The Central Valley Bears finished the season ranked No. 1 in the nation and were honored on the MaxPreps #BasketballTOC

Memphis East won a third straight state title and were awarded on the MaxPreps #BasketballTOC for finishing the season ranked No. 2

Winter Haven was selected to the MaxPreps #BasketballTOC for winning the 8A state title in Florida and were honored by the National Guard

Check out Clarkston and the other #BasketballTOC teams who were selected to the 2017-18 12th Annual MaxPreps Tour of Champions presented by the Naional Guard

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History of the MaxPreps Tour of Champions

Only 20 of the country’s best basketball teams will be invited to the 13th annual basketball tour. 44,000 basketball teams compete across the country every winter as they strive to be one of the 20 teams who are honored on the MaxPreps Basketball Tour of Champions.

Together with the Army National Guard, we’ll visit each of the 20 schools to present them with the coveted National Guard National Ranking Trophy to recognize their team's dedication, sacrifice and hard work throughout the season.

Basketball teams will start being named to the this year's 2017-18 Tour of Champions in early spring of 2018.

Please check back in the spring to see if your basketball team has been selected.