National Guard and Wildfires

The California National Guard was called upon in attempt to help CALFIRE work to end the wildfires that were devastating many parts of the state.

The Guard was tasked with the mission to create a temporary bridge to help CALFIRE cut through terrain, to be able to reach the fight quicker. "If we went left or right, it would have taken us several hours to get to the fight," a CAL FIRE official stated. "But if we go up the middle, which we couldn't at the time, we would be on site a lot faster. That's why we called the Guard.”

The California Army National Guard's engineers quickly stepped forward. The Redding, California unit constructed a 100 foot improved ribbon bridge in the same location as they did three years ago for another fire.

The "go up the middle" effect allowed CAL FIRE and other California Office of Emergency assets to quickly move heavy equipment and personnel to the wildfire. The County Fire consumed more than 90,000 acres as of mid-July.

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