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MP Top Plays Videos

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  • Top 10 Plays of the Week // Week 3
    Uploaded Mon, 1/29/201874,803 views(4:45)

    2018 continues with a bang as Steve Montoya and Chris Stonebraker break down the 10 best high school plays in the country from last weekend.

  • Luke Ford Ultimate Highlights
    Uploaded Mon, 1/29/201874 views(2:20)

    Ultimate highlights of Carterville (IL) 4-star tight end Luke Ford.

  • This is why we love sports
    Uploaded Sun, 1/28/2018928 views(0:56)

    Nick Johnson of Edmonson County (KY) was told by doctors that he would never walk or talk after suffering a stroke while his mother was pregnant. Johnson has defied the odds ever since. Here, Johnson hits three consecutive three-pointers in…

  • Candidate for MaxPreps jam of the year
    Uploaded Sun, 1/28/20181,763 views(0:31)

    Romeo Langford of New Albany (IN) is already a candidate for player of the year. With this dunk, Langford just cemented his name as a candidate for play of the year with this ferocious DeAndre Jordan-eque jam. Courtesy of overtime.com.

  • Off the heezy poster
    Uploaded Fri, 1/26/2018792 views(0:32)

    Just throw the ball somewhere towards the rim and Mac McClung of Gate City (VA) will find a way to slam it home. This time, McClung takes the pass off the backboard and slams it home over a defender. Courtesy of overtime.com.

  • Consider this backboard shattered
    Uploaded Fri, 1/26/2018491 views(0:31)

    Somebody has to tell Shaun Wahlstrom of Estrella Foothills (AZ) to chill out because now they can't play anymore. Wahlstrom goes up for the two hand slam and ends up shattering the entire backboard.

  • Zion Williamson's most electrifying game yet
    Uploaded Tue, 1/23/20183,134 views(1:11)

    With the amount of highlights Zion Williamson of Spartanburg Day (SC) puts together, it's difficult to claim any single game as the best ever. However, the Duke commit's 37 points, mixed in with #MPTopPlay dunks may be a strong enough argum…

  • Top 10 Plays of the Week // Week 2
    Uploaded Mon, 1/22/2018102,789 views(4:22)

    2018 continues with a bang as Steve Montoya and Chris Stonebraker break down the 10 best high school plays in the country from last weekend.

  • Another day, another Cam Reddish posterization
    Uploaded Sun, 1/21/2018728 views(0:33)

    Cam Reddish is just a walking highlight reel. Seems like this 5-star Duke commit is making big time plays every time he steps out on the floor. this time, Reddish dribbles by his defender and leaps over two defenders for the monster slam. C…

  • Kansas commit with dunk of the year candidate
    Uploaded Sun, 1/21/2018528 views(0:36)

    Quentin Grimes of College Park (TX) is just flat ridiculous. The 5-star Kansas Jayhawk commit catches the lob off the backboard, skies over a defender, and throws it down hard for the poster jam.

  • 5-star forward says "watch your head"
    Uploaded Sun, 1/21/20181,452 views(0:33)

    After catching the lob pass down in the paint, 5-star recruit Reggie Perry of Thomasville (GA) goes up strong, finishes with authority, and hangs up there to let everybody know what just happened. The Mississippi State commit tells his defe…

  • No. 1 recruit in California goes in-between-the-legs
    Uploaded Sun, 1/21/2018715 views(0:35)

    Jalen Green of San Joaquin Memorial (CA) is the No. 1 recruit in California and No. 2 recruit in the entire country for the Class of 2020. The sophomore phenom finishes this fast break steal with some flare, as he goes in-between-the-legs f…

  • Recreating Valpo's legendary "the shot"
    Uploaded Sun, 1/21/2018105 views(0:33)

    Remember the legendary buzzer beater play by Valparaiso University in the NCAA tournament back in 1998? If not, watch the Century (ND) high school basketball team play out an almost spitting image of the exact same play and result.

  • Crafty heel kick soccer goal
    Uploaded Sun, 1/21/20181,831 views(0:34)

    Was Jadyn Shinn of Sierra (Manteca, CA) planning on using her back heel for the score? Who knows? Whatever Shinn had in mind, it sure did work out for her with this incredible goal of the year candidate.

  • Somebody offer her a baseball contract
    Uploaded Sun, 1/21/20186,873 views(0:31)

    Can somebody please offer Julia Bentrewicz of Hicksville (NY) a baseball contract to pitch. Here, Bentrewicz shows off the arm with the almost full-court heave, baseball throw and it somehow goes in for three.

  • Who did it better?
    Uploaded Sun, 1/21/2018289 views(0:40)

    Perhaps the question should be "who was luckier?". In the first case, a Decatur (TX) player's shot is blocked straight into the hardwood, bounces up, and somehow goes in for the score. As for the second play, well you will just have to watc…

  • California guard drains 16 three-pointers
    Uploaded Tue, 1/16/20181,485 views(0:55)

    A career night, indeed. Prior to this performance, Westin Lynch of Rancho Mirage (CA) had never scored more than 25 points in a single game. He nearly matched that with just three-pointers. Lynch drained 16 three-pointers to help him tally…

  • Check the bend on this game-winner
    Uploaded Sun, 1/14/20181,661 views(0:33)

    Luiz Morales of Irving (TX) puts the moves on his defenders and unleashes a bullet towards the net. The bend on this kick turned out to be the game-winning goal in their victory over McKinney.

  • Is this the #MPTopPlay of the week?
    Uploaded Sun, 1/14/2018515 views(0:31)

    Is this monstrous jam by Jonathan Cenescar of Cambridge Rindge & Latin (MA) the #MPTopPlay of the week? You be the judge.

  • 5-star point guard pours in saucy 34 points
    Uploaded Sun, 1/14/20183,348 views(1:06)

    While very impressive, most 34-point performances wouldn't garner all that much attention. However, this game by 5-star Vanderbilt commit Darius Garland of Brentwood Academy (TN) is just flat entertaining. Courtesy of @larrieulenz and @poin…

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