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Steven Silva Mug Shot
Steven is a freelance photographer in California. Steven has posted 600+ galleries on MaxPreps. Steven's most recent gallery was "Mater Dei @ Cathedral Catholic" on 9/17/2018.
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Bio: An ankle injury ended my volleyball career and led me to sports photography. I spent the rest of my years at Point Loma High School shooting football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, anything that moved. A new passion was born. Years later I went to work for a local photographer shooting little league games, and have been shooting for MaxPreps since 2006.

I love being a photographer. A picture of an historic event can change the way we view the world. Photography makes us more aware, confronts the way we live and challenges us to make our world a better place. Photography records the ordinary life moments that through time become the cherished. Whether a picture is of an historic event, an ordinary life memory, or your kid hitting a grand slam, one picture can truly change how we view the world. I appreciate the opportunity MaxPreps has provided me to share my love of photography with all of you.

My sincere thanks to all the good folks across San Diego County who keep those barbecues going. I especially appreciate that.