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West Point 2009 Football Awards

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Players of the Week

  1. Week of 8/16/2009

    Player of the Week (8/16/2009) #4 Xavier Hogan #4 Xavier Hogan

    Player of the Week

    Hogan was truly a workhorse for the Green Wave offense. Despite last second heroics by Shannon in a 20-27 defeat, Hogan truly knows best; In a gutsy performance, he tallied 180 yards with 22 carries and 3 touchdowns

  2. Week of 8/30/2009

    Player of the Week (8/30/2009) #4 Xavier Hogan #4 Xavier Hogan

    Player of the Week

    Hogan once again played big from the fullback position. After the bye week, he put out 72 yards on 13 carries and 2 touchdowns. It wasn't the same output as the Shannon game, but Hogan has once again shown that he stands out in a backfield loaded with talent

  3. Week of 9/6/2009

    Player of the Week (9/6/2009) #21 Jacoby Lee #21 Jacoby Lee

    Player of the Week

    With Hogan banged up from the Columbus game due to a thigh contusion, the Green Wave backfield brought to surface two more faces--Lee and LaKenderic Thomas. However, it was the tough between-the-tackle running by Lee that kept things flowing for West Point. Even though he wasn't assigned pay dirt duty, Lee was able to make big run after big run. He was able to tally 126 yards from 15 carries

  4. Week of 9/13/2009

    Player of the Week (9/13/2009) #56 Curtis Virges #56 Curtis Virges

    Player of the Week

    The highly profiled Dandy Dozen lineman in the trenches managed to show his face in arguably the biggest game in the state of Mississippi to date; the longest streak in the state and a high powered offense was literally grounded--partly due to rainy weather. The other reason was simply Curtis Virges. He was a terror for the opposing team's offensive line and harassed the quarterback the whole game; Virges recorded 8 tackles, 2 sacks, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery.

  5. Week of 9/20/2009

    Player of the Week (9/20/2009) #8 Michael Carr #8 Michael Carr

    Player of the Week

    Another Dandy Dozen player comes to surface in front of the home crowd. He has already had three special teams touchdowns and two touchdown receptions, but he's been relatively quiet for most of the season as far as Dandy Dozens are concerned. Nevertheless, the Green Wave coaching staff has made it evident that Carr will get his touches. Against Indianola Gentry for Homecoming, Carr recorded three touchdowns and had over 200 all purpose yards. He simply was the best player on the field that night. After watching him play, that statement will be made quite often.

  6. Week of 9/27/2009

    Player of the Week (9/27/2009) #7 Matthew Lewis #7 Matthew Lewis

    Player of the Week

    Hands down has been the heart and soul of a stifling West Point defense that held undefeated and #4 Ranked New Hope to 6 points. Lewis recorded 10 tackles, one sack, and 3 quarterback hurries. Lewis recorded his sack with a wide open New Hope receiver streaking down the field. Two of his biggest tackles came on 3rd/4th and goal from the New Hope 2-yd line.

  7. Week of 10/4/2009

    Player of the Week (10/4/2009) #5 Jeremy Cannon #5 Jeremy Cannon

    Player of the Week

    The Green Wave showed resilence in a come-from-behind win against a speedy Oxford Charger team to win 33-30 after being down 7-23 at the half. The West Point backfield amassed over 200 yards rushing in the second half, but it was the play of DB Jeremy Cannon in the second half that made the difference. It was a tale of two halves for the Green Wave secondary. After seeming disoriented and a step slow in the first half, it was Cannon that covered Oxford's best receivers in press coverage throughout the second half. The sibling of former Green Wave standout Mario Cannon, Jeremy tallied 5 second half tackles that prevented either a touchdown or a huge gain of yardage. He finished the game with 7 tackles and a pass deflection that should have been an interception

  8. Week of 10/11/2009

    Player of the Week (10/11/2009) #2 Justin Cox #2 Justin Cox

    Player of the Week

    The Green Wave quarterback seemed to be in the zone throwing the football against Lake Cormorant. Known as a scrambling quarterback, "J. Cox" threw for 115 yards on 5/7 completion and 2 touchdowns--passes that came on 3rd and 4th down. Among that 5/7 completion percentage were 2 dropped passes. In a quarter-and-a-half of playing time, it was evident that Cox commanded the offense. While the Green Wave running game was strong as usual, it was Cox that sustained drives with bullet passes and pinpoint accuracy. It was obviously the best that Cox has tossed the ball around all year.

  9. Week of 10/18/2009

    Player of the Week (10/18/2009) #8 Michael Carr #8 Michael Carr

    Player of the Week

    Once again, Carr showed that he is truly worthy of the Dandy Dozen title that he carries. In approximately one half of football, Carr accounted for 3 of the 4 West Point touchdowns. In Fitzgerald-like fashion, Carr caught two jump-ball passes for 55 yards and two touchdowns. In addition, he had 3 carries for 15 yards and 1 touchdown--the touchdown coming on 4th and Goal.

  10. Week of 10/25/2009

    Player of the Week (10/25/2009) #24 Lakenderic Thomas #24 Lakenderic Thomas

    Player of the Week

    In a game where the weather was against both teams, it was the hard running and lead blocking of Thomas that made the difference in the game. The Green Wave running game accounted for over 300 rushing yards, 30 minutes of offensive possession time, and 18 first downs on the ground. "Ken-Ken" accounted for 170 rushing yards on 20 carries and two touchdowns. He also led the way for Xavier Hogan and Jacoby Lee to amass over 50 yards rushing in their own right. With Hogan banged up, Thomas is emerging as the workhorse of the backfield from the coveted fullback position.

  11. Week of 11/1/2009

    Player of the Week (11/1/2009) #8 Michael Carr #8 Michael Carr

    Player of the Week

    Carr has constantly shown that he is a threat to take it to the house once the ball is in his hands. He started the night slowly--a dropped touchdown pass. He responded with 3 catches for 84 yards and 1 touchdown, along with 1 carry for 4 yards and a touchdown. In addition, he exhibited his abilities on special teams. Carr accounted for over 100 yards betweeen kickoff and punt returns. He currently ranks Number One in the state for punt return yardage. Carr once again has shown that he's truly a Dandy Dozen.

  12. Week of 11/8/2009

    Player of the Week (11/8/2009) #21 Jacoby Lee #21 Jacoby Lee

    Player of the Week

    Lee showed that you can never underestimate any back in this Green Wave backfield. With Hogan back in the equation, Lee's carries have been limited. However, he's shown that he's steady between the tackles. Lee amassed over 150 yards on 16 carries and 4 touchdowns in their playoff win over Canton. The Green Wave face Pearl next in the second round of the playoffs, which will be hosted by West Point.

  13. Week of 11/15/2009

    Player of the Week (11/15/2009) #24 Lakenderic Thomas #24 Lakenderic Thomas

    Player of the Week

    After reading derogatory statements about the Green Wave football program in the week's paper, West Point played inspired ball. After an opening drive fumble and a Pearl touchdown, the Green Wave went on to score 34 unanswered points. As usual, the Green Wave defense played lights out football. With that being said, it's only fitting to choose a player from the offensive side of the ball--and who better than LaKenderic Thomas. Once again, "Ken-Ken" displayed prowess and tenacity from the fullback position, carrying 14 times for 98 yards and 2 touchdowns. With a three-headed backfield, Thomas is the mainstay that hardly leaves the game. It's amazing to watch in person how hard he runs and the YAC (yards after contact). At least 40 of those 98 yards came after first contact with a defender. Thomas now needs only 14 yards to surpass the 1000 yard mark for rushing yardage. That's amazing for a traditional fullback. It's even more amazing for a player that missed the first two games.

  14. Week of 11/22/2009

    Player of the Week (11/22/2009) #2 Justin Cox #2 Justin Cox

    Player of the Week

    The Green Wave rushing attack amassed over 350 yards on the ground. 175 of those yards came from Cox. With only 5 carries, "J.Cox" made runs of 60 and 92 yards, respectively. The 92 yard touchdown run is the season long for the Green Wave football team. In addition, Cox threw for a touchdown reception and a two point conversion. Whenever New Hope seemed to make a run, it was Cox that supplied the dagger. West Point will face the War Eagles of Wayne County for the Mississippi 5A State Championship.

  15. Week of 12/6/2009

    Player of the Week (12/6/2009) #8 Michael Carr #8 Michael Carr

    Player of the Week

    The Green Wave running game once again proved there was no that could stop them--even without running Jacoby Lee. However, it was the big play ability of Carr that kept the game out of reach for the War Eagles of Wayne County. Carr accounted for 4 receptions for 127 yards and 1 touchdown, one kickoff return for 81 yards and 1 touchdown, and 4 carries for 18 yards. Carr even played a series on defense, breaking up a pass that would have surely been a Wayne County touchdown. Both of Carr's touchdowns came on the first play of each half, keeping the game distant when the War Eagles made an approach. Congratulations to the West Point Green Wave for being crowned 5A State Champions with a 35-14 victory.