyle took the picture perfect corner that became the game winner. congrats Kyle

  4. Week of 12/11/2011

    Player of the Week (12/11/2011) #10 Francisco Ramos #10 Francisco Ramos

    Player of the Week

    Ramos had 1 goal and 1 assist against public safety as we won 5-0. Ramos did an amazing job shutting Public down and controlled everything in the middle. Congrats Francisco