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  • Auburn commit jukes two defenders for score
    Uploaded yesterday57 views(0:33)

    Bartram Trail's (FL) Joey Gatewood shows why is one of the top players in the country as he jukes two defenders evading pressure and throwing a touchdown pass.

  • Vanderbilt commit evades five tacklers and houses punt return
    Uploaded yesterday28 views(0:41)

    Camron Johnson of Brentwood Academy (TN) is staying close to home to continue his football career at Vanderbilt in the SEC. The 4-star wide receiver jukes five tacklers en route to this punt return for touchdown.

  • Top 2019 recruit with truck stick and score
    Uploaded yesterday34 views(0:34)

    Jackson Prep's (MS) 4-star running back Jerrion Ealy delivers a truck stick and takes it in for the score.

  • Defensive back gets crushed
    Uploaded yesterday13 views(0:36)

    Sometimes it's hard not to feel bad for some of these athletes who get absolutely crushed. T.D. Smith of Piedmont (OK) does not quite make it in for the TD, but does absolutely truck a defensive back.

  • RB hurdles one defender, throws another
    Uploaded yesterday2,030 views(0:45)

    There is beast mode and then there is BEAST MODE. Devonte Lee of Marshall (Oklahoma City, OK) just put his name on the map with this run, stiff arming, hurdling, and throwing defenders to the ground.

  • The exclusive story of "the worm"
    Uploaded 2 days ago228 views(0:42)

    Everybody is talking about "the worm" stunt performed by Joshua Anderson of Glynn Academy (GA). MaxPreps.com has all the answers you may have to this wacky stunt.

  • Onside Kick to Perfection
    Uploaded 2 days ago227 views(0:35)

    Angola (IN) executes a perfect onside kick as the kicker drills it off the opponent for the easy recovery.

  • Crowd's reaction describes this hitstick
    Uploaded 2 days ago55 views(0:39)

    The sounds of sweet football is finally back, and this time, in a huge way. Noah Pierre of Champagnat Catholic (FL) absolutely obliterates an opposing receiver, knocking the ball loose for an incompletion off of a textbook, but also powerfu…

  • How many tackles does this kid break?
    Uploaded 3 days ago1,066 views(0:58)

    If anybody knows who holds the record for most broken tackles in a single run, please contact MaxPreps.com because Sincere Quinn of Ooltewah (TN) may have just shattered that record. This is one of the most impressive touchdown runs you wil…

  • Top recruit only needs one hand
    Uploaded 3 days ago132 views(0:37)

    Serra's (CA) 4-star athlete Bryan Addison shows why he is one of the highest rated players in the Class of 2018 with this one-handed touchdown catch.

  • Quarterback makes unreal touchdown run
    Uploaded 3 days ago310 views(0:37)

    Palmetto Ridge's (FL) Jacquez Carter alludes pressure in the backfield and somehow scores a touchdown.

  • Wide Receiver channels Odell Beckham Jr.
    Uploaded 3 days ago146 views(0:35)

    Prestonwood Christian's (TX) Riley Wilson makes a great one-handed catch.

  • Perfect Spin Move
    Uploaded 3 days ago189 views(0:36)

    Texas City's (TX) CJ Yell pulls off a big-time spin move alluding two defenders en route to a touchdown.

  • Legit Kickoff Return TD
    Uploaded 3 days ago109 views(0:41)

    White Station's (TN) Greg Williams jukes and sheds would-be tacklers as he takes this kickoff back to the house.

  • Trick play leads to GW 2-point conversion
    Uploaded 3 days ago491 views(0:32)

    Mountain Crest (UT) was trailing 21-20 late in the fourth quarter until they went to its bag of tricks and converted the game-winning two-point conversion against Highland for the 22-21 victory.

  • 3-star safety completely upends receiver
    Uploaded 3 days ago54 views(0:32)

    Tywan Francis of Landry-Walker (New Orleans, LA) must have forgotten to turn on his headlights because the 3-star safety trucks this opposing receiver, completely flipping him in mid-air.

  • QB catches own pass for wacky play gone good
    Uploaded last week3,702 views(0:49)

    Carter Schumacher of Sergeant Bluff- Luton (IA) stiff arms a defender, and then things get interesting. Schumacher throws the ball, it then deflects back to him off the defender's hands, and he nearly takes it in for a touchdown.

  • No. 2 linebacker pancakes lineman for tackle
    Uploaded last week207 views(0:34)

    The No. 2 linebacker in the country, Teradja Mitchell, is out here literally dominating offenses. The Ohio State commit breaks through the offensive line and pancakes a lineman, throwing him into his own running back for a bizarre tackle.

  • James Cook shows off speed
    Uploaded last week348 views(0:34)

    Miami Central's (FL) 4-star running back James Cook shows why he is one of the best running backs in the country with this touchdown run.

  • Insane Touchdown Run
    Uploaded last week432 views(0:49)

    Easton's (LA) Damien Tate somehow alludes multiple defenders for big-time touchdown run. Courtesy of Sam Spiegelman (@samspiegs)

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