3-1A Baseball Stat Leaders


Category: Batting Average Stat Leaders

  • ‡ Leaders must have played at least 9 games.
  • * Must have at least 36 plate appearances.
1Win Johns - SoSavannah Country Day (Savannah)SS, P.4601004087111327
2Cj Nugara - SoSavannah Country Day (Savannah)3B, C.45889275970225
3Christopher Pendleton - SoSavannah Country Day (Savannah)1B.44992357892825
4Ben Jackson - SrSavannah Christian (Savannah)3B, C.4271083582111529
5Tyler Hess - JrMontgomery County (Mt. Vernon).42437143331011
6Zack Brockman - SrSavannah Christian (Savannah)RHP, 3B.411101379082128
7Kaden Blankenship - SoCalvary Day (Savannah)3B.407107338130028
8Dominic Scalese - SrMcIntosh County Academy (Darien).39369225632019
9Braden Sorge - FrSavannah Country Day (Savannah)SS, P.385106307861027
10Demoni Brantley - SrJohnson County (Wrightsville).38399318181026
11Jarrett Brown - SoSavannah Christian (Savannah)SS, RHP.382102348982029
12Bowden James - JrJenkins County (Millen).37039102730010
13Brooks NortonJohnson County (Wrightsville).358108298140026
14Zachary Barrow - SoMontgomery County (Mt. Vernon).34537102910010
15Jay Wetherington - FrCalvary Day (Savannah)OF, P.33986216210026
16Thomas Wells - SrCalvary Day (Savannah)SS, 1B.33895236860028
17Lance Longgrear - SoCalvary Day (Savannah)C, INF.33893236820026
18Rudy Amaya - SrCalvary Day (Savannah)RHP, OF.32990278270026
19Jacob Phillips - SoCalvary Day (Savannah)3B, P.32763185520024
20Mike Turton - SrSavannah Country Day (Savannah)1B, 3B.32297299050027
21Drew Malphrus - JrSavannah Christian (Savannah)LF.31466165110026
22Jack Deal - JrSavannah Christian (Savannah)2B.3103792920023
23Bryce O'Brien - SrSavannah Christian (Savannah)RHP, RF.30674196211028
24Jacob Wommack - SrMcIntosh County Academy (Darien).30565185921019
25Chance Harper - SrMcIntosh County Academy (Darien).29471155120119
26Duren WoodJohnson County (Wrightsville).28691207060124
27Conner Strickland - JrMcIntosh County Academy (Darien).27563145120019
28Kyle CarmichaelJohnson County (Wrightsville).27097176310026
29Denver Anthony - FrMcIntosh County Academy (Darien).26854114131018
30Adam HooksJohnson County (Wrightsville).26394207640026
31Kyle Hilton - FrSavannah Christian (Savannah)2B, C.25781187030029
32Jonathan Palmer - JrSavannah Country Day (Savannah)LF.25487176721027
33Tripp Longgrear - SrCalvary Day (Savannah)1B.25074156020027
34Thomas ThorntonJohnson County (Wrightsville).25063135240118
35Thomas Carver - FrCalvary Day (Savannah)INF, P.25052124830020
36Hunter WilkersonJohnson County (Wrightsville).24381177040121
37Cameron Crosby - SoSavannah Christian (Savannah)1B, LF.241101197921029
38Dallas Anthony - SrMcIntosh County Academy (Darien).23965114624019
39Brett Caneega - FrJohnson County (Wrightsville).2374593800017
40Nick Arrowwood - JrSavannah Christian (Savannah)1B.2354183410019
41Ashley Pinckney - SoSavannah Country Day (Savannah)2B, P.22283146340027
42Mark Langston - SoSavannah Christian (Savannah)DH, 1B.2194273210019
43Cheney Knight - JrJenkins County (Millen).2194273210010
44Harrison Clark - SrCalvary Day (Savannah)C.21489157000028
45Jarrett Karnibad - SoSavannah Country Day (Savannah)OF, P.21381136100026
46Mikey EstesJohnson County (Wrightsville).2064073400021
47Cole Gambino - SoSavannah Country Day (Savannah)C, P.19786136630126
48Justin Anderson - JrSavannah Christian (Savannah)SS, LF.19260105210025
49Chris Dettling - SrSavannah Christian (Savannah)C.1766695120028
50Dre DarrisawJohnson County (Wrightsville).16788106030025