Stats by Player


1B. Cartwrig…2938413.212927846
3M. Herrera25150.651050
5O. Belkin302247.57016343
10C. Gray17462.793030
11C. Kaiser28250.961250
12R. Rimpel271977.37216444
14D. Gomez200.0010
20C. Heredia291545.36811360
22H. Hayes3134.34850
23R. Mitchell272067.67815949
24A. Sohail302147.16416339
30B. Brown301725.77114051


1B. Cartwright-Li294110141
3M. Herrera25020
5O. Belkin30235443
10C. Gray171333
11C. Kaiser28020
12R. Rimpel2742020
14D. Gomez2000
20C. Heredia291617
22H. Hayes3000
23R. Mitchell27000
24A. Sohail3083523
30B. Brown30000


1B. Cartwright-Li298817750
3M. Herrera255863
5O. Belkin304710943
10C. Gray1782730
11C. Kaiser2861060
12R. Rimpel276814447
14D. Gomez2010
20C. Heredia296710763
22H. Hayes34850
23R. Mitchell277815949
24A. Sohail305612844
30B. Brown307114051

Free Throws

1B. Cartwright-Li298511276
3M. Herrera2551050
5O. Belkin30618671
10C. Gray17273479
11C. Kaiser28132454
12R. Rimpel27497863
14D. Gomez2000
20C. Heredia29173746
22H. Hayes355100
23R. Mitchell27509752
24A. Sohail307811170
30B. Brown30305060

Rebs, Asst, Steals and TOs

1B. Cartwrig…2942731123.937
3M. Herrera25210120.56
5O. Belkin302668943.151
10C. Gray17414181.111
11C. Kaiser28913220.844
12R. Rimpel273554893.335
14D. Gomez20110.51
20C. Heredia29641261906.640
22H. Hayes34593.03
23R. Mitchell2767981656.14
24A. Sohail30438421.438
30B. Brown3061971585.39
1B. Cartwright-Li1.3260.950
3M. Herrera0.240.220
5O. Belkin1.7260.962
10C. Gray0.6140.819
11C. Kaiser1.6210.828
12R. Rimpel1.3210.841
14D. Gomez0.510.52
20C. Heredia1.4110.436
22H. Hayes1.000.00
23R. Mitchell0.1150.622
24A. Sohail1.3381.350
30B. Brown0.380.325

Blocks, Charges and Fouls

1B. Cartwrig…29250.91254
3M. Herrera2500.00012
5O. Belkin3010.01469
10C. Gray1700.01235
11C. Kaiser2800.00554
12R. Rimpel2780.31855
14D. Gomez200.0001
20C. Heredia29130.412068
22H. Hayes320.7001
23R. Mitchell2770.30743
24A. Sohail3050.201367
30B. Brown3030.10178
1B. Cartwright-Li0
3M. Herrera0
5O. Belkin0
10C. Gray0
11C. Kaiser0
12R. Rimpel0
14D. Gomez0
20C. Heredia0
22H. Hayes0
23R. Mitchell0
24A. Sohail0
30B. Brown0

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