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Round Valley Track & Field Stats by Player

Varsity 2018
Black, Gold
Ashley Udall
550 N Butler St, Eagar, AZ 85925

Best Finishes

Event 1st Place
100 Meter View Times LJ Foster 00:11.75
200 Meter View Times Dylan Workman 00:23.95
400 Meter View Times Archie Cameron 01:01.83
800 Meter View Times Dylan Workman 02:12.97
1600 Meter View Times Cory Hale 05:26.01
3200 Meter View Times Cory Hale 12:12.30
300 Meter Hurdles View Times Shaymon Madrid 00:55.83
400 Meter Hurdles View Times Shaymon Madrid 01:15.30
4 x 100 Meter View Times Round Valley Relay Team 00:45.75
4 x 200 Meter View Times Round Valley Relay Team 01:47.70
4 x 400 Meter View Times Round Valley Relay Team 03:56.25
Event 1st Place
4 x 800 Meter View Times Round Valley Relay Team 10:19.89
800 Sprint Medley View Times Round Valley Relay Team 01:48.97
1600 Sprint Medley View Times Round Valley Relay Team 04:34.09
Long Jump View Times Colter Hogle 18' 5.50"
Triple Jump View Times Cutter Williams 38' 7.50"
High Jump View Times Kaleb Newby 5' 4.00"
Pole Vault View Times Kade Hogle 10' 3.00"
Shot Put View Times Andre Kremser 38' 0.00"
Discus View Times Andre Kremser 100' 8.00"
Javelin View Times Colter Hogle 99' 8.00"

Best Finishes by Event

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100 Meter

LJ Foster4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal0.8000:11.75
Arian Fatah4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal0.8000:11.85
LJ Foster3/9/2018Round Valley InvitePreliminary0.0000:11.90
Arian Fatah4/13/2018CougarFinal26.2000:11.96
Arian Fatah4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal4-1.3000:12.00
Arian Fatah4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal1-1.4000:12.03
LJ Foster4/13/2018CougarFinal16.2000:12.03
Arian Fatah3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal1.0000:12.07
Arian Fatah3/9/2018Round Valley InvitePreliminary0.0000:12.07
Kaleb Newby4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal3.2000:12.20
Arian Fatah3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal0.4000:12.40
Kaleb Newby4/13/2018CougarFinal3.9000:12.47
Kaleb Newby3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal1.3000:12.48
Kaleb Newby3/9/2018Round Valley InvitePreliminary0.0000:12.64
Kade Hogle4/13/2018CougarFinal3.9000:12.74
Josh Covey3/9/2018Round Valley InvitePreliminary0.0000:12.98
MacKade Davis4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal-1.4000:13.88
MacKade Davis4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal-2.1000:13.97
Garrett Sloan3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal-0.9000:14.10
MacKade Davis3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal1.0000:14.14
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200 Meter

Dylan Workman4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal5-2.7000:23.95
Dylan Workman3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal10-0.9000:24.11
LJ Foster3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal5-0.9000:24.34
Dylan Workman3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal100.0000:24.36
LJ Foster3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal6-1.4000:24.41
LJ Foster4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal1-2.7000:24.48
Arian Fatah3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal100:25.00
Arian Fatah4/13/2018CougarFinal54.6000:25.01
Arian Fatah3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal2-0.8000:25.15
LJ Foster4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal0.6000:25.49
Arian Fatah4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal-2.2000:25.84
Arian Fatah4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal00:25.94
Adam Haws4/13/2018CougarFinal4.6000:26.30
Kade Hogle3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal-2.2000:27.30
Jaden Burk4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal1.9000:28.47
Jaden Burk4/13/2018CougarFinal2.7000:28.79
Jaden Burk4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal-2.2000:28.91
Ethan Stotler3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal0.7000:29.21
MacKade Davis4/13/2018CougarFinal3.4000:29.50
Andre Kremser3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal0.0000:29.52
Ethan Stotler3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal0.0000:29.62
Cutter Williams4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal1.6000:30.24
Ethan Stotler3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal1.3000:30.98
MacKade Davis3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal0.0000:30.98
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400 Meter

Archie Cameron3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal01:01.83
Garrett Sloan4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal01:02.72
Garrett Sloan4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal01:02.99
Garrett Sloan3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal01:03.39
Garrett Sloan4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal01:04.85
Cutter Williams4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal01:08.30
Colby Willis3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal01:09.24
Colby Willis3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal01:12.68
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800 Meter

Dylan Workman3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal02:12.97
Archie Cameron3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal02:28.09
Archie Cameron4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal02:28.59
Archie Cameron3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal02:30.83
Archie Cameron3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal02:33.40
Cory Hale4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal02:33.40
Archie Cameron4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal02:33.44
Archie Cameron3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal02:34.76
Shaymon Madrid3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal02:35.65
Cutter Williams3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal02:35.91
Cutter Williams4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal02:38.97
Shaymon Madrid4/13/2018CougarFinal02:44.86
Cutter Williams3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal02:47.03
Jaden Burk4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal02:50.41
Cutter Williams4/13/2018CougarFinal03:02.13
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1600 Meter

Cory Hale4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal05:26.01
Archie Cameron4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal05:32.10
Archie Cameron4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal05:36.25
Archie Cameron3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal05:36.90
Shaymon Madrid3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal05:38.64
Shaymon Madrid4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal05:40.40
Cory Hale3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal05:46.30
Archie Cameron3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal05:56.67
Archie Cameron3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal05:57.44
Archie Cameron3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal06:06.40
Shaymon Madrid3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal06:09.23
Cutter Williams3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal06:11.21
Cutter Williams3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal06:14.36
Shaymon Madrid4/13/2018CougarFinal06:15.35
Jaden Burk3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal06:16.07
Jaden Burk3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal06:23.79
Cutter Williams3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal06:29.40
Cutter Williams4/13/2018CougarFinal06:34.09
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3200 Meter

Cory Hale3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal12:12.30
Cory Hale4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal12:36.84
Archie Cameron4/13/2018CougarFinal13:07.84
Kade Hogle4/13/2018CougarFinal14:16.52
MacKade Davis4/13/2018CougarFinal16:24.85
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300 Meter Hurdles

Shaymon Madrid4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal00:55.83
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400 Meter Hurdles

Shaymon Madrid4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal01:15.30
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4 x 100 Meter

Round Valley Relay Team3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal00:45.75
Round Valley Relay Team4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal00:46.24
Round Valley Relay Team4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal00:46.31
Round Valley Relay Team3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal00:46.85
Round Valley Relay Team3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal00:46.96
Round Valley Relay Team3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal00:48.43
Round Valley Relay Team4/13/2018CougarFinal00:48.54
Round Valley Relay Team4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal00:52.98
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4 x 200 Meter

Round Valley Relay Team4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal01:47.70
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4 x 400 Meter

Round Valley Relay Team3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal03:56.25
Round Valley Relay Team3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal03:58.27
Round Valley Relay Team4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal04:00.14
Round Valley Relay Team3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal04:00.39
Round Valley Relay Team3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal04:01.64
Round Valley Relay Team4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal04:09.25
Round Valley Relay Team4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal04:11.55
Round Valley Relay Team4/13/2018CougarFinal04:26.44
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4 x 800 Meter

Round Valley Relay Team3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal10:19.89
Round Valley Relay Team3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal10:24.52
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800 Sprint Medley

Round Valley Relay Team4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal01:48.97
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1600 Sprint Medley

Round Valley Relay Team4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal04:34.09
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Long Jump

Colter Hogle3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal0.0018' 5.50"
Colter Hogle3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal0.0018' 1.00"
Colter Hogle3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal0.0018' 1.00"
LJ Foster3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal0.0018' 0.50"
Arian Fatah4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal1.4018' 0.00"
LJ Foster3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal0.0017' 11.50"
Arian Fatah3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal-1.8017' 6.00"
Arian Fatah3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal0.0017' 4.00"
LJ Foster3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal-0.8017' 4.00"
Arian Fatah4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal0.3017' 4.00"
Colter Hogle4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal1.3017' 3.00"
Colter Hogle3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal-1.6017' 2.00"
Colter Hogle4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal-1.6017' 1.25"
Arian Fatah4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal11.8016' 10.50"
LJ Foster3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal2.6016' 10.00"
Arian Fatah3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal0.0016' 8.50"
Arian Fatah4/13/2018CougarFinal2-1.9016' 4.00"
Colter Hogle4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal12.3016' 3.75"
Josh Covey3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal0.0016' 0.00"
LJ Foster4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal11.9015' 8.50"
Colter Hogle4/13/2018CougarFinal-2.0015' 7.00"
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Triple Jump

Cutter Williams3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal20.0038' 7.50"
Shaymon Madrid3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal0.0031' 3.50"
Shaymon Madrid4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal1.6031' 2.00"
Jaden Burk4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal-1.6031' 0.50"
Shaymon Madrid4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal2.6030' 6.25"
Shaymon Madrid3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal0.0030' 0.50"
Jaden Burk4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal1.4029' 8.25"
Jaden Burk3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal-2.1029' 2.50"
Shaymon Madrid4/13/2018CougarFinal-3.0029' 2.00"
Shaymon Madrid3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal0.0029' 0.75"
Shaymon Madrid3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal-1.7029' 0.00"
Jaden Burk4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal3.9028' 6.50"
Jaden Burk4/13/2018CougarFinal3.3027' 4.00"
Jaden Burk3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal2.9027' 4.00"
Cutter Williams4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal-1.5027' 3.50"
Cutter Williams3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal0.0026' 11.50"
Cutter Williams3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal2.8026' 10.50"
Cutter Williams3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal0.0026' 9.25"
Cutter Williams4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal1.0026' 5.50"
Cutter Williams3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal-2.0026' 0.75"
Cutter Williams4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal0.8025' 0.50"
Cutter Williams4/13/2018CougarFinal-3.6024' 8.00"
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High Jump

Kaleb Newby4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal5' 4.00"
LJ Foster4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal5' 2.00"
LJ Foster3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal5' 2.00"
LJ Foster4/13/2018CougarFinal45' 2.00"
Kaleb Newby4/13/2018CougarFinal45' 2.00"
Kaleb Newby3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal5' 2.00"
Ethan Stotler3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal5' 0.00"
Ethan Stotler3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal5' 0.00"
Kaleb Newby3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal5' 0.00"
Jaden Burk4/13/2018CougarFinal25' 0.00"
Kaleb Newby4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal15' 0.00"
Jaden Burk4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal15' 0.00"
Jaden Burk4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal4' 10.00"
Ethan Stotler3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal4' 10.00"
Ethan Stotler3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal4' 10.00"
Jaden Burk3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal4' 8.00"
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Pole Vault

Kade Hogle4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal110' 3.00"
Kade Hogle4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal10' 1.00"
Dylan Workman4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal10' 0.00"
Dylan Workman3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal210' 0.00"
Dylan Workman3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal9' 6.00"
Dylan Workman3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal9' 6.00"
Dylan Workman3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal49' 6.00"
MacKade Davis4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal9' 1.00"
Kade Hogle4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal9' 0.00"
MacKade Davis4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal18' 9.00"
Garrett Sloan3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal8' 6.00"
Garrett Sloan4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal8' 6.00"
Garrett Sloan4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal8' 1.00"
Kade Hogle3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal8' 0.00"
Kade Hogle3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal8' 0.00"
Garrett Sloan3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal28' 0.00"
MacKade Davis3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal7' 6.00"
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Shot Put

Andre Kremser4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal38' 0.00"
Andre Kremser4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal37' 6.00"
Andre Kremser3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal36' 6.00"
Andre Kremser3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal36' 3.00"
Andre Kremser3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal35' 8.75"
Colter Hogle3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal34' 4.00"
Colter Hogle3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal34' 1.00"
Colter Hogle3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal34' 0.00"
Andre Kremser3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal33' 10.75"
Colter Hogle3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal33' 7.25"
Andre Kremser3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal33' 7.00"
Andre Kremser4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal32' 11.00"
Adam Haws3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal32' 3.00"
Adam Haws3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal31' 8.00"
Colter Hogle4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal31' 7.50"
Josh Covey4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal31' 7.00"
Adam Haws3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal31' 5.00"
Andre Kremser4/13/2018CougarFinal31' 3.00"
Adam Haws3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal30' 5.00"
Adam Haws3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal29' 3.50"
Josh Covey3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal26' 10.50"
Josh Covey3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal26' 1.00"
Josh Covey3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal22' 3.25"
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Andre Kremser3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal1100' 8.00"
Colter Hogle3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal99' 10.00"
Colter Hogle4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal98' 10.00"
Colter Hogle3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal96' 5.00"
Andre Kremser3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal96' 1.00"
Josh Covey4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal93' 2.00"
Andre Kremser4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal92' 4.00"
Colter Hogle4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal91' 4.00"
Andre Kremser4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal90' 2.00"
Colter Hogle3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal89' 0.00"
Adam Haws4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal87' 6.00"
Colter Hogle4/13/2018CougarFinal87' 2.00"
Adam Haws3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal86' 5.00"
Andre Kremser4/13/2018CougarFinal86' 0.00"
Andre Kremser3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal85' 1.00"
Adam Haws3/9/2018Round Valley InviteFinal83' 6.00"
Adam Haws4/13/2018CougarFinal81' 11.00"
Adam Haws3/23/2018Mogollon Early QualifierFinal81' 3.00"
Adam Haws3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal81' 2.00"
Colter Hogle3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal80' 11.00"
Josh Covey3/30/2018Joseph City InviteFinal77' 3.00"
Andre Kremser4/6/2018Blue Ridge InvitationalFinal77' 2.00"
Adam Haws3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal74' 4.00"
Josh Covey3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal73' 11.00"
Andre Kremser3/3/2018AZ Small School InviteFinal67' 3.00"
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Colter Hogle4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal99' 8.00"
Colter Hogle4/13/2018CougarFinal96' 7.00"
Colter Hogle4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal92' 10.00"
Adam Haws4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal92' 7.00"
Adam Haws4/13/2018CougarFinal84' 10.00"
Colter Hogle3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal83' 2.00"
Josh Covey4/18/2018Lupe Acevedo RelaysFinal82' 0.00"
Adam Haws4/25/2018Snowflake Last ChanceFinal80' 9.00"
Adam Haws3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal66' 7.00"
Josh Covey3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal61' 2.00"
Andre Kremser3/28/2018Cougar Field EventFinal55' 3.00"
Andre Kremser4/13/2018CougarFinal39' 10.00"